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LisaL 10-04-2002 05:59 PM

pus-filled bumps
My brother is constantly breaking out with awful yellow pus-filled bumps. They are very bad on his feet. They get on his head, hands and sometimes his face. He itches like crazy. My mom has problems with her hands like that. Her bumps bust and bleed. I don't think it is allergies because they have changed detergents, soaps etc alot. This happens at any given time, not just in specific places he goes or any time. I am thinking he has something wrong with his blood.This has been going on for years, but could never get proper treatment because he has been in prison. HE has been released for a year, but is just now financially able to go to the Dr.. Still, he couldn't get an appointment untill a few weeks from now. PLease help if you can.

mfry32 10-04-2002 06:15 PM

Maybe the doctor's office could call you, if they have
a cancellation. My daughter just recently had the same
problem and they called her when they had a cancellation. It's worth a try.

LisaL 10-04-2002 07:03 PM

Thanks, mfry32. I never think of the simple things. Have they diagnosed your daughter?

NugIsHere 11-02-2002 03:47 AM

My sister (21) and my cousin (13) both have bumps like that on their backs and arms. They havent been to the doctors for it though.

-Nug [img][/img]

UnlivedPast 11-08-2002 10:52 PM

My husband would get them on his back and testicles. The doctor said that some people are just very prone to cysts. He had no medication for it. But did give a very painful injection of antibiotic in the testicles to help relieve the swelling. My husband swore he would never go to the doctor about that again. He starting lancing it himself, still painful, but private.

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