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persons 08-02-2008 04:37 AM

hunger pains and constant burping!
hi im a 24/7 year old male and here goes my tale of suffering..

the last 5 months ive been suffering with hunger pains.. im not sure what it is as my doctor prescribed me rabeprazole the first couple months and it doesnt seem to work... its the most annoying experience ever, im hungry every 3-4 hours and burping and letting out gas 24/7 and i mean it literally. Drinking water makes me even more hungry and makes me burp 10 times more. The only relief i get is when i lay on my back the burping goes away or sticking a finger down my throat so air doesnt trap so i can burp quicker and it builds up again... I've had diarrhea (or my stool is like pudding) basically every morning and everytime i go but what scares me now is that i get it often espically if i drink water like a lactose intolerant person (which i am) it feels like drinking water creates more acid and burns my stomach quicker.

what i can feel happening is there are alot of acid in my stomach as ive tried to do an ab workout once and felt my acid stomach burn and sometimes i burp it up. This started when i tried to eat less and be healthy to lose weight and i drank orange juice on an empty stomach.

my doctor is slow.. im still waiting to see a specialist to check me out and im not sure when that is going to happen so if anyone has any experience like this or would know what my problem is please share.. sucks not being able to drink water without making me hungry and it doesn't seem to be getting any better *burp!* =/

JMoun88 08-02-2008 06:20 PM

Re: hunger pains and constant burping!
sounds like u have GERD also known as Acid Reflux...over production of stomach acid which does a back flow into your esophegus which can be very painful...i to have had the symptoms you have...when u see a specialist just ask them what they think and try to get on a medicine for your stomach acid..i prefer Ratinidine or Prevacid..Prevacid is very expensive but Ratinidine is on wal-marts 4 dollar list...just a fyi

Also i forgot to state this might be a case of should talk to you healthcare provider about this...

persons 08-03-2008 07:09 PM

Re: hunger pains and constant burping!
hi thanks for replying :) could u tell me which of the symptoms u experience? i just want to know that im not the only one going crazy and i'll definately look into gerd and gastritis. Thank you ;)

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