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brownleaf 01-27-2006 04:47 AM

Pain: Left Ear, Eye movement, Face, other symptoms
I have quite a lot of Symptoms, many reactive and possibly refered,
Balance difficulties dizziness, an odd gravel like feeling on top of head, difficulty moving left eye up and to left, also seems to have a split feeling when i do this movement
pain around Left ear, pressure and unusual rise on hard palate, pain in face, but doesnt seem to be the jaw, temporal discomfort, no headaches just a heavyness,
Fluid like sensation under left ear, left neck, shoulder and arm pain,
This is constant and has lasted for 5 years, the usual depression and anxiety ruled out, "finally", Mri and scan show no any major problem as far as the head goes except some fluid on right mastoid area,
there have been lots of suggestions, TIA, Spinal problem radiating to other area's
i am working on the possibility that it is an healed over infection in the sinus cavities, as the ears, eyes and facial pain can be linked to the sinus as well as balance and head discomfort, i also have very large tonsils that use to get infected a lot, also had healed over internal infection "1993" that caused some very strange symptoms that Doctors considered all in the mind, until by a chance blood test 3 Doc's later
anyone with any idea's would be greatfully recieved

DX- 01-28-2006 12:47 PM

Re: Pain: Left Ear, Eye movement, Face, other symptoms

You've spent way too many years dealing with the unknown.

It's difficult to get a handle on even one body system for you to send you in some of the right directions -- however -- one thing you do have is a trail of medical tests behind you.

I suggest you begin by getting ahold of as many of the test results as you can. Begin to compare them -- if you had a blood test in 2000 and another one in 2003 that tested the same things, then compare them. Same with any of the other tests. Look for differences in results, or contradictions. In some cases, you may find conclusions you can look up online.

Are you taking meds? Look for side effects, and also consider that the meds may be masking your "real" symptoms.

Then begin looking at the evidence you are developing yourself and see if you can draw any conclusions. You'll need to find a doctor who is willing to partner with you to review your conclusions and work with you to use them to try to develop a diagnosis.

One more thing -- consider that all your problems may not be due to just one medical problem. You may have more than one thing wrong with you, meaning if you are able to line up a group of symptoms, but you still have another that doesn't "fit", maybe it belongs to another condition all together.

Best of luck to you.... let us know how you make out.

brownleaf 01-29-2006 06:18 AM

Re: Pain: Left Ear, Eye movement, Face, other symptoms
Hi ya
thanks for the advice, and it is something i have been trying to do, though it has been difficult in that the Doc's have up until now dismissed it, as the common diagnosis was "it's in the mind" i went to a Psychologist, who 5 sessions later refered me back to the Doc, finally i am being taken seriously, and something i suggested 3 years ago is being considered, "Nerve compression in the neck and spine" and given some exercises to do, two sessions of this exercise has done wonders, the pain has subsided, balance is better, mood has changed, theres still some discomfort but hey i aint complaining at the moment,
oddly there has been some dark and light ***** coloured discharge from the left ear today, this is unusual but will wait to see what happens, could be body getting rid of some old blocks, more tests to come,
thanks again

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