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kpaoliss 08-30-2005 09:41 PM

chronic leg pain and no answers
Back in April I started to have pain in my lower right leg about 2-3 weeks after completing a 5K (I'm 28 years old). In addition to the pain there was some mild swelling and a purplish mark below my knee. I was sent to an orthopedic clinic by my pcp where they took X-rays and found nothing wrong with the bone. At this time a chronic compartmental syndrome was mentioned as a possiblity and I was sent home with NSAIDs and told not to engage in any running or jumping activities and come back in four weeks. I went back and saw a different doctor who ordered an MRI. The MRI showed fluid around my ankle but nothing in the shin area where the pain is mostly centered. When I walk i get shooting pains from the center of my leg going down to my ankle and up to my knee. In addition, there have been four incidents when I was walking or driving and had a sharp pain and upon looking at my leg noticed a bruise type mark where the pain was. The ortho doctor today told me that by looking at the MRI he couldn't identify where the pain was coming from or tell me why there was fluid in my ankle. He told me to resume running slowly and to continue to take the NSAIDs and come back in 3-4 months. I feel like he didn't have time or want to mess with me regarding this and it is so frustrating because in between ortho visits when I was out of town I have went to other doctors because of severe pain who all gave me different opinions and some short term narcotic pain kills and said to see the ortho to find out more. I am completely at a loss of what to do and looking for some advice. I thought about going to another pcp but almost feel like what is the use because no one will care. Any ideas?

kpaoliss 09-06-2005 09:23 PM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
Does anyone have any ideas...I am desperate at this point for any advice because I am coaching cross country and I know that taking vicodine to get through the practices is not a long term solution.

drs 09-08-2005 07:43 AM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
Are you a male or female, how old are you? I'll see what I can find out for you.

drs 09-08-2005 08:01 AM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
I did find this information on a new test that is being done on compartmental syndrome.

[thallous chloride scintigraphy with single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scanning was found to be a sensitive method of diagnosis. The test proved to be quite accurate when both qualitative and quantitative assessments were used. Use of the stress thallium protocol revealed reversible ischemia in the involved compartments of the lower extremity during exercise. Interestingly, this test may be even more reliable than compartmental pressure tests, since it accurately identified four of four patients with typical symptoms of chronic exertional compartment syndrome and elevated pressures and also identified a patient who had only borderline elevations in pressure.]

Maybe you could find an ortho that could perform this test?

I'm still digging for other info. too. Please answer any questions I come up with though. I'm not a doctor, just a concerned person willing to help if possible. Diana

kpaoliss 09-08-2005 08:31 PM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
Thank you so much for your reply. I am a female...age 28. I have been pretty healthy my whole life so I think this is why I am so frustrated. It took me five months to get the ortho to do an MRI. I was even told by one doctor that I was imagining the pain. I would totally agree with this and think I was bonkers if it wasn't for the physical markings on my shin and the spontaneous bruising that comes with sharp pains. I have spent so many countless hours desperately searching the internet for answers and feel like I am at the same point I started at. I just switched to a new primary care physician who is supposed to be really through and caring but I am so hesitant to make an appointment because I don't know if I can stand hearing the phrase "lets see what happens in a few months." It is easy for them to say because they are not in pain and taking medication just to be able to function you know? If you were me would you make an appointment with the new doctor? I live in a small arizona town and there is so little medical expertise in the area.
Thanks again for your reply. I really appreciate your time and efforts.

drs 09-09-2005 06:50 AM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
Kelly, To get you to heal up faster and put your body into a healing mode this is what I found, I put it in my own words but did look it up. If you have any questions just post back to me and I'll see what I can do for you. What an awful thing to have happen to such a young person too! I hope you give this a try, it can only speed what you are trying to heal up.

Well, you do have to rest that leg, swelling is a possible sprain and it doesn't do any good to be on it, use some crutches or something, but stay off of that leg. Keep it elevated when ever it's possible too. I'm sure you know that by now.

See if you can find what are called homeopathic remedies in your area, they work to balance the body and help it heal. Sometimes quite quickly too! It's worth the try, I've had good success when I've needed them to help me speed up my healing.

Call around to health foods and vitamin places and ask for Arnica 30c and Bryonia 30c.

Also, never open homeopathics in sunlight, keep bottles away for strong odors, nothing by mouth a half hour before taking it, and don't take anything strong tasting for a half hour after either. Water is fine if thirsty though. . Never pour the pellets into your hand, use the cap to shake out what is needed, once a pellet has contact with your skin, it is contaminated, so never put it back in the bottle, it will contaminate the rest of them. Homeopathic remedy works with your saliva, when taking any remedy always roll it around in your mouth and under your tounge. This is a general rull of thumb for taking any homeopathic remedy.

Then you'll need 2, 500ml bottles of Spring water (has to say spring water on the bottle) Your going to make whats called a wet dose.
Making a potentized remedy:
Pour out 100ml from each bottle, you going to use just 400ml. Mark the bottles for each remedy, for storage you'll keep refrigerated and tightly closed.

You'll drop 3 of each kind of pellets into the 400ml bottle of spring water. Note: Use a separate bottle for each remedy.
After you drop them in there take the palm of your hand and bang the bottom of the bottle about 6 times, watch for the bubbles to rise up from the bottom. This is called succuss(ing) it. Now it is what is called a potentized remedy.

One dose is one teaspoonful. You'll take both remedy's twice a day...with the last dose taken just before bedtime...
Make sure you to brush your teeth at least a 1/2 hr before your going to take that next dose, an hour would be better just to make sure you don't have anything strong tasting in your mouth.
(Never take both doses at once)
Do the arnica remedy, wait an 1 hour,2hr's is better yet if you can do that.
(You can eat something that isn't too strong tasting a half hour after this dose, but nothing 1/2 hr before the next remedy and a 1/2 after that remedy either.) Try and stay away from caffine products and anything menthol while taking the remedy.

You'll do this for three days then write back and give your results.

This stuff isn't too expensive to get. It's good for all kinds of stuff and if kept in a cool dry dark place away from strong odors it will stay good for a very very long time. I hear your frustration, try and keep a healthy positive mind while taking this remedy, positive is healing too. Diana

kpaoliss 09-11-2005 06:53 PM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
I stayed off my leg all summer and always have it elevated but it didn't help. I am going to try to find a health store in my area and try your suggestions. I am willing to do anything at this point and really appreciate your advice. I ran five miles today for the first time with my cross country team and when I got home my leg was swollen and the indent/bruise mark almost looked as thought it was bulging, which makes me think maybe it is a chronic compartment syndrome like they origionally thought but never tested for. I am done with ortho's and sports medicine people because it seems like unless you have a broken bone, a typical knee problem, or a major athlete they don't want to be bothered with you. I plan to get the stuff tomorrow evening and will post my results. thanks again so much...I really appreciate it.

drs 09-12-2005 03:23 AM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
Now you know, you can't be running for a while. It just isn't going to help any if you do. I don't recall ANY coach that ran with the team but if you are already a runner it's hard not to I'm sure. You're just grounded girl, at least till you have a chance to mend. What are you going to do if you can't even walk? So, please take it easy. When your doing this remedy, keep it elevated again, and be a good girl. (lol) You do want to be able to run again without pain one day, right?

I have a niece that is a marathon runner, it's kind of hard to NOT do it for her too. Her parents are concerned for her, they know it's easy to get injurys and make sure she has really good shoes, but still it's hard not to worry.

When I was checking out the Compartment syndrome it sounded like it was hard to tell without some really extensive testing, also that ankle swelling may be a slight sprain, those sprains are hard to keep from coming back without support. Do you ever wrap you leg? Does it help when you do?
Let me know how things go. Diana

kpaoliss 09-20-2005 09:06 PM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
Yeah I realized after I ran it was a dumb thing to do but the kids loved the fact that I was willing to run with them and push them harder. We have our final city wide meet this friday but I have been training them from the side lines. I am definately not a marathon runner but it is hard to stand by and watch because I do enjoy running so very much. I took your advice and tried the "potions" :) and stayed off my leg all weekend. It seemed to help a little particularly with the bruising (which seemed to tone down a bit in color) but yesterday just from walking around the small school grounds the bruising came back and the pain started again. I took some anti-inflammatories, which I laid off of for a few weeks, but after having taken them yesterday I got pains in my lower right abdomen under my ribs and it felt a little swollen. The whole swelling thing kind of freaked me out yesterday so I called and changed my primary care physican today and made an appointment with the new person for mid October. I am going to start the regimine you suggested again. Maybe if I do it for more then three days it will get better before the October appointment and I can cancel it. Thanks again for your did seem like I got a temporary hiatus from the pain even if it didn't last that long. I will keep you posted.
Thanks again. kelly

drs 09-21-2005 03:58 AM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
Before you do anything else, wait till I write back. I'll write back soon as I can. Diana

drs 09-21-2005 06:15 AM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers

Use the 2 remedies for a few more days and report how you are doing. You did find both of them didn't you? I'd not use those anti-imflamatories they can make a bad situation worse as you've already found out. Ouch on the tummy!

It is important to rest that leg. No more naughty stuff, it just isn't going to heal at all if your doing that. I know it's hard coz you want to run, but what if you never get to again if you mess things up now. Your students don't want you to run with them if it means you'll hurt yourself in the long run. No pun intended. Be a good girl now and rest that leg. Keep taking the remedies, it's not going to get well overnight, be patient a while longer. Sorry things are so tough on you. Find something to keep you busy while resting, do you have any hobbies? Write back soon, Diana

kpaoliss 09-21-2005 07:47 PM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
I started taking the remedies again and will report back in a few days. Unfortunately running was my hobbie but atleast the new TV season started so I can occupy my time with that. Thanks again for your advice and I will reply soon.

kpaoliss 10-09-2005 08:56 PM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
Well I have taken the remedies for about two weeks and totally rested (didn't do any sports or running) but the pain is still there. I played tennis today because I was got a great invite and was crawling out of my skin from not doing anything. About an hour into playing I developed a huge bump about an one and a half inches below my need where there was already bruising. I do have the appointment this week (The one I made a month ago hoping I could get out of) but it looks as if I should probably go :confused: Thanks for the information about the remedy. I think it did help a little and I really appreciated the advice.

drs 10-10-2005 05:02 AM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
sounds like maybe you do have compartment syndrome huh? Hope all goes well for you, I bet your still gonna have to rest, bummer, I feel for ya. Diana

kpaoliss 10-11-2005 05:00 PM

Re: chronic leg pain and no answers
Well I picked up my MRI report today to take to my appointment and it said on it: "ankle joint effusion with small amount of fluid in the retroachilles bursa which is incompletely evaluated on this examination." I have been looking it up but haven't came up with anything on it yet. Thanks again for all of your advice. I have no choice but to rest now.

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