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tvcokecan 02-22-2007 03:58 PM

Lower Abdominal pain
Ok Hi! Thanks for any help you give me and I hope I can trace the problem, sorry for any typos I want to type this quick so I can get back to resting.

As of the last four days I have had a sharp Lower Abdominal pain, I don't really know how to discribe it, and infact I can be precise where it is, but I am pretty sure it is Lower Abdominal, just before the groin. I will try and give as much info as I know:
[LIST][*]Increases when drinking anything (water hurts more than other drinks)[*]Sometimes goes away after walking a distance, yet to return about a hour later[*]The pain is pretty much constant and does not have degrees of pain, it is either there or not.[*]I "think" warm water (such as a bath) makes it feel better, but it might be just my mind being off it.[*]I have not been sick, however I have not been eating so I don't know if one goes with one.[*]I can pass stolls fine, however as far as I can tell they may have dark patchs in (maybe blood?)[*]The pain increases when sitting at certain angles[*]Tea seems to help it for a few moments[*]I drink a scary amount of Caffine related drinks [Excess of 4 liters of cola a day][*]I do not think it is Wind, I have not had increased farts or burps![*]Pain is pretty bad, I have been trying to keep a smile on and what not, but to be honest it bloody well hurts![/LIST]
I have no known illness \ ect and would just like to see what people think it might be. I find I can't sleep withouy being woke up less than a hour later due to the pain

tvcokecan 02-25-2007 03:49 PM

Re: Lower Abdominal pain
Ok I don't know if it is connected by it all went today, the first day I woke up feeling fine, (and gee did I sleep well!) but as of about 30 mins ago I got a very sharp pain in my right side, it hurt more as I breathed, I can still fill it, and breathing feels odd, but the main really bad pain went after about 10 mins.

Seraph 02-25-2007 05:33 PM

Re: Lower Abdominal pain
Given that you are not sick, sounds like it could be a hernia. A friend of mine had one and the symptoms aound the same as yours....bad pain means it could be trapped in the muscle.. good to get it checked.

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