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mrod 07-18-2006 11:48 AM

Excessive yawning
Does anyone know if excessive yawning can be a sign of a health problem?

potvinwannabe 07-18-2006 05:17 PM

Re: Excessive yawning
are you feeling more/really tired or exhausted? harder to move?

and have you had atleast 6 hours of sleep for aood amount of time?

stevie_23 07-18-2006 07:53 PM

Re: Excessive yawning
Generally it means you’re breathing shallowly all the time. Try to make a conscious effort to breath a bit deeper. This is why we yawn more when we’re tired because we’re too tired to notice we’re breathing really shallowly so not getting enough oxygen, so we yawn.

You may have anemia but I don’t really know.

mrod 07-19-2006 09:42 AM

Re: Excessive yawning
Thank you for your replies. I guess I could be tired at the time because I do wake up thru out the night. My Dr. seems to think it is anxiety related and I do seem to over breathe-possibly hyperventilation syndrome due to the anxiety. It seems hard to get good breaths so I am always aware of my breathing! It is awful. I have had blood tests, EKG, stress test, chest x-ray and pulmonary function tests. All are normal. I take .25 mg of xanax once a day-it does not seem to help much. I continue to fear that I still may have a heart or lung problem or even GERD! I have a call in to my Dr. again. If it is anxiety it is awful!!! Any other ideas or suggestions??? Thanks

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