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streudel423 12-22-2007 07:12 AM

Eyelid Twitching...HELP, please ???

About a week ago, I started taking some OTC medicines for a general cold. The meds had phenlephrine in them. I noticed that my left eyelid was twitching almost ALL the time, but not hard enough for anyone (even my mom) to notice. I stopped taking the meds Wednesday and went to the eye doctor Thursday. She told me that is was PROBABLY the phenlephrine. SHe also did a tear test and said my eyes are slightly dry, but nothing major. She gave me some special drops to apply 3 times a day. If it hasn't stopped by next Wedneday, I have to go back. She said if it doesn't go away, it could be a blood vessel pressing on a nerve or a tumor (which really scares me). Also, like I mentioned, it's not so bad where my eyes close, just a [I]slight[/I] twinge (if that's a word!) that is very aggravating

It's not been 2 days since I stopped taking the medication and the twitch is NOT NEARLY as frequent or as severe as it originally was, but it still does twitch/spasm. I'm not lacking sleep, stressed, or consuming any caffiene. Now, I'm noticing it in my other upper eyelid sometimes, as well.

Anybody have experience with this? Could it just be a freak thing that will eventually go away? thanks!:confused:

AquaticChic 12-23-2007 06:35 PM

Re: Eyelid Twitching...HELP, please ???
Maybe you have Lyme Disease. I know a lot about Lyme, so ask me any questions you have about it.

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