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Jani 10-14-2002 08:02 PM

Please Read, I Don't Know What This Is, Please Advise if You Know

This is my first time on this particular board (Open to All Topics).

I don't really know where I should Post this, but hopefully I will find someone that might know something.

For the past 3 weeks I have had a problem.

My left hand little finger (pinky) has been numb. It is like it is totally asleep. Also one side of my ring finger that is closest to my pinky is numb and the whole side of my left hand starting from my wrist and going to my pinky is numb.

It is really bothering me. I keep thinking that it will wake up and be OK, but it hasn't.

I'm in my 30's.

What could this be?

Please respond if you have any advice what so ever.


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nanna02 10-14-2002 08:11 PM

How long has it been like this for?...
Go to your GP may be a good idea if it worries you .. I have the same problem on my left hand and am seeing the specialist tomorrow as I have lots of other problems as well ..
but it could be any number of problems.. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.or a pinched nerve in your back/neck..
Let the Gp help work it out if you are concerned and it doesn't go away on it's on.. Regards .. Belle NZ xxx :)

A Friend!

Jani 10-14-2002 08:18 PM

[quote]Originally posted by belle0050:
How long has it been like this for?...
Go to your GP may be a good idea if it worries you .. I have the same problem on my left hand and am seeing the specialist tomorrow as I have lots of other problems as well ..
but it could be any number of problems.. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.or a pinched nerve in your back/neck..
Let the Gp help work it out if you are concerned and it doesn't go away on it's on.. Regards .. Belle NZ xxx :)


I have had this for around three weeks now. I also posted this message on the Carpal Tunnel Board but have not received any replies yet. I hope it's not Carpal Tunnel or heart disease!! I thought about posting on the heart disease board if there is one, but felt like I shouldn't post this there.

So you have the same thing? Please post after you go see your specialist and let me know what is causing yours? I was planning on going to the doc in a few weeks if it does not go away or if it gets worse.

Thanks so much for responding.

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Blue4U2 10-14-2002 08:49 PM

Hi. It sure sounds uncomfortable.....I think you are on the right track investigating heart disease... It used to be a male dominated disease but now it seems to be affecting more women and people as a whole at younger ages. While I am unclear of your gender, I am not altogether sure it matters anymore.

I wonder, do you have any other symptoms? Taking any medications?

Any back injuries, or Shoulder/ elbow injuries?

There are many things that can cause numbness in various parts of the body.... please do not panick, as,
it may not be serious. :)

plymouth 10-14-2002 09:09 PM

Hi Jani :)

You really shouldn't wait any longer. You've have it a few weeks already, and anything like this for two weeks or more should be seen by a doctor.

This is the ulnar nerve that innervates the area of numbness for you, so it is some sort of ulnar neuropathy. The doctor's job will be to find out where and why which could be anywhere from your neck to your wrist. It's probably some sort of muscular entrapment which can be helped by physical therapy, massage and exercises.

best wishes,

~p :)

Blue4U2 10-14-2002 10:14 PM

Also, herniation of the C7-T1 disc in your spine will cause loss of feeling in the pinky finger and the ring finger, and part of the palm, with wrist rotation weakness.

Good Luck ;)


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Jani 10-14-2002 11:54 PM

Thanks Plymouth and Blue!!

Ulnar and herniation of the C7-T1 disc is all foreign to me!! I guess I need to do a search on them.

I hate going to my primary physician!! I have to wait forever in the waiting room and everything else!!

From what you both said it sounds like it is coming from my spine somewhere. I hope either of those aren't serious!!


Jani 10-14-2002 11:56 PM

Oh Blue,

I'm female. So you think it could also be my heart?


Muffy 10-15-2002 06:38 AM


If the symptoms are coming from your Ulnar nerve, it is your elbow that needs to be looked at not your neck. It also could be from your neck as posted above. I have herniated dics in all levels of my neck and also had your symptoms. Dr.'s waited two years thinking it was from my neck but it turned out to be my ulnar nerve. Just had surgery. Please get it checked out soon. Probably your GP will need to refer you to a specialist. I have talked to a lot of folks that have had this so don't worry to much. It can be a bit of a long proccess to get it diagosed.

Good luck!

mlgable 10-15-2002 07:24 AM

If you have to wait for ever in the waiting room then complain to the clinic secretary as well as your doc and let them know that you don't care for the excess waiting time. If they would schedule patients properly there would not be excess waiting time unless the doc ran into a lot of emergencies or hard patients that put him behind. The reason I say this is the clinics we are involved with are very good at not making your wait and they even have a sign posted at every desk in every clinic affiliated with our insurance group that says if you have waited more than 15 minutes please let the receptionist know. Complain so they do something about your clinic.

Twist16 10-15-2002 01:40 PM

Hi, my mother had this problem.. except she got numb in her foot and face. It was all due to a pinched nerve.. because her back was out of alignment. We have recently found a chiropractor that works WONDERS. Its not the kinda of chiropractor that pops and cracks your back to get it into place.. but they adjust your atlas (They just press below your ear) And your back falls back into place on its own.

Info on the kind of chiropractors that pop and crack.. they are not the best for you. You know when you crack your knuckles.. if you have cracked them a lot.. the easier they are to crack because the joint has been loosened and is either to pop back out. This is just the way your back works.. if you notice.. for those who go to those kind of chiropractors.. they go once or twice every week. My mother and I went like that for a couple weeks.. then every other week.. then every other month.. and every third month. Sometimes I don't even get adjusted because I'm still in. I went for 8 months without getting adjusted, and so did my mom.. and she is doing much better. It has also helped some of our friends who were considering surgery because they couldn't find anything that worked for them. So.. this is definitely something to look into..

Kaitie 10-15-2002 01:46 PM


I recently went to my GP about that exact problem. It's so frustrating isn't it - I'm in Architectural Engineering at school and drafting and autocad are MURDER on my poor hand.

He told me exactly what it was too - I can't remember the exact name but anyways. For me it's a nerve in my elbow that is gone weird. He asked if I was resting on my elbow when I'm drafting and I said Yes - well now that I look at the situation, I don't - but anyways, he suggested soft cloths rather than resting on a hard table, stuff along those lines. He also suggested physio, so if you have a drop in place, they might be able to help you out a little more, and maybe tell you what it is too!


Blue4U2 10-15-2002 03:30 PM


It certainly does sound like a disc to me.

However, regarding your question about heart disease...

It is very important for women to begin getting screened in their 20's now.

It is ESPECIALLY important to know the facts, because it seems that hte medical profession generally still views heart disease as a disease of men, elders, and overweight individuals with poor diets.

Unfortunately, women are often misdiagnosed as having anxiety attacks and panic disorder long before anyone
considers checking the heart, which is dangerous for two reasons. 1, it could allow your condition to progress, and 2, they are medicated for the wrong disease.

At least SSRIs and such seem to have a calming effect on the heart.

Mitral valve prolapse is the most common disorder in women. But symptoms also include irregular pulse, palpitations, and a whole list of things.

I think you can get a stress test done to ease your mind.....

But I think the three leading causes of numbness are stroke, anemia (usually the tips of the toes), and spinal diorders.

Some can be treated with impressive efficiency.
Others require therapy and medication, and worst case,

Steroids probably did not work because the problem isn't inflammation.

This is what also leads me toward thinking it is you spine.

Please, keep me updated :)

Also, ask for a referral from your doctor to see a specialist. If he or she says no.... DEMAND it.
You have every right. It's your body and your money.


nanna02 10-16-2002 04:52 AM

Hi Jani! :wave:
You asked me to reply when I went to my Specialist ?.

I have been told today he wants me to go on the Semi- Urgent list for another MRI Scan,,... :)
Which I am very happy to have done again, -(the 3rd MRI plus 1 CT Scan in 3 years,)
I've had 3 ops so far on my Spinal Area and I'm still not ok.
The numb hand I have is just another symptom to add to all my other problems ,but it was the last symptom to arrive .. not the first, like yours ,

( I didn't see you say you have my symptoms happening
such as bladder not working properly, walking not good ,etc. in a wheelchair or on crutches Jani, :( )

so I truly don't think you have a BAD problem, but it would be a good idea to go to your GP and ask to see a specialist, just to put your Mind at rest eh?.. :)

I personally think it's possibly something like a nerve pinching in your back/neck somewhere but for anyone to diagnose you on here I would think is not fair to you..
It could be scary for you .. and really shouldn't be at all!!
Go to your GP as soon as POSSIBLE then come back on here and let us know what they come up with, Jani?...
Then we'll possibly all be able to THEN give you the help you may need .. [img][/img]

Keep in Touch, Jani!! Love Belle NZ xxx :)

A Friend!

yvette.d 10-17-2002 12:35 AM

See if you can find out any info on cubital tunnel syndrome. Originates in the elbow. A friend of mine went to the urgent care because she thought she was having heart attack. She said that her left arm was numb, especially the pinkie. She said she was diagnosed with cubital tunnel.

Just a thought. Good luck. Hope you're better soon.

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