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  • Moving head pressure, head rushes, stiff neck....

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    Post Moving head pressure, head rushes, stiff neck....

    About 2 months ago I had a quick run at some of these symptoms. Sorry but to decribe everything this is going to be long, please bear with me.

    I was sitting in my chair one night and got some slight stiffness in the neck(actually if i remember right i had the stiffness in my neck about all day), slight pressure on the back of my head and chest pains. While sitting I got this sudden rush feeling in my head, and it pretty much took my breath away and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest, it was racing. That lasted for a few seconds, then I continued to get chest pain(almost like someone had reached in my chest and was crushing me inside), and my legs would shake vigorusly while reclined back in my chair(trying to relax), and when I would get up to walk I would feel real weak especially in my legs.

    Well for about a week/2 weeks now I've had some similiar symtoms except for the chest pains. I have a constant weird feeling in my head, like pressure, but the pressure moves, sometimes on my temples, near my ears, or on the top of my head. It was once so bad on the top of my head that it felt like my head was going to split open and i could feel a strong pulsing in the top of my head. Sometimes when the pressure it fairly bad if i feel my temples I can feel a heavy pulsing.
    Yesterday my Right eye got pretty blood shot and the part of the eye that is normally white was a gray color(still is gray).
    Sometimes when sitting or laying in bed it feels like my head is still moving, even when im keep it perfectly still.
    I sometimes also get a short "rush" feeling in my head that leaves me feeling light headed during this "rush".
    Ever since I can remember, sometimes right when I fall asleep I will quickly jerk/shake(almost jump) in bed and it would wake me up(happend yesterday I think).
    I also get a tingling sensation on the back of my head sometimes, almost like hot liquid is running down my scalp.
    The other day my right hand fell asleep for as far as I could tell no reason. And about a month ago a blood vessel blew in my left forarm(for apparently no reason).
    Sometimes when breathing it feels like someone is pressing on my chest right below my collar bone. My teeth feel like the want to grind on their own. And I have a naushus feeling that comes and goes. I'm seem to be having trouble falling asleep and I'm always feeling tired.

    Im 18 year old male, live a pretty stressless life. But I'm afraid my bad eating habits may have caught up to me. I'm a pretty picky eater, dont really like much fruits or vegitables, and I love spicy foods which seem to make my symptoms worse. 2 months ago when this all seemed to have started i recently started taking some different multi-vitamins, thinking that maybe the symptoms could be related to the vitamins I stopped taking them that day. I then about a week later started to take Geritol Complete, my syptoms never really left during the week off from the first multi-vitamins, and seemed to have continued with Geritol, I havent taken a multi-vitamin in about 2 weeks hoping that it would cure my symptons, no luck.

    Before all this started I had recently gotten a cell phone, and noticed that after using the cell phone that my head above my right ear would tingle, ive spent maybe 15mins total time with the phone against my head. I've pretty much stoped using the phone up against my head. Just thought it would be something to add.

    I'm not a big fan of doctors, so I havent gone to see one yet, but now I've recently started to consider going to see one. Just saw some stuff on tv and about brain tumors which kinda scares me.

    Any and all help will be great. And sorry for the long drawn out post, just trying to cover everything. There I think I got everything.

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    Hi Steven

    The more I read about your symptoms, the more I could relate to them. You see, I've had almost all of these symptoms (off and on) for the past 10 years. I was eventually diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and put on medication (Xanax and Buspar). The symptoms you describe are very typical of GAD such as rapid heart beat, spacey feeling/pressure in the head, tingly feeling in the head/extremities, chest pains, breathing difficulties, etc. Many people with GAD also suffer from depression which would explain some of your other symptoms.

    I too have episodes where I'll be nice and relaxed, sleepy, etc. So I hop into bed and close my eyes. As I lay there, suddenly (and just seconds before falling asleep), I am suddenly jerked/jolted wide awake and sit up feeling a sense of dread or doom. My heart will be racing in my chest and it is very scary and freaky.

    What I believe you are actually feeling during these episodes is the misfiring of your brain and the activation of your adrenal glands (there is one on each kidney and they are responsible for our "fight or flight" response). This makes your heart race, your breathing more rapid, fear response, sweating, neck stiffness, "shock" or "rush" feeling in the head, etc.

    These frightening and often bizaar symptoms (that seem to come out of nowhere) are supposed to be caused by a lack of seratonin in the brain and can be helped be SSRI's (seratonin reuptake inhibitors). These drugs actually prevent seratonin from being absorbed too rapidly in the brain and thus more of it is available for use. Seratonin, of course, is one of the chemicals (along with dopamine, norepinephrine, etc that are released when we feel pleasure through sex and other activities that make us "feel good"). Unfortunately, vitamines, while good, won't help you in this situation which is why, after taking them for awhile, you are continuing to experience the same symptoms.

    I hope this has been helpful to you. I know it must be very difficult to live with these confusing and often frightening symptoms but I want you to know that you are NOT alone and that there are medications to treat these symptoms. I am also not a doctor or even involved in the health care industry but I have lived with these symptoms and spent a lot of time over the years learning about them (for my own benefit).

    It might be helful for you to asks other members of your family if any of them currently suffer from (or have ever suffered from) the symptoms you describe because GAD, OCD, Panic Attacks and other anxiety disorders tyically run in families.

    Good luck and please let me know if you ever need someone to talk to. You probably don't have a brain tumor. If your like me though, you will probably obscess over it and think the worst, look up symptoms on the internet, scare yourself to death over them (which will stress you out even more and lower your resistance, etc). Then you will spend a lot of time going to the ER and clinic, take lots of meds with lots of side effects. Then you will confuse the side effects with some kind of "disease" and take even more meds which will produce even more side effects and symptoms, etc. I've been there more than a few times myself and it just snowballs until there seems to be no escape. Take care and again, please know that you are not alone:-)

    - Peace

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    Hey, thanks for replying to my long jumbled post. The more I think about the potential Anxiety Disorder you described, the more I can relate it to things that I have done in the past and still doing now(wont go into that just yet, dont want this post to be quite as long).

    Also been thinking of any hits or anything that I may have taken to my head. And I've remembered quite a few of times that I've been hit in the head pretty hard, usually in the nose, like from a ball and stuff.

    But I've also when I was probably around 5 had a nail go into my forehead, around 10 or 12 i was dumb enough to run head first into a wall to see if it would hurt(it did lol), and aroud 8 or so I fell down some stairs and cracked my head open(it bled some), and put some Iodine(i think it was) on the spot. Thats just a few that I'm typing, im sure ive hit my head falling off my bike, playing neighborhood football etc.

    I havent really told my parents yet of the symptoms I've been experiencing recently for the past couple weeks, but they are aware of that bad first episode i had.
    Good news is, since early this morning, some of my symptoms have gone away, and some havent been as bad. I'm just hoping that maybe this will all just go away in a couple days.
    I did take some tylenol the other day and that didnt seem to do a thing for the head pressure. But late last night I took a couple Sinus relief pills and that seemed like it may have helped.

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