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Going NUTS here!!

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Unhappy Going NUTS here!!

I have been TOTALLY freaking out today with this rabies thing. All that happened was that a bat flew over my head 28 days ago. It did'nt bite me. My hands were in my pockets the whole time. It flew 20-25 feet over my head. Still, to put my mind at ease, I went to the ER - even though I felt very silly. But hey, it flew over my head so I was "exposed" I guess(?)

Then I came home and worried myself sick for over two weeks until I cut my finger and had to have surgery. Then my mind was on the surgery for awhile (and recovery) but for the last week or so I have been back to obscessing over rabies again and now I read that you can sometimes just breath in aerosolized rabies and possably get it that way!.

When they did surgery, they gave me a nerve block in my arm pit and that whole area has gotten very sore over the last 3-4 days - even going up into my shoulder, backbone and the left side of my neck. I've also had a thickened feeling in my throat like it's constricted sometimes. I thought all this might be caused by the injection in my arm pit but the surgeon is insistant that that's impossable so now I really AM freaking out!.

The first 3-4 nights after surgery I slept sitting up against the side of the bed with my back which was fairly uncomfortable and on the fourth night of this, I woke up several times because I was sleeping on my cast or had fallen over to one side, etc. So, I began sleeping in a rocking chair out in the living room and each morning I would wake up with a stiff neck on the same side where they did the nerve block (the left side) and a lumpy, constricted feeling in my throat. Sometimes when I swallowed, it would hurt just a tiny bit like a small "cramp" (but not sore or anything). This made me think "rabies" because I read that rabies could cause problems with your throat and encephalitis (ie; stiff neck?). So I was imagining rabies racing it's way up to my brain and really freaking out over this. I mean REALLY freaking out!. The stiff neck, throat probs, etc only occur in the mornings and this morning I had a stiff neck but my throat was'nt as bad as previous mornings but it's still there.

Then, all day today I have had explosive diarrhea (sorry, gross I know) and my rectum burns like crazy. On top of all this, I have had more saliva than usual for about a week now (not drooling or foaming though) so that only adds to the fear and terror.

Now I should tell you folks that these symptoms *could* be caused by IBS/GERD (thus the diarrhea, throat probs, salivation) GAD (thus the throat probs) and when I look back at other posts over the years, I can see that I've had the over-salivation problem several times in the past (going back years).

So I just don't know anymore and even if I did have rabies, it's too late now because you have about five days from what I've read. I just don't see how it's possable to get rabies from a bat flying over your head though. I mean, I used to handle live bats from time to time (now that I think about it) when I was a kid and went to stay in my uncle's cabin in the woods and there was a bat out back that we killed many years ago and that one was out hanging on our laundry during the day (much more likely rabid during daylight hours!). My roommate told me that him and his friend used to fish by the lake sitting accross each other and bats used to fly between them and swarm over thier heads. Gosh, if that had been me, I think I would freaked out and dove into the lake!. I also read somewhere that people were claiming that they had bats "dive bomb" them. Other people were talking about building "bat houses" to keep the mosquito population under control. I have learned a lot about bats so far (most good but some very frightening).

Anyway, I don't know what else I can do or say. I'm just really freaking out. I even looked at all the rabies statistics in my state for the last two years and did a lot of other reading elsewhere. Is this a tempest in a teapot or should I really be freaking out right now?. Does having a bat dive-bomb you or swoop over your head constitute "exposure"?. Does anyone else here have any bat stories to tell?. Does anyone here have any knowledge or experience with bats at all?.

Thank you!!

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Re: Going NUTS here!!

Try calling your state or county public health department... They might be able to answer your questions. Hope you feel better soon!

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Re: Going NUTS here!!

People cannot get rabies just from seeing a bat in an attic, in a cave, or at a distance or flying overhead. In addition, people cannot get rabies from having contact with bat guano (feces), blood, or urine, or from touching a bat on its fur (even though bats should never be handled!).
My hubby to be, brought a bat home about 3 weeks ago. It was hanging on the soda machine at work. He was afraid that some goofball would kill it so he brought it home in a cd disk case and made a bat house for it outside. It stayed a day or so then never to be seen again. I wanted it to stay. We have lots of mostiquoes around out house.

RABIES: is a neurological illness, and its symptoms are fever and paralysis which starts from the feet. Anxiety and headaches follow, which intensify to include spasms of the swallowing muscles, making it difficult for patients to drink and respiratory failure sets in.
Once clinical signs of rabies appear, the disease is nearly always fatal in five to ten days. The incubation period is usually two to eight weeks, but can be much longer. Only six humans have survived the full onset of the disease to date in Europe. US unsure about

From what I have read about armpit nerve blocks the signs you night find intresting. The plexus (plural form of nerves and blood vessels) has 4 sensory branches supplying areas of skin, and one branch supplying a muscle:-
Anterior Cervical Nerve - front of the throat.
Supraclavicular Nerve - overlying the collar bone.
Greater Auricular Nerve - behind the ear.
Lesser Occipital Nerve - behind the ear towards the back of the head.
Accessory Nerve - motor supply to the trapezius muscle ("coat hanger" muscle in the back of the neck)
Neuralgic symptoms may be experienced in any or all of the sensory branches depending on the level of the nerve injury.

Am really bad at typing in links that are removed frome other boards. I get all the rules so confused..... So go to ****** and type in nerve block in my armpit problems or nerve block in my armpit problems and read about it. I think your nerves will be eased about having rabies.

If this sounds like anything you have I would ask that doctor for copies of your xrays and medical reports so that you can get a second opinion. I have done that alot. Of course for a few doctors I had to insist that I paid or I paid the insurance company for it and I was "owed" "paid" for those items. Somw doctors never batted an eye got at given me my records. Then again others I had to fight for my records. It's your body, mind and health. You maked the choice. If a doctor gets mad that you want them for a second opinion in my book that is cause to second guess his work.



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