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Crimson609 07-07-2008 09:59 AM

Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

I've got severe back pain due to problems with facet joints and nerves being trapped after an accident at work. I have i.b.s, endometriosis which is currently being investigated via MRI to see if hysterectomy is necessary as we've tried all other treatments. This also means I can't have children which I'm really struggling to come to terms with. Recently have intense pain after urinating which is so bad had to double my morphine intake to 80mg per 12 hrs.
Going to see urology surgeon tomorrow to see what he can suggest as only way to combat pain without morphine is to have indwelling catheter.
Just moved house to bungalow to combat pain caused my climbing stairs and was hoping health would increase a bit but instead its got worse.
Getting really down about the kids issue and my quality of life in general plus the thoughts that surgery is looking certain. Could have to have hysterectomy , endometriosis removal and bladder surgery or removal at the same time which although I've had operations before is loads worse than something I've ever encountered before.
I realise people are a lot worse off than me but seems that I go one forward and two back all the time.
Really appreciate anyone who can relate to post reply. Thanks for reading this:(

drs 07-09-2008 03:52 AM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

I just want to say one thing so we can continue with a post here, read all the sticky posts for this topic. OK? Want to do this right so we can communicate in one or two spots instead of a dozen.;)

I know its hard to stay upbeat with all your facing, your going in the right direction now, at least you've got a doc that is going forward. Try not to be too blue:(

You said your on thyroid meds in a different post, this will make you even more sensitive to pain, did you know that? So yes you've got a good reason to gripe, if it makes you feel better. :mad:

Do all you can to be good to yourself, your worth it! :angel:

When your in as much pain as you are it's hard to function, I do know that first hand. It takes everything you've got to just get through the day.

You more than likely are like I was with the endometriosis your body is making, I've heard that it's because we make more estrogens and this causes fibrous tissue growth. In your other post I talked about what nutrient helps that growth, I'm wondering if there's a chance for you to have children if you can stop the endo growth in your body. I bet from your previous surgery on this growing into your bladder, you also have some wild growth of scar tissue, this is very common. Scar tissue, endo., and pain. The nutrient we've been discussing helps with all of this, I'd give it a go and see if it helps. Tell your doc. about it also.

You said your doctor wants you to keep that chart of your input and out put of liquids, also keep one on your pain level, 1 being the least amount and 10being the worst. If you start that nutrient you'll be able to really tell if it's working with the pain chart.

I'm here for you and only wishing you the very best. Diana

drs 07-10-2008 04:43 AM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
I'm hoping you feel too good to be on the computer? Ya, right huh? Did that doctor visit do you in. I'm sorry to hear it if that true. I'm sure without the cath. your hurting pretty bad. :confused:

Hubby wants to go out of town this weekend, not sure we should since it's suppose to rain most of the weekend. Just wanted to tell you in case your looking for me to reply. We might not go, haven't decided. Diana

Crimson609 07-12-2008 11:15 AM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

Just finished can canning round the room, not!
Been busy tidying up bungalow etc, Dave's telling me off as we speak as he's concerned I'll do too much and make all conditions worse. Had trouble with computer and couldn't log on sorry if I got you concerned.
Getting used to not having catheter in but the recording and measuring is a bit of a drag, get sudden pain though which can knock me for 6 so bit up and down. Back seems to want to get in on the act now, perhaps it's concerned I've forgotten it :-)
Hope we can stick to 1 post as well as it gets a bit complicated otherwise.
Let me know if I'm going wrong, you have loads more experience at this than me, I am a newbie :-)
Emotions up and down was really down last 2 days after counselling, they want me to work on relationship with parents, as they think it's linked to the kids issue.Not good news as relationship is complicated, aren't they all with families :-(
Feeling a bit better today though, more upbeat but still in pain.
Take care
Elaine xx

drs 07-12-2008 05:41 PM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
The problem with sticking with one board is if your talking relationships it goes on one board, if you talking bladder it's on another, vit. and supplements another board. So, we have to play by the rules and do what ever we need to do to stay on the board. Just reply to one at a time to make it easier on yourself.

I'm sure your having trouble now and then with the no catheter thing. At least it's not all the time. Now the back is acting up too! Fun....NOT. As far as not being able to log on and worrying about me, don't, I'm a pretty patient person, I know you'll write when you can. You need to relax as much as possible, it's hard to do when your in pain and you finally feel like you can move. I do know that much. I almost get this anxious feeling when in extreme pain, have to be doing something which isn't the way to handle it at all. Force your self to rest if you have to, it gets your muscles more relaxed that way. Maybe then your back will calm down a bit. Does Dave give back rubs?

Hey I've had some counseling myself in the past, might want to find a board for that too??? I don't mind being here for you, anytime you need me just say the word. Direct me to where ever on here. I ordered some of that enzyme, probably be in next week, I'm going to use it for my plaque in my veins. Have a doctors appointment to check the ole cholesterol and High Blood pressure next week. Not looking forward to that bill either. Nothing is free for me.

I think I found out why my blood pressure is high though. I've been taking a fiber that has licorice root in it for about 6yrs, it will make you retain water and have a bit of a high pressure reading, got some different stuff to take now. Hope it works.

I can't hardly keep my eyes open past 7pm the last few days, might have to hit the hay soon, might be all that wind we have been having. It forces the air up into your

Take care, love hearing how your doing when you get the chance. Diana

Crimson609 07-13-2008 04:04 AM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
Hi again :-)
You pin pointed my problem exactly, I keep myself busy to try and block out being in pain or down. I need to sit down and think about the issues otherwise the counselling has got no hope of working.
Pain wise I don't like Dave coming home to having to do loads of jobs so try to keep the place clean and tidy which can be a task in itself as he isn't the tidiest of people.
The pain has eased a bit since I did the bladder post. Seemed it spasmed to itself for a while and as it wasn't getting results from be decided it wasn't worth toe effort. Perhaps need to try that technique more often, though if I need to be talking to you for it to work, we're going to get told off for typing too much LOL
He does give good massages every so often but he's great at stroking my hair which I love.
Still haven't sorted my socks out but do intend to do that as it may help as the wheat packs are falling apart. A friend has promised to make me a big one, in a few weeks which will be lovely, her man must have big feet ROFL, think she's just using material actually :D
Don't mean to be personal but how do u know you've got plaque in your veins and how did it get there :confused:
Dave pointed out that u have to pay for everything health wise. We gripe about our health service but at least it is free, its just waiting for a relevant appointment that can be a problem when you're in pain and you know if u ahd the money you could go private a lot quicker.
To be fair to both my consultants they have got the tests done on the nhs v quickly, not sure if good thing or not, it's good as I don't have to wait but is it that they think its urgent and something could be going on. Thinking about it I know something is going on, or my body has gone do whop and given up the ghost altoghether. Knowing what the matter has got to be better than all the ideas that come into your head when you're wondering whats wrong.
Wish you could see my cat she's sitting here very prettily an hind legs watching everything thats going on, a bit concerned she thinks its a game and is going to swipe my fingers that are moving quite quickly if I say so myself :jester:
Just had to delete the last line as she walked across the keyboard, honest LOL
Have a good rest of weekend. Talk to you soon,
Elaine x

drs 07-13-2008 07:05 AM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
Seriously, I think the things that haven't been put away bother you more than him. lol...Men generally don't see that as much as women as a rule, but there are always exceptions to the rule, like the one I married, very neat and organized. I used to be, now that I've calmed down a bit it doesn't bother me as much. Maybe you'll get there one day too. I commend you on getting some help for you past. It's hard exhausting work but very worth it. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, work on getting physically well first then emotionally.

With my parents they made some huge mistakes, but did they really know any better? I think I was raised with a very rough hand, and not much understanding and talk, they did the best they could with what they knew. After all it's how they were raised. I had to realize that and not make the same mistakes. Be more patient, listen better, let kids talk without jumping to conclusions. This way you earn respect instead of demand it. Plus I think you respect yourself more when you put in the extra effort. It didn't happen overnight, it took some time to come to that understanding. I had to do some work on my anger at the whole situation. If you want to talk about things it's up to you, like I said, when you ready just let me know. We can go to the depression board or relationships one. K?

I know I have some plaque in the veins because cholesterol is wanting to go way up all the time unless I stay on top of things, with diet and supplements.
As far as the blood pressure and licorice root that I'm getting too much of, I really need to watch that and see if it helps if I cut back.

I'm glad your pain is not all the time, it's so hard to exists that way. Some reprieve is better than none. Hey, gotta question, does Dave read this board with you? I know your kitty

Lots of Hugs, Diana

Crimson609 07-13-2008 01:09 PM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

No Dave doesn't read it with me, it's my time and he respects it, Misty won't tell either. The pain has gone beserk and I was meant to be giving a presentation tommorow to some mental health student nurses about my mental health experiences, going to try and do it but as morphine is up to 80mg there's no way I'm going to drive will hope person who is with me 4 the presentation will come and pick me up, or I'm not going to be able to do it.
Really disappointed and in pain, so going to go off to bed. Just got a 2 for 1 on beauty treatments if u were over here we could go together. Thanks for the offer about relationships depression may well take you up on that. I do wonder if I'm trying to sort out to many areas at once.
Speak tomorrow if I can,
Tc huggs :angel:
Elaine x

drs 07-13-2008 06:48 PM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
Hey Scraggy,
It's too bad to miss your presentation because of your physical health.
Some days are better than others, sorry to hear this is one of the disappointing ones. Is there any way you could type it out, print it? Or, if you wanted to type it and don't have a printer you could email it to someone who does. Just talking about what the mental health services have done for you would be very therapeutic I would think.
Your wondering if your trying to sort out to many areas at once, well one good thing about it, your not putting it off. I'd say it's better than not doing it at all, that's how it goes for quite a few, it takes guts to face your past.
Hope your feeling a bit better tomorrow, give Misty a squish from me.
And here's a gentle ((((hug)))) for you. Diana

B143C 07-15-2008 10:16 PM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
Hang in there! =)

Feeling bad, doctors appointments and the uncertainty of surgery can be depressing.

You're doing awesome and are doing all that you are supposed to. Set up with a speciliast - that's great. They will be able to give you the help that you need.

I know it may not be the same as having your own children, but adoption is a great option. There are SO many children who need a Mommy! It's pretty cool to think that "your little one" could already be out there somewhere just waiting on you! =)

Praying for you! There is oodles of hope! And as the spider said in Charolottes Web 'Chin up! Chin up! Everybody loves a happy face!" =)

Crimson609 07-16-2008 02:42 AM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

Got Charlottes web on tape but not watched it yet, sounds gd.
It is a interesting though that there may be a child out there waiting for me to look after them. Hope they'll b ok until I'm able to though :-(
Worry about everything. Your rice socks, went a stage further cut a sleeve off an old nightshirt with teddy bears on, wheat works a treat but wouldn't the rice cook and go soft in the end. Bit confused please help?
Think my new tablets have arrived as got a parcel to collect at post offie if so that was quick.
Took catheter back out now, not doing so bad, had a long night last night thinking about past and considering that there's no use looking backwards need to put past behind me and move forward with whatever lies ahead, face it with resolve I can cope with anything and I will :)
Will definitely need your hand when have cystoscopy next tues as think its going to hurt as camera goes up uretha ooch
Its all for the gd if it manages to work out whats wrong.
How r u doing, have u got your tabs yet?
Hows life treating u. Be nice to chat about u for a while instead of it being dominated by my worries/pain etc.
hugs :angel:

drs 07-16-2008 07:21 PM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
Hey there Scraggy,

In answer to your question for the heat/cold pack.
The rice stays in the original form. there must be some kind of molecule that's just right for heating, it steams and goes back to being dry when cool. Why, doesn't it expand and get soggy, because your not adding water to it, in other words don't get them wet. ;) It's great that you used something else to make your comfort sock. I don't use the tube socks anymore, I sew and use material found at cheap places. You had a Good Idea.

I did order the SW enzymes. Haven't heard yet if they are in. I'm going to take them for the plaque in the veins, or in other words my bad cholesterol.

Hello B142C, glad you could join in the conversation, you sound like a positive person, that's always a plus. Scraggy's going to need all the help she can get next week. Two procedures two day's apart, Not fun.

Scraggy, I hope they can give you something good to relax.

As far as the past, sometimes you have to go back and at least face it an confront what is really bothering you to get over it and move on, but now is probably not the most important thing, you getting through the physical stuff is what has to be first and foremost. You've just got to do everything you can to get well and figure out what to do next towards that goal. I think your doing everything you can do in that department so far. It's pretty bad when you left to pretty much fend for yourself, till they can work you into their schedule, the spend time suffering as much as you have..... What a freaking nightmare!:eek: I've been through some of the pain your describing, but it wasn't month after month like you. I just can't possibly fathom doing that day after day.

Glad to hear at least it wasn't so bad to take that cath out for a while today. I am sure they will do something for you when that camera goes in. I'm sure it isn't much bigger than a cath line. How else would they be able to get it up in there? Sounds like your preparing yourself with heat/or cold packs for after words, good thinking.

I did see the doc yesterday, had the BP and Cholesterol checked. Every thing is on the better side, so that's good. He said keep up with what ever I'm doing and see ya Dec. 3rd. Bp went from 142/95 to 118/73, I've lost 14lbs and I'm in my weight class for my height. Total Cholesterol dropped 37pts. Tri glyceride's really came down, which is good, 247 in April, now just 62! My Good cholesterol is in the low 60's, gotta work on the bad stuff yet, but hey, it's progress!

Hope you continue to do well, always enjoy seeing your posts, keep on keeping on. Diana

drs 07-19-2008 03:55 AM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
Three more days till you see the first doctor, I hope everything goes well, I'm here for you and thinking about you. Have you been having some rough days or good days? Probably a bit of both. Hope you resting. Diana

Crimson609 07-22-2008 03:20 AM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.

Sounds like you're doing all the right things too. Results on health are very impressive, amused that doc said carry on wih what you're doing. Ever thought of going into the medical profession sounds like u know more than they do. As i siad in the other post am really nervous due to the cystoscopy today. I'll be glad when its over and I don't have to keep typing it, its a pain to spell never mind have done LOL
I hope its not bigger than the catheters just a bit concerning as there loads of sizes of them.
Not bad mentally will try to stay upbeat as it needs to be done to find out what wrong.
TC :angel:
Scraggy X

drs 07-22-2008 07:02 AM

Re: Scared/down as health gets worse and surgery may needed.
I'm sure they will find the right size for you as far as the tube and camera go. Why would they want to cause you more pain! I'm sure it will be about the size of tube your using for the catheter, does that ease your mind a bit?

Would never make it in the medical field, I can't pronounce have of there though my initials indicate that I'm in that field...aka...drs. I've always been interested in natural remedies over the drugs the doc's prescribe, I'd rather do things by diet and natural remedy. Much better on the body. Sometimes drugs are necessary though.

I'll be holding your hand today and helping you get through the worst of the procedure, try to breath slowly through the worst of the pain and scary thoughts, sometimes it's just the not knowing what is going to happen that makes it worse. Ask them to explain what they are doing as they go, usually people in the med. field don't have a problem with doing that for the patient.:angel:

Thinking of you, Diana

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