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local_host 06-21-2007 12:44 AM

Xanax / Alprazolam - What is the recommended dosage?
I realize this is a drug for using only in situations 'as needed' (rather than daily like antidepressants). So what is a safe amount to take, and how much is too much?

What I think is strange is why doctors will prescribe this medication and the instructions will be just like any other drug. The directions say something like- take 1 tablet twice daily .. ***?? Why take it on days you don't need it? And won't taking it daily lessen the overall effect? Seems like just about ANY prescription drug these days is waay over-prescribed...

For me personally it takes about a full 1.0 MG to have any effect, which means I have to take either 2 or 4 pills because the doc will only give me a .25 or .50 amount. AND only a 30 quantity, with NO refills. Ack! How much does everyone else get?

butrfligirl28 06-21-2007 08:22 AM

Re: Xanax / Alprazolam - What is the recommended dosage?
Taking more mediction than prescribed is going down a slippery slope. This medication is habit forming and can be terribly difficult to stop, once your body becomes dependant. Taking this med daily will cause dependance in as early as one week. I feel like you are saying it takes 1 mg to work, meaning it takes that much for you to "feel" it. You can get relief from your anxiety without "feeling" the medication. I would advise that you only take this medication as needed, and the dose prescribed. If you need it more often, or the dose does not work, you are supposed to talk to your doctor, not take whatever you want. This is dangerous. There are many meds that are good for anxiety, and if you need it more than one to two times a week, and anti-depressant such as Paxil would be a better choice for you. I would be very careful doing what you are doing.

FromSqueaky 06-21-2007 09:09 AM

Re: Xanax / Alprazolam - What is the recommended dosage?
The directions on the label depends on what problem it's being prescribed to treat. I've been given Xanax for migraines that lasted for almost an entire month. The label reads 1 tablet of 0.5 at bedtime. When they did not subside the doctor changed the directions to 0.5 3 times a day. The pharmacist called the doctor to make sure he meant what he wrote. I did not take them 3 times a day instead I asked for Tylenol 3 or Soma and was given both along with the Xanax. All of them said take 1 at bedtime. I doubled checked with the pharmacist and she said each pill did something different so it was safe to take them all. I did not. I took one at a time if within 2 hours I was not feeling better I added the other. I never needed to take all 3. It was good to have all 3 so I did not need to go back to the doctor for a couple of months. I kept switching them when they stopped working.

Xanax does nothing for me at all. Actually hardly any meds do anything for me at all. A new pill will work for a day or 2 then after that it stops working.

Any pills I take after a few days stop working. I have to stop all meds for a few weeks then I can take them again and they will work for a few days but I have to stop and give my body a rest again. I have a very high tolerance for meds. There is no use in me taking more. I'd be in the same boat after my body became adjusted to them and would still need to stop and restart them.

Maybe you need an entirely different medication for your problem. I've never been given anything higher than 0.25 but have been given less.

witty_sundrop 06-21-2007 11:29 AM

Re: Xanax / Alprazolam - What is the recommended dosage?
Well, Xanax is an anit-anxiety medication. Sounds like your doc wants you to use as needed. If you are needing to take more of the medication to get it work, then you may need to talk to your doctor and let him/her know that the lower strength is not enough. Everyone is different when it comes to anti-anxiety medication, so to ask how much someone gets is a hard question to answer. Some people take both anti-anxiety and antidepressants daily and some take anti-anxiety meds when they have a panic attack/anxiety attack. Granted I suffer from anxiety attacks as well and have meds to help, but I only get a 30 day supply from my doc. This usually lasts me longer than 30days. But I suggest you talk with your doc and let him/her know that the low dose does not work for you and see what they say. They have their reasons for limiting these kinds of medications.

The reason for the directions to say take 1 twice daily is because insurances want the directions on the script and they won't accept "as directed" on thsi type of medication.

local_host 06-26-2007 09:24 AM

Re: Xanax / Alprazolam - What is the recommended dosage?

That's an interesting take- I never heard that might be the reason why you always see the same directions on all prescription medication. It's because the insurance requires it that way .. ?? Who's insurance? The patient, hospital, or doctor's?

I think that's just wrong. It's probably one of the main reasons why so many people get sick every year from being overprescribed. There is no reason to take a drug like Xanax on a daily bases, especially if you don't need it. It causes your body to become tolerant more easily and quickly then renders the drug useless and causes you to become addicted.

My main concern, is at what point is too much, when taken as-needed? Just doing research on Xanax I see that there are 2 MG pills available, and also 3 MGs!! That's quite a high dose, but this leads me to believe that someone out there is taking 2 and 3 milligram dosages. Which means that it's safe?

Lately I've been trying to get into more social situations which is why I have been taking it more often (about 2 times per week). Skipping a week periodically. Prior to this I had only been taking it a few times per year. A 30 pill supply would last me almost an entire year (that's 15 doses because I have to take 2 pills at a time due to the small .5 MG size). So far I have not felt a need to take a higher amount, unless it's an extreme social situation then I would need about 1.5MG.

I'm very aware of the addictive quality of this drug and I keep this in mind every single time I dose. But my whole philosophy is that if it's helping me in one MAJOR area, such as "socially" at my job, where I need to be social in order to keep the job, than a little adverse effect (building up tolerance) from the drug is worth it...

local_host 06-26-2007 09:41 AM

Re: Xanax / Alprazolam - What is the recommended dosage?

Actually the Xanax works well for my condition (social anxiety disorder). The issue I'm having is that the doc is not prescribing a high enough dosage, therefore I have to take multiple pills, which is a waste of pills. I need at least 1 MG dose for it to have an effect. Anything less just does not effect me all that much. There IS a 1 MG tab available, I don't know why it's so difficult to obtain. I guess I need to try a different doctor. I don't think this doctor realizes how debilitating the anxiety problem is for me.


I could never take a drug like Paxil (or Prozac), which is primarily an anti-depressant. I'm not depressed, at least not clinically. If do get depressed about something it's temporary and I always know "why". Usually it's caused by some social embarrassment due to the social anxiety problem, for which the Xanax helps diminish. So taking Paxil would be useless to me. Also since Paxil is the type of drug that needs to be taken daily for it to have an effect (at least that's what I was told), I would be doing something totally against the way I feel about prescription meds. Which should only be taken "as-needed". UNLESS it's a life or death situation, like heart medication or something...

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