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bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?

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Old 06-10-2008, 08:40 PM   #1
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marriedbaby HB User
bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?

Ever since i had my first child near 10 years ago i have had bowel trouble.straight away things felt like they slowed doctor put me on senna,lactulose and fibergel which i took for over 12 months with no effect at i was fed up with taking this stuff for so long and the problem getting worse i spoke to my doctor about it and also explained i didnt want to end up dying of kidney failure or something through taking it so long and was also worried about lazy bowel syndrome occurring through long term use.his reply was "im not a miracle worker, what do you want me to do about it". i knew i wouldnt get anywhere with him and so stopped taking all these laxatives that were not working anyway and just struggled through for years.its now got to the point where im backed up from top to bottom and its as if when more goes in the top it will push some through the bottom if that makes sense.i never have a full bowel movement, i only pass small amounts when i go the toilet, which can be every 3 days or every 2/3 weeks.about 6 months ago i was an inpatient in hospital on pain meds for kidney stones and was in for a good while. i couldnt go the loo yet again and thought while im stuck in here i may aswell mention my problem to see what they can do.the doctor asked me when i last went the loo and thats when i realised it had been about 6 weeks or something.he said that was extemly abnormal to which i replied well its normal for me!they told me to take senna which i said doesnt work for me so they said lactulose and we went through the list anyway and then put be back on the combination of the senna lactulose and fibergel.i knew it wouldnt work which it didnt.after about a week of taking all this stuff i was absaloutly fed up so sat on the loo and strained like mad. i finally passed a stool that was covered in an orangy yellow wax then followed a whole load of dark green fluid!(sorry to be so graphic) so freaked out by this i told the doctor and his reply was well thats not normal but done nothing about it. yet again i lost hope in doctors and kept the problem to myself going back to my normal bowel habbits of a little bit when ever being i have not been able to go for 2 weeks so thought i would try movicol which is supposed to move impacted feceas, i mean thats how it feels to me,like things are impacted this time round. after maxing out on this for 4 days and no movment at all i saw the doctor.he said my rectum was empty but he could feel on my stomach i was completly full so asked a nurse to come to my home that night to give me a fleet enema. he also said my white cells were a bit high in my urine and my temp was raised. the fleet enema didnt work so i went back the next day where yet again they examined my rectum and found it was empty and were confused by it all. they called a surgeon in the local hospital who advised micralax enema and if that didnt work get straight to accident and emergency.i tried 2 of these micralax enemas and got nothing.later that night my stomach pains got really bad and i felt so ill so i called the doctor to see if it was side effects of the micralax. he said no and they should have worked and i should go straight in to hospital.when i got there, pretty much straight away they took me for an x-ray. i was suprised as usually i have to wait hours.the doctor come straight to me and said i was completly full from top to bottom and we needed to get the stuff out now.he ordered the nurse to do a glycerine sipository and a sulphate enema.this was done but the only thing that came out was all the enema and a little bit of soft stool, and i mean a little bit.i did pass a lot of wind though,it was scary as i sounded like an elephant passing wind it was so loud. i sat in the room for 2 hours then waiting to see what else they were going to do, and to my suprise the doctor turned up and listened to my stomach and said i had good bowel sounds. i said it was probably trapped wind as nothing else is moving.he then said my urine tests were clear and produced a pescription for guess what? senna fibergel and lactulose and sent me on my way!how can my urine have raised white cells one day and be clear the next and why would the hospital not even do another x-ray to see if the enema cleared anything? i just feel i am getting no where my stomach has been so noisy, but still i have no movements of anything and feel so tired and really sick.i dont know where else to turn as i have already done my doctors and hospital. i have looked on the net to try and self diagnose but i have symptoms of nearly all bowel illnesses so i really dont know what is wrong with me or what i can do about all this, even if its just to get me through this bout of trouble. i really need some kind of in the uk so health care is NHS and cant afford to see a private doctor. can anyone give me any advise, tips or help please?

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drs HB Userdrs HB Userdrs HB Userdrs HB User
Re: bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?

Oh, my you have had trouble haven't you! I've been there my self, impacted I mean. It seems everything would just quit working on me, I do take a fiber but if your sensitive it will give you gas and lots of it till you get used to it. I started out slow and worked my way up till I got used to it. Also,Right now I'm taking 600mgs of Magnesium Citrate, this kind is water soluble to you pee out the excess. My bowels just would Not move on their own any more, Magnesium seems to work with the muscles and it makes you go if your taking the right amount for you. I did see a specialist coz when I couldn't go number two, I ended up not being able to go number one either, this why I have to keep myself cleaned out or I can't pee or I get bladder spasms. I also on occasion drink smooth move tea which helps move stubborn rocks in the colon, it sure hurts when it hits the sphincters in the colon, there is one at each hip and one at your bottom. Something I've started doing once or twice a week in addition to the magnesium citrate, I bought an enema bag that is reusable and I do lemon juice enemas in mornings with an empty stomach. If you ever have another enema in your life remember to push like your going to have a bowel movement as the tip of the enema is inserted, this will open the sphincter and not cause so much pain. I also use vitamin E oil on the tip and this is a healing ointment and I do get hemorrhoids easily. I avoid cheese too, this is like instant rock making material in my case, the white isn't as bad as the yellow stuff though. Drink water, avoid caffeine's. I'm going to set this post to my instant email notification. Hope you find some relief. By the way I found the tea a the health foods store and in the grocery store, it's made by traditional medicinal. Diana

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drs HB Userdrs HB Userdrs HB Userdrs HB User
Re: bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?

My recipe for lemon juice enemas is 1/8cup lemon juice to two Quarts of water, I use water that is around 100degree's, just under what you would bath a baby in. Let the mixture run into you slowly when it feels like it's too much stop and wait till the feeling passes, add slowly again. I usually have to go before I run out of the mixture, and most times it 3 to 4 times. I kneel down in the tub on a towel with head down and butt up. I try to lay on my left side for a while too. Sounds disgusting, but if you can't go coz of a lazy colon it sure does help.

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Misty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB User
Re: bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?

You mentioned Miralax enemas but not taking Miralax by mouth.

I take a full dose (capful mixed in water) of Miralax morning and night and it works great. Stools absorb moisture and pass on their own now. I also take a stool softener morning and night. Drinking lots of water during the day helps the Miralax work the best.

Taking fiber and not drinking plenty of water will cause constipation, defeats the purpose of taking the fiber in the first place.

Give it a try, I believe it will work for you. May take a few days to get things moving but it will.

The urge to go just never happened for me. With Miralax I now get the urge and do succeed. I now have BMs daily.

Drinking warm prune juice first thing in the morning will help.

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Old 06-23-2008, 02:19 PM   #5
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Re: bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?

Hi I too have pain having so much problems going for a number 2 I had a impaction back in Febuary that gave me tears and hemorrids thst I still have.

I am still too this day having problems I get the feeling that I need to push but it just dont what to come its feels like I am getting a impaction again its scares me so much last time I couldn't even go for wee!!

I do have blood sometimes when wiping...Mad Maz

Old 07-13-2008, 04:08 PM   #6
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mother19 HB User
Re: bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?

Hi I suffer from constipation since having my child 15 months ago, try asidophulus tablets from your health shop or chemist and try from your freezer department at your local supermarket something called Nekta Kiwifruit Singles. You defrost one into a glass of water each day. Keeps my bowel regular every second day and gives loose stools without the medication. And tastes great has kiwifuit and pineapple juice in it.

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ddziz2 HB User
Re: bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?

I feel so sorry for you right now. It sounds like what I had gone thru many years ago, and I'm sill not right, but better.
Everything you said, I also went through, and all they would tell me after nothing worked, is that that it's anxiety!
Eventually, making a long story short, I was sent to one of the best colon/rectal Doctors around. I was diagnosed with colonic inertia, which means what pushes the stool thru inside my large intestines (colon) was pretty much dead and had to be removed. I know this is scary to hear and I'm sorry, but this was my experience, and it sounds just like yours. I'm no Doctor, so I suggest you try...somehow to get to see a colo/rectal specialist. Regular gastro Doctors know this, but it's not in their realm of specialty. The surgery was big, but it helped. I hope I didn't scare you. I have the best Doctor with a reputation around the world as one of the best here in New York. If you could only find a way. If not, just make sure you see a colo/rectal specialist!
Good luck to you.

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plasva HB User
Re: bowel trouble.even hospital wont help!any advise please?

I am sorry your problem is so extreme.
Perhaps printing out your entire story that you wrote here and going back to the E.R. with it will help-- they will understand better how this problem is chronic and not something they can fix with one prescription you've already tried, and hopefully they will refer you to the right specialist.
I have heard that taking a good quality digestive enzyme supplement (look for one with many different enzymes in it) before EVERY meal can also help with your problem.
Wishing you well.

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