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Hayter 11-05-2009 09:46 AM

Help!... At a loss and getting depressed
Sorry if this is a bit long

It started back in early october 2008 i was out on a night out with some friends and stupidly did some cociane ( through the nose). The next day i woke up and i felt pretty ill but i put that down to what i did the night before. The next day i woke up and i felt really spaced out like everything was a dream and things i did during the day felt like they happend weeks ago.

This carried on for a couple days and then i was over my friends house and the spaced out feeling became heavier which led me to have a panic attack I went home and slept but the next day the spaced out feeling was still really heavy so i went to my GP and he did some blood tests to check my heart because of the panic attack but they all came back normal. My Gp advised that the spaced out feeling would go. Over the next couple of weeks my health deteriated i was getting really bad headaches, ear ache, dizzy, lightheaded, nausas, pressure in my head, fatigue and a weird swooshing feeling in my head when i was laid down on one side. I went back to the Drs a couple of times over this period and eventually he sent me to have an MRI. This came back within normal limits but it was noted i had a partial empty sella which i was advised was a normal variant. I was advised it could be a viral ear infection and to give it some time.

Over the period of a couple weeks my ear ache subsided but i was getting some tingling and numbness around my nose and forehead. This was a constant pulsating feeling that got worse when it was touched.

I went back to my GP who refered me to the neroulogist. He looked at my MRI and sent me for the some nerve testing ( i cant remember what these were called but they shined lights in my eye and had noises in my ear and some electrodes on my face) all of these came back normal.

During this time i started having muscle jerks in my arms legs and neck as well as muscles spasms in my stomach and arms. The nerolougist sent me for another MRI this time on my head and neck. This came back fine also. On his nerou exam he did notice something in my eyes and asked me to get reffered to and eye specialist.

At this time some of my syptoms resolved but other ones came. I was getting a weird popping noise in my left ear and my nose was also making a poping sound mainly when i was laid down and then stood up but would happen randomly through out the day. So my GP sent me to an ENT. The ENT put a camera up my nose but said he couldnt find a reason for this.

After seeing the eye specialist he advised i had myelinated nerve fibres but again this was a normal variant.

Over the period i was have a lot of stomach problems nausea, diarhea, bloating, acid and excess gas and wind. But this would come and go.

My doctor has done lots and lots of blood tests and all of them have come back fine and my GP has been very througher . This pretty much brings us up to date. After getting a bit anxious that nothing was being found i turned to the internet and discovered lymes disease. I went to LLMD who did some work and sent some blood tests over to America but these came back fine he put me on some antibiotics to see if this would help but i have just come off them without feeling any effect. I was on them for about 1 month and a half.

Over the period of the 10 months The tingling in my head and nose has improved ( it isnt permentant anymore but does start up when i touch the area or my hair touches it) The tingling has spread down on the my left wrist.

My other current symptoms are still the nose and ear clicking. The muscle jerks are now mainly in my leg, im still very spaced out and this has not gotten any better. My stomach has gotten better but it does come and go and im still fatigued. Iv also started to get this burning feeling that kinda shoots down my nose and down my throat. Im also getting a virbating or thumping feeling in my left ear as well as being able to hear my heartbeat in both ears.

Iv also seen a GU specialist who did an ultrasound on my stomach as well as some more blood work but all of that came back normal as well.

Its getting to the point where my doctor said i just have to deal with it and we may never know what is wrong.

To me though that isnt an option i have a great family and a very supportive GF who has put up with a lot and i dont see the option of me not living a normal life with out a reason at least if i had a reason to it, it would make this some what easier but no knowing what and if il ever get better really gets me down

I know that i have had an extensive testing which is good becuase it can rule out most sinister things but the thing that worries me is that it wont go away.

If you havent guessed i am from the UK so if anyone here is also from the UK and knows anyone who might be able to help with this or if anyone has any ideas on what this might be i would very interested in hearing your thoughts.

Thanks for listning

Singlewedge 11-05-2009 04:04 PM

Re: Help!... At a loss and getting depresed
First question I have is this.

Was the cocaine cut with anything?

It sounds like the cocaine was laced with something nasty. You mention facial, nasal, and head problems. Cocaine is a numbing agent and the purpose of snorting it is to bypass the blood/brain barrier quickly.

Perhaps this has affected the blood/brain barrier in some way. The jerks could be from some kind of neurological defect as a result of the cocaine and or what it was cut with.

If you have any left, which I doubt, you could have that tested. If you know the guy you bought it from you could ask him/her they may know.

Not sure about the other symptoms but I would ask your doc about the blood/brain barrier and see if there is a test that might point to something wrong there.

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