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Swollen knee, no pain and no injury....don't know what it is :(

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Old 12-01-2009, 05:46 PM   #1
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becca1981 HB User
Swollen knee, no pain and no injury....don't know what it is :(

To start off here i want to say hi! I am new to these boards and just learning my way around!!!!!

I really need some advice on a health concern i have. I noticed about 2 weeks ago that the top left side of my right knee was swollen. It almost seems like a huge swollen sack that spreads all the way from the top left to the bottom left part of my knee. Up until today there has been no pain at all....maybe just a little tense. Today it is starting to get ore tense and a slight bit of pain. I have had absolutely no injuries to my knee at all to cause this nor is there any brusing on my knee. now there is some bruising on my leg though. I have 2 HUGE bruises that i have no idea where they came from. They are kind of wierd colors though and that is part of what has me concerned. Also, I made the mistake of showing my dad tonight and he told me i had to get to a doctors asap cause my uncle had something similar and they told him if he wouldn't have come in when he did they may have had to amputate his leg.

Now hearing that has freaked me out But i am afraid to go to my doctors cause he just tends to push things under the rug or chalk it up to be nothing. For example, just 3 months ago he told me i had a " small slow growing " mass in my uterus. when i went to the gyne last week the " small slow growing " mass is now the size of a baseball.

I don't know if this has anything to do with my knee or if it is a whole other issue on it's own but this last few days i have been getting very light headed and a pain right below my left chest area. It seems to be right along side my 4th or 5th rib up from the bottom.

are these issues i need to rush to the hospital about or is it something i can take my time with my doctor about? does anyone have any ideas what tests i should get my doctor to give me to check out my knee? Please i am begging for some advice!

Thank you for taking the time to read this

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Re: Swollen knee, no pain and no injury....don't know what it is :(

the first order of business here is to GET A NEW PRIMARY DR. you just really DO need a solid primary doc behind you espescially anytime you have some issues going on that just may require being sent to specialists. this really IS that important to have. if my own primary had been like yours with all my many medical nightmares i have head to deal with since 1999? i would be outta there in a freaking heartbeat. you just 'deserve" a much more hands on and CARING primary doc who simply knows when to send you for something that is just way over their heads, ya know what i mean? any primary that merely blows off any real symptom or patient complaint is not worth seeing since you will never get to the best possible person to really seek out whats wrong inside you. been there done that with previous primarys til i found this one like 15 years ago? have been with him ever since. trust me, there are the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to certain primary docs out there(and specialists too) its just a matter of finding the perfect "fit" with one which you can usually detect or really just 'feel' at the first visit with them. you just 'know", ya know? you just really do deserve much better primary care here than you appear to have been getting, thats really the bottom line.

now as far as your symptoms go? some could be related and may not be at all. this is where just basic testing comes into play in ruling things out and narrowing the possibles down. every test will either point the doc in one direction or another depending upon just what does or does not actually show up as a solid 'finding' with appropriate types of tresting for your particular symptoms. it is NOT at all unusual for someone who does not actually recall really 'doing' anything to a knee to end up with a pocket of fluid being created there. its called an effusion. my son had this happen many years ago for no real apparent reson too. they just remove that fluid by aspirating it out then seeing how it reacts, or if that fluid pocket fills back up again ike over the next week or so? if that occurs then you would more than likely have to have some level of very real ongoing inflammation going on within that knee or even a possible tear in that synovial sac that keeps the joint well lubricated? but synovial tears will generally 'pocket" at the back of the knee? more behind it? i had one happen with me that got humongus among other wear and tear issues and needed two seperate surgeries to just fix all my damage and to close up that synovial tear there too.

just what are the "unusual colors' that those brusies on the oppsite knee are showing? the thing about knees is they do just take ALOT of wear and tear types of abuse even when we are just walking? if you are also kind of a "heavy footed' stepper/walker like i was, all of that back pressure or even kind of a slamming back type of pressure is being hit into that knee everytime we walk. its just that every 'load/weight" bearing joint takes much much more heavy hitting abuse than say the elbow joint? ya know what i mean? there just could be alot of different reasons for an effusion to develop within any given knee. its getting that fluid off and seeing how things actually play out that will kind of show whether or not that fluid is constantly being created by inflammation of 'something' that just makes up that knee joint, or a one time episode that will clear itself once that fluid gets aspirated out. this is exactly what occured in my sons case. once that fluid was removed,everything was fine.

as far as the pain you are having in the L side? obtaining a simple ultrasound that really checks out what the organs are showing and all of those important ducts within the liver and the blood flow velocity within all vascular structures would be your best bet and the simplest and cheapest way to really at least get that looksee inside at the problem area and the whole abdominal too. using this test,combined with just having all blood labs done espescially the pancreatic enzymes among other things would give a good 'impreession' of how things are doing inside the abdominal areas. but the US has to be a 'full abdominal' ultrasound referral.

personally i think what your dad told you was kinda off the wall there since there are just sooo many possible reasons for knee problems and the bruising too. one thing that will just be checked when your doc orders all of your blood labs done is your clotting times with the blood? if for some reason your clotting is off, you could have a pretty mild 'hit or bump to any given area that would bruise and you just would not really know why?

but at any rate, you DO need to see a doc for the testing to get started. its kind of up to you if you want to seek out another primary or not,but personally i would never allow any primary to treat me or any family in the way yours has. there ARE much better more caring primarys out thwere that would give a darn about you and wanting to try and get the true Dx of whats going on in you right now. and you just DO deserve one like that. this IS their job for cripes sake. to help with care and keeping you and your body healthy, no matter what that should entail. your primary doc is the one in charge of just co ordinating all of your ongoing care and should also be willing to actually advocate for you if there is ANY real problem with referrals or a specialist he referred you to too, ya know what i mean?

if i were you, i would just start out clean with a brand new doc here and also tell the new one how badly you felt with the other who did not seem to actually care? tell him you just need a good primary who is willing to really try and help you. that does make him feel a bit more obligated to try and just do better for yout han the last doc did. but you just do really need to get that fluid aspirtated off that knee then to see how it responds. if it continues to fill after that,you really should get an MRI done on that knee since something would have to be causing this to occur within the structures of the knee itself. i hope this helped at least some. i personally have had two seperate knee surgeries among the six others over the past ten years so i do know some stuff here that may be able to help you. i also have a liver and kidney disease too so i am familiar with alot of the abdominal areas and the every year ultrasounds i have to get and alot of bloodwork, lol. i wish you luck with this and do hope you seek out a much better and caring primary. please keep me posted hon. **
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becca1981 HB User
Re: Swollen knee, no pain and no injury....don't know what it is :(

Thank you so much for all of your advice! It did make me feel a bit better, so thank you

With the whole finding a new doc is alot harder then it seems here in Calgary. Both my mom and i see the same doc and both of us have been looking for a new one, but it seems there aren't many taking on new patients. The 3 we have gone to see who were accepting new patients actually turned us away due to our connective tissue disorder and how rare it is. I have yet to find any doctors that know anything about it accept the specialist at the childrens hospital who diagnosed it. I HATE having a doctor that i go in to see and it seems like my issues are just being pushed aside, especially when i have so many things going on. My hunt for a new doctor is still ongoing but the list of ones accepting patients is getting shorter and shorter. If anyone out there knows of a good family doctor in Calgary, alberta i am more then willing to check it out!

As for the bruising. the bruising is on the same side as my swollen knee. There is a long thick bruise just along my upper thigh and one down close to my shin area. they are green and yellow ( a different looking green and yellow then i have ever seen). Yes with my connective tissue disorder i do have bruising issues and clotting issues. But these bruises just arent ordinary. They aren't ones i have seen before nor do i normally get ones that look like this.

Today my knee is more swollen and a bit of red running along the veins it looks like. I called to get in to see my family doctor for an appointment but like always i cant get in for 3 weeks. My knee is so sore i can barely even walk on it. someone told me to put a heat wrap on it but i dont know if that will help or not.

Anyways i am off to put my leg up and try to rest. thank you again for your dvice and helping get rid of some of the worry!

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maulfair HB User
Re: Swollen knee, no pain and no injury....don't know what it is :(

I would have your doctor do a complete CBC test and see what
your blood counts reveal. He will know from some simple tests
the next step to take. You should not worry.

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