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kelcourtney13 07-08-2007 08:20 AM

Pain in left side of neck
Hi there. I don't know what this could be. I have spent all morning trying to figure it out. On the left side of my neck I have a spot about midway down my neck that feels swollen and when I press on it it hurts really bad. When I move my head around certain ways it hurts too. I can feel it. When I press on it I can feel my pulse and like I said, it hurts pretty bad. I have had it for two days now and I even woke up last night from it. Any suggestions as to what it might be or where I could start investigating from? I know it is not my glands as it is lower than where my glands would be. The other side of my neck is not hurting.

Thanks for your help!


FromSqueaky 07-08-2007 11:19 AM

Re: Pain in left side of neck
Sounds like it's either the muscles of the tendons that run up and down your neck from your shoulder to your head. I just had a deep tissue massage cause mine started out like that then grew to hurt on both side of my spine. From my C6 down by the shoulders up to he C1 by the base of the shill. I was not able to sleep from the knots. Soma, Xanax, codeine, flexeril, celebrex was not able to relieve my pain. The massage therapist was able to move the knots from my neck to my shoulder but half way into my 90 min massage they would not come out. He moved on to the rest of my body I drank lots of water to release the toxins he massage out of my cells. I went home threw up from the pain drank lots more water took a Bayer aspirin and the next morning I woke up pain free.

He moved on to the rest of my body. I had 3 massage so far and I am going back for another. I just weedeated my yard and I left the muscles in my neck tense back up. I've had knots all around my neck from the back to the side and even under my chin.

While it may not be the same muscles a therapeutic, sports, or deep tissue massage may fix your pain.

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