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collegegrad 06-24-2004 05:00 PM

pelvic pain...please help
Sometimes I may have lower pelvic pain, but it usually goes away after a day...although I'm not sure what it may derive from. Sometimes I think that it is appendicitis, however the pain is not always on my right side and usually do not have the other symptoms that are assoc. w/ appendicitis. But, now I am having this pain in my lower right abdomin, actually close to the pelvic area. It seems like its near the inguinal region or McBurney's point. I am on my 4th day in my period. I always have PMS symptoms and menstrual pain the before my period and extremely on the 1st day of my period (respectively); but I'm not sure if this is associalted w/ my period b/c my cycle is almost over with and the pain started yesterday. I thought it was b/c I held my urine too long, but it is still hurting (and it does hurt, but not extremely when I pee). Is this a symptom of an inguinal hernia or appendicitis? Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.

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