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  • Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic's don't know. Need ideas.

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    Old 11-10-2009, 05:21 AM   #1
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    Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic's don't know. Need ideas.

    Hello, I'm new here to health boards, and I see that there is a lot of helpful people here, and I really hope that someone can shed some light on my symptoms and give me some ideas to give the doctor's to test me for. Because they really are out of ideas at this point.

    I'm a 21 year old female, 5' 3" 170 lbs. Was normal weight before this problem started occurring and since the pain my exercise and activity level has dramatically decreased.

    I have been having Abdominal/Pelvic pain (lower right) since I was 16 years old. The hip pain (pain wrapped around the hip joint it feels like) has seemed to flare up with the rest recently as well. I have tried to get this diagnosed for many years but all "solutions" has come up with no long term results.

    The pain originated in my lower right side.

    At 16 it was assumed I had Appendicitis after having constant abdominal pain flare up. They did barium tests of my lower GI to test, but it did take them pretty much a month to "decide" it was appendicitis. So, I had my appendix removed, the pain was gone for a short time...mostly until a month after surgery then the pain came back, but it was dull then.

    I assumed at this time, or so, people told me it might just be "phantom pains" but after 4 years I decided it had to be something else wrong. So I went to the doctor again...because this time the pain was getting a lot worse, and sometimes the pain went into my ribs, and both sides of pelvis, but mainly in right side. Also, pain in the top middle of my abdomen.

    I had most GI tests done Upper, lower, pancreatic test, kidney test, etc. All negative. Done numerous times at that.

    So I went to a Gastroenterologist and had a colonoscopy to look for Crohns. Turned up negative. Took some medicine for IBS for about 2 months, obviously no relief in pain, at this point I did have bowel issues, but most as something I have always had.

    So I went to the gynecologist. No ovarian cysts (at least this time around they didn't do an ultrasound since I had an ultrasound previously). Eventually doctor suggested endometriosis/adhesions from previous surgery. So I had surgery, I had an adhesion connecting my right bowel to the wall of my abdomen, no endometriosis. But the relief from that was only temporary as well.

    Not to mention it hasn't even phased the pelvic and hip pain I have. It's a throbbing, sometimes sharp pain, the pain feels like wraps around my hip joint, and seems to be tied into my pelvic pain. It's rare, but sometimes I have it on the left side as well. Sometimes the pain is unbearable and I can barely walk.

    I did have a sacroiliac joint problem when I was 16, apparently I popped the joint out as a child but never knew about it till I started having back pain. I went to a chiropractor for a while to get realigned. I haven't really noticed it being a issue tho. Since that joint was the left one.

    To make sure I haven't missed anything, here are symptoms to what I experience (not all were told in the story since I'm not entirely sure they are relevant).

    Dizzy spells.
    Nausea (usually accompanies dizzy spells)
    Headaches (usually with dizzy spells, and on their own -- some could just be normal headaches).
    Throbbing pain, gnawing pain, burning pain, VERY deep pain in lower right pelvic area; pain that wraps around right hip joint; pain shoots up into right ribs.
    Sometimes (rare) a pain in upper middle abdomen (around where pancreas is).
    Sometimes (rare) a pain left pelvic area (not near as severe).

    Symptoms that may not be related (could be other illnesses):
    Hearing loss, ear aches, ear bleeding/drainage.
    loss of balance, dizziness, faint feeling, fainting.
    swelling in left leg, below knee (used to go up and down, now its permanently bigger then the other -- no signs of blood clots).
    Digestive problems.
    High blood pressure (on medicine for it).
    "geographic" tongue.
    Back pain.

    Tests Done:
    Ultrasound (abdomen) -- have had ultrasound of pelvic area years ago.
    Barium GI test of upper and lower abdomen.
    CT of abdomen.
    Gallbladder, and pancreas tested.
    laparoscopic surgery.
    endrometrosis testing.
    Countless blood tests that I have never heard the results of except for once (white blood cells was high but normal high).

    Illnesses ruled out (by a doctor at least):
    Pancreas problems.
    Gallbladder problems.
    Appendicitis (appendex removed from pain).
    Crohn's Disease.

    Sorry for the long read, if you have any ideas please post them I'd love some! Thank you.

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    Re: Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic's don't know. Need ideas.

    I've had pain in that same spot for decades.There are so many organs an such in that area. But, your mentioning of hip pain...Well,I'm leading you in this direction,it helped me so much. Google "psoas muscle" and "Piriformis muscle". Also,'Jesse Cannone', He has great products. Your in my prayers...All the best.

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    kwoods88 HB User
    Re: Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic's don't know. Need ideas.

    Thank you so much for you reply Karen. I have never even heard of those muscles, and it's new information to me, thank you for the information.

    Old 11-21-2009, 09:27 PM   #4
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    Re: Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic's don't know. Need ideas.

    re: appendix area pain.

    Psoas (ilio-psoas) trigger point?

    Old 12-01-2009, 07:50 AM   #5
    NY 1009
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    Re: Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic's don't know. Need ideas.

    Karen thought of a very good idea. It DOES sound like the psoas muscle.

    I was suffering pain too for months in my groin area thinking maybe my appendix was inflamed. I used a heating pad almost every day but when they pain wouldn't subside I finally told my rheumy doctor about it and she sent me for an MRI,( I just replied to another person I had a Cat Scan performed, but I looked in my records and see it was an MRI )
    there was minimal effusion in the right hip with tendinitis to the psoas muscle, which meant it was inflammed. My left hip is also having a problem. that wound up being bursitis and not the psoas in that hip.
    so my rheumy dr sent me to have a hip injection guided by a special machine that's guided by a cat scan so the doctor can see exactly where he has to place the needle. he put it between the hip of the joint.
    I finally found peace.
    the next day was painful from the injection, but the 2nd day is when I finally found relief after all those months of suffering daily with that pain.
    it's the largest muscle in the body and supports us to sit in an upright position and without it, we would slide off the chair. LOL
    this is what I read anyway. I was amazed actually.
    being it's so large, I can see how the pain would radiate to other areas.
    it's a suggestion anyway.
    it doesn't hurt to suggest it to your doctor. anything for relief, right?

    and all that time I really thought it was my appendix. oH and by the way, I too suffer with abdominal problems, and I too was told I have IBS, but don't really think I do.
    they say that when they can't really find any clinical features to the symptoms we suffer, so call it IBS. That didn't make me feel to good when I found that out...

    Good luck on your search. Hope you find out once and for all what is going on with your body.

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    Re: Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic's don't know. Need ideas.

    has any one actually taken a xray of ur hip.
    wen i was born i suffered from hip dysplasia (CDH) where my joints didnt grow properly therefore born with dislocated hips. sometimes if you are born with it you may have no symptoms till early adult hood. you mentioned i believe that u had an episode of your joint popping out. hope it helps.

    even though i was treated for this when i was born, i still have problems now, pain, in my hips, spine and even down my legs. the reason i am on here in fact is that i have been looking all over the net trying to find information about it and it doesnt give me much, so im on here trying to find others in my position, been treated for it but have consistent problems and doctors dont want to give me the time of day.

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    Re: Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic's don't know. Need ideas.

    Hi- I am a 25 year old female, diagnosed with endometriosis and IBS. Recently- as in the past few months I have had the onset of this hip pain as well. I had surgery for my endometriosis 2 months ago- which turned out that my hip pain was related to cysts (which I would continue to have ultrasounds performed because they can develop very quickly). Yet recently my hip pain has started to return as well. My doctor told me alternatives to try now are acupunture and physical therapy. I currently am seeing Dr. Kenneth Levey in NYC of NY Pelvic Pain < edited > and he is working with me to find a way to alleviate the pain. I recommend you see him.

    Please let me know if you find any further information as well- we seem to have very similar symptoms. Good luck.

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    Re: Hip/Abdominal/Pelvic's don't know. Need ideas.

    Hi, I'm new on here and was searching for some threads relating to adhesions.

    KWOODS88, I see that you had appendix surgery and then some more surgery to remove adhesions.

    Adhesions multiply.... Each surgery will create a new batch of these hideous things. You say that the relief was only temporary, which sounds right. Normally around 3-6 months and then the pains start again because there are new adhesions. These are not always at the same point because they form anywhere around the surgery/inflammation/injury site.

    I have been having these problems for 5 years and have had four lots of surgery to remove adhesions but each time they have come back again. Parts of your innards get stuck together and form a very strong bond which is as strong as rope! Mine are also around the bowels and can trap parts of the bowels which then become blocked necesstating A&E visits.

    The hip/pelvis thing sounds like an adhesion to me. The pain and "feeling" sounds similar.

    There is an alternative healing treatment call Myofascial Release Therapy which is VERY specialised and in which the adhesions are gradually broken down by hand. It takes time and patience and is not cheap, but may be of interest to you.

    As a general comment, I am surprised that there is not a Topic for ADHESIONS on these boards as they are responsible for the vast majority of abdominal problems in anyone who has had major abdominal surgery (Appendix. Hysto, Ceasarean especially).

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