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elirocco30 09-13-2009 09:34 PM

Asthma, constant chest tightening.
I am 31-year-old woman and I've had asthma my entire life. I do not smoke, drink occasionally, eat pretty well, and exercise regularly. I am not under any abnormal amount of stress. I have had severe asthma attacks in the past and have been hospitalized, but if I am not pregnant or sick with a cold, then my asthma has stayed pretty much under control. I do need to use my rescue inhaler sometimes, which can range from going without it for several weeks to needed it a few times a week at times. For the last two months, it seems to be getting worse and for no apparent reason. I do not have bad attacks, but almost anything can make my upper chest feel tight and I will have a little wheezing. It happens at different times and I have not been able to pinpoint what is causing it. I am always careful when this happens and usually take my inhaler before it gets worse. For the past three days, I have had to take my inhaler about three to four times a day. Last night, I decided to use my nebulizer and it was ok until the next morning. I have had some trouble breathing today, but I have decided not to over use my inhaler. I have heard that it may make it worse if you over use it. If I sneeze it makes my chest tight and my breathing difficult. Lying down also makes it worse. But I have been pretty inactive for the past few days (just doing work on the computer) so I don't understand why I can't breathe well. I don't know my asthma is getting worse and so out of control, even with my rescue inhaler. I do not want to take Flovent because of the side effects I have read about. Can there be something else going on? Should I look into breathing exercises or acupuncture? Also, I feel that if I get the flu, that I would not survive. I really want to get this under control and not let it control me.

MountainReader 09-13-2009 09:54 PM

Re: Asthma, constant chest tightening.
Do you have a written asthma plan in place? What is your next step on it? For me, at this point, I'd be starting on a tapering round of Prednisone to get things back to "normal".

Are you on any preventative asthma meds? If not, it may be worth looking in to.

How is your air quality right now? I've been having problems lately because mine isn't so good. Also I have problems when it has been a while between rains when the air gets "heavy" with particles.

Titchou 09-14-2009 06:54 AM

Re: Asthma, constant chest tightening.
You should definitely be on a daily asthma med. The problems you are having means your asthma is not under control. Since you are opposed to steroid inhalers (Though I've been on Flovent for about 14 years and have no porblems with side effects), you might try singulair. It will take some time for it to get working - if it does for you. Go see your pulmonologist and get a proper plan in place.

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