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hmjevon 11-28-2005 03:09 AM

need help deciphering cat scan report--pregnant during surgery
Hello everybody--I'm new here and I'm pretty upset so please forgive me if I ramble or leave something out. On Sept. 14 I had surgery to remove a dermoid tumor which in less than 4 months grew from 7cm to "larger than a grapefruit" (and you would think that having something that size removed from your gut would make you even a [I]little[/I] thinner!!but I guess it doesn't work that way!) I also asked the doc to cut the other tube while he was in there--I had an ectopic pregnancy a few years back in which I lost one tube and maybe an ovary. The doc said the other tube was filled with scar tissue and "scraped it out". He told me to be very carefull if I get preg. again because its likely to be ectopic. So anyway I figured=="while youre in there". So before the surgery I had a ultrasound and it states 'no normal right ovary is seen'. Does this mean I dont have one or I do and its not normal? I was back in the hosp. on Sept. 22 the incision opened (glue--6" bikini cut) and I had a fever. Spent four more days in the hosp. getting totally pumped upped with heavy duty antibiotics and pain killers until my fever came down. I Had a cat scan to check for infection and there was none other than the incision. OK heres the rough part----after weeks of my aunts nagging I finally went and picked up all of my reports and results...........and now Im FREAKING!!!!!!!! I had noooooo idea what to expect but I know it wasnt this.I will just list the exam reportu guys can help me out if any of this sounds familiar or you know anything about any of this at all...Ive done research on the internet but every thing is sssooo vague. So here goes--Im sorry its so long--Ill try to condense it. Cat scan--non-contrast--I'm allergic so only oral contrast. OK here goes--pelvic hematoma, 1cm calcificationin the left adnexa, course calcification in the left pelvis,5mm pulmonary nodule posterir lung base, 3.5mm pulmonary nodule on the right lateral costophrenic sulcus at approximately the same level, 6mm plm. nod.--left lateral lung base, Very prominent patchy ground glass changes of both lung bases,, very course markings can be seen posterior to the heart,complete scanning of the chest is indicatedfor initial further assessment,numerous tiny calculi--both renal sinuses, punctate calcifications in the inferior aspect of the thecal sac,scattered indeterminate mesenteric and retroperitoneal lymph nodes, reexamination with iv contrast should be consired with appropriate steroid prep if required. If anybody knows about any of this please let me know. Should any of these Dr. have given me a heads up on this? Also does anybody know if a pregnancy test is routine before surgery?Had my normal period Sept. 15==Just spotted Oct.15 and Nov. 15====Nothing. I'm sooo worried == If I am pregnant it happened before surgery and i was popping percs, dilaudid and codeine almost by the mouthfull . I have a Dr. appointment in 3 weeksand its driving me nuts not knowing at all what to expect. So if anybody out there can help me out I would rrrreeeaaalllyyy appreciate it


kehorner 11-28-2005 03:35 AM

Re: need help deciphering cat scan report--pregnant during surgery
If you had a normal period the day after surgery, then you probably weren't pregnant before the surgery. It's possible that your body is just stressed from the surgery and that's why you missed it, but ask your doctor about it.

As for the "numerous tiny calculi in both renal sinuses"... those are just small kidney stones. Nothing to worry about there.

The stuff in the lungs could be indicative of some sort of issue going on there, like an infection or something.

The lymph nodes could be linked to the infection from your surgery. Maybe that is why the doctor is waiting to follow upon that.

Did your doctor discuss anything about these results with you? They probably should have, even if they aren't concerned, just so that you wouldn't panic if you read the report! You might call and talk with the nurse or perhaps see if you can schedule an earlier appointment with your doctor.

hmjevon 11-28-2005 04:34 AM

Re: need help deciphering cat scan report--pregnant during surgery
I probably should have mentionedthat when I was pregnant with my daughter I had a light period for the first five months!!!!!!!!!!!! My boobs are sore too--that worries me more than the missed period. No Dr. spoke with me about any of this. Not a single word!!!!!!!!!!! If my aunt didnt nag me so much about picking up these papers I never would have known! three weeks was the soonest appointment available. Thank you for your reply--Ifeel a little better already

Thanks again-h

feelbad 11-28-2005 05:49 AM

Re: need help deciphering cat scan report--pregnant during surgery
first of all, some surgeons just automatically do PG tests.i just had one for the first time a few weeks ago with an aneurysm coiling but have had three otheractual surgeries with no PG test,go,as for these docs,YES they should have mentioned all of this to you,afterall it IS your body,really.i am shocked that they wouldn't have said something about what was found during the CTs.they have an obligation and duty to totally inform their patients about any findings on tests they do.getting any and all medical reports and reults of tests and all of the op notes from all of my surgeries is actually something i have been doing for years.Like you just found out,there can be many many really important things in these documents that for some stupid reason,your docs just did not tell you about. The firt thing i would do would be to take these reports with you the appt you are going to male with the particular doc that actually ordered these tests and ask him to fully explain what IS going on inside you or what he suspects,and then ask him just WHY you were not told about any of this.i would DEMAND an explanation,really,there IS no excuse for him at least giving you the heads up here.You DO have the right to the info that is found on any test that is done on you.i would also drop this doc and definitely get a second opinion on anything this current one tells you.i sought out three seperate opinions about this cavernoma crap that had formed inside of my spinal cord before I finally ended up having the surgery that was pretty much a must do. You also need to gather up ALL and any other medical reporst and doc notes and test results and all of the info from any surgerys or stays in the hospitals.all you have to do is call any place you were ever seen and request the medical records dept(in the hosp)at the docs justtell them you need copies of your medical records,all records in your files.theywill then send you out a document tosign and send back and then allof those important medical records will show upin your mail box.Keep allof this in a file that you can take with you to all is good to have your own current and up to date medical records espescially any sort of test results.i always keep the most recent stuff in the front. believe me,once you get ALL of the info,espescially the CT ordering docs clinic notes,you will find out alot,espescially what he really "feels' your biggest issues are and why.This really is the best way for the patient to really stay in charge of their own healthcare.unfortunetly,you are the only one who really cares the most about you,soit is up to us to demand the right to the best care possible.i lost my "fear" of docs and their additudes way back when in 1999-2000 when my youngest son became gravely ill during liver failure and ended up needing a liver transplant.i took their crap for only so long you know?I was always intimmidated til this allhappened.I mean it is one thing when you are the patient,but god help you if you start screwing around with my son.they ARE only people,who sometimes 'think' they know it all when they quite obviously in at least some cases,do not. i wish you luck in this little journey and am hoping that whatever is actually going on here will be managable and totally resolved at some point.but see that doc and get those records,K?then go kick some doctor butt.please keep us posted.Marcia

hmjevon 11-28-2005 07:49 AM

Re: need help deciphering cat scan report--pregnant during surgery
Thanks Marcia--You are absolutely right--i do have every right to have my test results.(especially since I"m paying for it!!!) I wont be seeing this gyno. again. I'm going to the family practice and hopefully they will refer me to a speciallist. I hope I make it 3 weeks without going nuts--they'll need to refer me all right--to a rubber room. When I go to the Drs. for the rest of my test results I'm going to find out why they didnt say anything. You mentioned op notes--is this something I should have?? Do most people get thier medical records? I'm afraid to look at any more results because it seems the more I dig up the worse it gets!!!

Thanks again

feelbad 11-29-2005 06:04 AM

Re: need help deciphering cat scan report--pregnant during surgery
Op notes are actually the post operative report that every surgeon does after they finish any just tells what was used during the surgery(equipment,i do think that part of the reason they include this is in case there is some sort of malfunction with it later,then they wil know just what was used.i was rather suprised to see all of THAT kind of detail in my reports)but it talks about the actual surgery itself and how it went what they did what was found,that kind of thing.and YES you should always get these reports.I found all of mine to be very very interesting.It is just good to have as much of ALL of your medical history in your possession as possible.alot more people are doing this now.I have been doing it for years.I do have quite the collection of medical files now after all this time.But i always keep the most recent stuff and all and any reports like test results?in there as well not matter how old as these can really show any sort of a progression of a disease or condition when you see a new doc or even if you should have to go to an er for something.I always take the file with me(just an expanding type of file?)to every appt and keep everything current by requesting updated stuff(if I have had any new appts)like evry three to six months.Anyone who has any sot of disease and or condition that requires ongoing treatment and also requires seeing many different docs,should do this,really.It really really does come in handy.

I DO know how you feel about seeing all the REAL medical stuff in your reports,I have had a few big suprises by reading some stuff I was not aware of,but when you look at what you just found out that was never told to you,well,you can see my NEED all of your records these days just to be able to really give yourself the best chance at good healthcare,really.the only person who is really looking out for you and what is best for you,is YOU.please keep me posted,K?get those op notes too.also any pathology reports on just what they found about the tumor,it HAD to be checked out by a pathologist once it was removed.marcia

hmjevon 12-03-2005 10:47 PM

Re: need help deciphering cat scan report--pregnant during surgery
Hi-- Sorry I didn't follow up sooner. I had to 'get lost' for a few days....... I took a home pregnancy test. Positive. Really screwed up my head. I have Dr.s appointment on Monday. More then


kehorner 12-03-2005 10:58 PM

Re: need help deciphering cat scan report--pregnant during surgery
Wow.... So were you pregnant when you had the CT scan? They should have asked you if there was any chance of that before they did the test. You might look into getting a second opinion about the risks to the fetus, since the doctor you are seeing happens to be the one who put your fetus at risk. Technically, he should be straightforward about all that stuff, but he might omit some details to protect his own behind. If you have doubts about this guy, definitely get all of your records and find a competent doctor! I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this. I hope all goes well on Monday.

hmjevon 12-08-2005 01:39 PM

Re: need help deciphering cat scan report--pregnant during surgery
well I'm home from the hospital. Monday on my way to the Dr's. office (in the Hosp--thank God) I got this unbelievable pain then dizzy and everything seemed so far away--lights out after that. I woke up to find myself bruised from the bottom of my ribs to my pubic area and surprisingly little pain. Well I was indeed pregnant--and i do feel kind of 'off' when I say 'Thank God it was ectopic'--but I did want my one remaining intact tube cut and tied during my surgery. The surgeon didn't and still billed me for it!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess its time to find a gooood lawyer. And I think I'm going to find totally different Dr's. not affiliated with this hospital to handle all this other stuff. Thanks everyone. Oh, I still have to get the op notes--I was gonna do that Monday after the Dr. I wonder what they say. I'll let you know.


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