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bullgod 08-30-2008 04:00 AM

I Have Sharp Painful Heart Flutters!

Not sure if any1 can help me with my problem/s

I am a 28 year old male with Heart disease in the family

I have been getting really sharp painful heart flutters ( The sharpe pain occurs with the heart beat!- Only when the flutters happen! ) just the last few days . ( I have been getting this on and off the last few years- but not so regular or painful ). Its ok when i am up and walking or working- It happenss more when i sit or lay down with my feet up!!.. It feels like a sharp popping in the heart or like touching an electric fence feeling but only with the heart beat. Defenatly coming from the heart !!( Flutter Mode ). I dont really get a tight feeling in the chest or shortness of breath. I do also get a tingly sensation in the bbottom left shoulder blade- more like a feeling from the back of the heart or inside spine!.. This occurs in different times usually after i smoked. But i dont smoke now.

Really would appreciate if any1 know what this may be.


Not sure if this would be related to the above.

I have an extreme problem with heights,open highway, large bridges elevators , tunnels, up high, night driving with lack of street lights etc.

I am not scared of the above at all!! my brain seems to have a bad reaction when i know i am coming up too or partaking in any of the above .

Doctors say it is a panic attack etc etc but its not i have tried medication with no avail.


Complete confusion
Feel like i am going to die! literally
sureal feelings
feel like i am going to slip in a coma
Cannot swallow properly

This also has a major increase in the above sysmptoms when i am hungover

symptoms dont occur or very little occurance when i have had a few drinks!!

strange but true!!

So if anyone thinks they may know what this may be besides saying panic attack would be helpful to me because this is really effecting me.



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