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mrsstats 09-06-2007 05:54 PM

Travel by plane with broken ankle
My sil broke her ankle tonite. We are suppose to leave for vacation on Sat. Flying to Lake Tahoe which is about 6 hours in the plane. Would there be a medical reason for her not to fly? TIA

hmlyn04 09-07-2007 09:42 AM

Re: Travel by plane with broken ankle
i broke my ankle many years ago while on a trip and i was able to fly home but again that was about 15 years ago. no one said there was any reason to not fly and i do not recall having any problems. if you have it in a cast, then just try to elevate it during some of that time and make sure to ask your doctor if you should be taking one aspirin a day to avoid blood clots. that would be the only concern i would think.

just as a side note, i am actually laid up again because i broke my foot and had surgery so i can empathize with your sil. have a good trip! :)

butrfligirl28 09-07-2007 03:14 PM

Re: Travel by plane with broken ankle
I also flew with a newly broken ankle. First, ask the flight attendants to help with her injury. They bumped me to first class when there where open seats. Also, make sure she is able to elevate her ankle some through as much of the flight as possible. The ankle on the ground for six hours is really going to restrict blood flow and increase pain. She can also try to find an empty seat next to her and put her leg up. There will be increased pain, so make sure she has her pain meds and plenty of Advil to help with pain and swelling. Bring a great, soft pillow to put under her knee or ankle. Don't let her be a hero. Ask as soon as you reach the airport for a wheelchair and assistance on, and off the plane.

Hope some of this helps. Appeal to the empathy in people, especially the flight crew. They should help her out.

Good luck and tell her to have a great time!

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