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somebrainleft 05-01-2010 02:29 AM

Chiari Malformation surgery...Now what
They cut you open, send you home with pain meds and say take time off. The surgen lives 3 states away from me and the doctor helping me who found the Chiari is 3 hours away, not very convenient.

1. anyone who has had this surgery who can guide me?
2. Just terminated form Pepsi co while still on approved long term disability. Any feed back there?

I am now 3 months post surgery. :dizzy:

feelbad 05-01-2010 09:18 AM

Re: Chiari Malformation surgery...Now what
wow, sorry you had to even go thru that particular type of surgery. what exactly did they have to do for yours since i do know they are pretty specific to how they just are in any given individual. were you left with ANY deficits/loss of abilitys or are we talking pain? seeking out a good pain management clinic would more than likely be a really good place for you considering. my PM gave me some of my life back after i had to have a surgery to remove a vascular glob from inside my spinal cord. depending upon what you are dealing with as far as any losses, knowing exactly where you are at here medically and physically would really help me to help you in all the best ways right now?

just so you know, if you have not already found this yet? there IS a brain board here on these forums where i KNOW there are posts there from people who also have chiari too? some have it, and some have had surgery too? but you can also do a specific search on only that brain board using "chiari' as a key word and bring up the threads that were posted by others. just something that may help you some. **

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