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worldidol 07-20-2009 03:34 PM

Strange stomach discomfort (+mucus)
Hello all,

I'm 21 lean man and I challenge some strange health problems for many years. I don't want to write too much, because reading about someone's health problems is boring, I know :) My symptoms are very similar to symptoms of acid reflux, candidiasis, IBS, neurosis and post nasal drip. But that's not SO bad. The worst fact is that I feel really bad. Especially when I'm very hungry or shortly after/during a meal, but [B]I NEVER FEEL NORMAL[/B]. I fell like [B]my stomach is taking all my energy out of me[/B]. I cannot even think normally, it's so disturbing. It's not like physical pain, rather like chemical one. I have terrible [B]nausea[/B], but it's located deeply and I never want to vomit. I have similar feeling after making some sport excercises. Strange thing is that [B]I feel very bad when I don't eat sugar[/B] for long time. I just can't stand it and [B]must eat something with it[/B] - even food/drink which isn't sweet, but contains sugar. All doctors say me that I haven't any physical symptoms. I've had even esophagogastroduodenoscopy, but it confirmed acid reflux only. Leech examination of my poo has given negative result. My physical feeling [B]doesn't let me live normally[/B]. Is it possible that I have some leech in my stomach?

Please help me if you can - do you have any idea what should I do?

jill60 07-21-2009 01:16 AM

Re: Strange stomach discomfort (+mucus)
Have you been checked for H-pylori? I feel very sick to my stomach but I haven't thrown up. After exercising this a.m. I felt sooooo bad. You might suggest the blood test to your Dr. I had it 4 yrs. ago & I now have it again. I suspected I had it & called the Dr. & ask for a blood test script.

Good Luck


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