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Old 05-15-2010, 05:35 AM   #1
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123HoneyBee HB User
Exclamation Pregnant, HIPAA, and HARASSMENT

Getting to the pointÖ..
I have state insurance because Iím 6 months pregnant and canít get a job at this time due to no job would want to take the risk of hiring me and be liable if I were to get hurt while working. This is the only reason I donít have a job with regular non-state insurance. Now just because I have free state insurance and donít work doesnít mean that Iím not well off, no in fact I own a house ďownĒ meaning no mortgage, I have insurance on my home, my dog, my cars, ect. and I have wonderful support from my family and friends where I can get anything I need if I am ever needy and I mean anything for instance my phone bill had gotten up to $400 I just asked my cousin and it was paid for. Yet there is some age discrimination going on I think between me and my doctors, well Iím only 22yrs old and I have it made I mean how many Single 22yr old women do you know that own $200,000 houses probably not many. (mostly inheritance) Well my concern is that I feel like my doctors office is harassing me and violating my HIPAA privacy rights, every time Iím in they really try and push the state assistance on me because Iím single and donít work. I know for a fact they are only doing this because I have state insurance, donít work, and am single, and probably look like a punk teenager to them. They are always going on about how difficult it will be to be a single mother but I donít see it like they do, I mean Iím able to take care of myself and I have lived on my own with no support from anyone else over the past 5yrs (since I was 18) working 80hrs a week with 2 jobs both at an income of $15 and hour when state minimum here is $7.10, highly capable of taking care of myself paying for my car/home insurance, the taxes on my house, my electric, water bill, pone/cable. So you do the math thatís getting paid over $1,000 a week when I was only 18yrs old, but since I recently became pregnant and with our economy I no longer have these 2 jobs. Still even with out these jobs the only thing that Iíve lost was the jobs, I am still paying for all of these bills and Iím quite successful at it.
Now I donít know if these nurses get paid to talk down to you or what the deal is, maybe they get a commission on welfare claims but I can tell just by looking at this nurse in particular that her bank accounts donít have any where close to what mine have in them. I would have to say that they work there to support there children while they are married only so they have someone to provide them with possibly a home, car, financial security and honestly it makes me sick knowing that these woman that are trying to give me advice canít even help them selves. I have always believed that you need to help your self before you can help some one else well at least thatís what they claim they are trying to do is to help me. When they look at me they see someone needy because Iím 22yrs old, I have no job, Iím single, I have tattoos, Iím unable to work and have state insurance you know I donít know why they treat me like Iím an incapable poor person whoís struggling to survive(BECAUSE Iím NOT) but obviously they wouldnít treat me this way if I didnít have state insurance. I feel that state assistance AKA welfare and government services should be there for those that are really needy and not for a home owner that has a great deal invested in stocks, money marketing and checking accounts like me. The nurses are unable to see what Iím worth otherwise they wouldnít go on about how poor they think I am and making these inaccurate assumptions about me. The banks have a much better HIPAA policy than the doctors and I donít feel that I should have to give my personal information to the doctors such as bank statement or tax info just to prove that I donĎt need welfare.
The doctors practice says that you need to be covered by an insurance company or else they wonít treat you now if that wasnít a law I would just pay out of my pocket but itís a law and since state insurance is free well why not? Since I started going to this doctors office they, mostly the head nurse has been seriously harassing me and violating my HIPAA rights. Every time Iíve been there she asks me questions like have you gone to see the family advocacy (welfare) she insists that I get on welfare and calls for an appointment. Why would I need welfare? I can almost guarantee that I am much more well off than she is and that perhaps she needs to get on welfare to help her husband pay her mortgage. I just keep my mouth shut and let her do all the talking, now I have signed papers to HIPAA so Iím a bit confused as to how far they go to protect my rights. The family advocacy woman who I like to call the welfare lady has been able to obtain my personal information such as when my doctors appointments are, possibly medical history, and a lot of personal info about me and she has contacted my doctors office several times to find out more about me. The family advocacy is through the state so Iím not sure if itís legal for her to get my info or not since itís state insurance and she works for the state, she does not work with the insurance co though her branch is strictly welfare. Now I due believe that this is harassment since I have not asked for help honestly because I donít need it, yet the nurse keeps saying ďPEOPLE LIKE MEĒ should talk to social services, and that she is trying to help. I have not asked for help, I never asked her for help, I did not say I needed help! and I have told her several times that I donít need her help, here the nurse is giving out my personal information to the people at social services to try and help me. (Iím single, no job, and 22yrsold w/ state insurance is the only information the nurse has about me)
Now I have not signed any paper work with the state other than HIPAA and my state insurance, making it impossible for this welfare lady to know anything about me. I did speak with her on the phone and I gave her a phony address but some how she now has my real address, is that harassment? Who gave her my address? Are they giving out my personal info to everyone? I donít know this woman and I do not wish to know her. I am also going through a law settlement involving my car thus making it a little more difficult to get to the doctors office since I live 45min-1hour away and itís easier for me to get there on the weekend, when they are closed. My best availability is there off hours in which the nurse should understand since I doubt she is able to make it to the bank unless itís a Saturday. The nurse has now started saying as soon as I have a social services case worker I can get free rides from the state in a welfare taxi. I add on that I have a car and I have friends and family that will bring me, she replies by saying ďWhat if you go into labor, you will have to be rushed to the hospital, that I have to be there every 2 weeks ect.Ē I feel that she is purposely harassing me, I mean so what?! If I go into labor than and canĎt make it then I will call an ambulance and they will rush me to the nearest hospital, I donĎt get it, whatís the big deal?!. Or better yet why are they harassing me causing me unnecessary stress to make this seem like a big deal??? At this present time I alone own 3 separate cars the Toyota is for sale at the moment, The Acura TL is in a 6 week waiting period of getting insured, and the Mazda 3 2.3Öwell Iím in the process of suing the dealership concerning the Mazda and unable to drive it. Do I sound like some one that needs welfare? What can I do about her harassing me before she sends social services to my home to check on my living conditions? I feel that there is no way I can explain that I donít need help with out showing them a bank statement or the deed to my home, and really if you have to go as far as to show a nurse the deed to your house THEN THATíS HARASSMENT!!! I mean honestly I think I would sell my $200,000 home before I got on welfare, so why is she harassing me? This is very stressful for me Please I would really appreciate you comments/advice donít hold back! Thank you!

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Re: Pregnant, HIPAA, and HARASSMENT

It's not harassment and it's not a HIPAA violation.

It's not about you.

They have to offer these services. It's their job. It's required.

Smile. Be polite. Just decline.

And then let it go.

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Re: Pregnant, HIPAA, and HARASSMENT

I agree this isn't about's about your child. But, I know exactly what you are saying. Social services does often try to "sell" people welfare, and for them to keep on you about it is inappropriate.

I for one am not eligible for any social services, but it is amazing how often some well meaning person tries to convince me I could get food stamps or "help" with my utilities. They have no reason to believe I am even eligible, which I am not. And I am not young, pregnant, tattooed, and I dress well. I tell those well meaners my income is too high, then they drop it.

It's good to be self-sufficient and strong, which obviously you are. However, the nurses may be sensing that you may not be aware that pregnancy really is a time we need much more support than financial, and if we don't reveal that we indeed do have people behind and with us then it is a social services issue for the welfare of the child, not about you. If you were not pregnant and appearing to be alone, it is unlikely they would say anything.

Doing everything alone adds stress and all stress affects the baby. This is just a fact of pregnancy. While the baby is in the womb, it's the mom's job to keep her stress down. This means having at least one pregnancy buddy that occasionally goes to doctor appts. with you, knows what is going on with your body and you, and is available to call upon, if need be. It doesn't mean you are weak, it is about being realistic. The nurses have a lot of experience and know pregnant women need a strong support system beyond financial.

It seems that you like being independent, but you could take a family member with you to an appt. Sometimes nurses are just motherly, that's all. I don't particularly like that in people, but it's probably just their way.

Also, you can politely say,
"I know you are required to tell me what services are available, so thank you. However, is there any way I can explain to you I donít need welfare or social services without bringing in my mother and showing my bank statement and the deed to my home?"

If that did not stop it, then you could politely tell the doctor that his nurse keeps on you about welfare and say the same words, is there any way to explain to her that I donít need welfare or social services without bringing in my mother and showing my bank statement and the deed to my home?" That would likely stop it for good.

One thing they are right about though, it is a social services interest. A pregnant woman needs a personal support system. Perhaps you will have a very smooth and uneventful pregnancy. My first pregnancy was an uneventful, natural gestation and child birth that was over within 2 and a half hours. But pregnancy as normal as it is, is also an extreme life event, and it is totally unpredictable whether there will be life threatening complications.

I've had three births. Even in the early months you could have sudden complications that render you completely helpless within minutes (I did...I had sudden extreme groin pain where I was unable to sit down or take a step or move and it lasted over 45 minutes. I was not by a phone and no one was home...all I could do was stand there and sweat from the searing pain. Then it stopped and I could walk. WE have no idea why it likely was a pinched nerve from the baby's position. Wasn't serious but I didn't know it at the time. And after another baby was born I lost half my blood within 20 minutes because all of the placenta failed to come out, and was unable to move my arms or body. I had to have a D & C to stop the bleeding and get a transfusion. Very scary.)

Pregnancy means your entire body is now all about this baby. Breathe, relax, and let others in. They mean well.

Last edited by friendlione; 05-15-2010 at 09:36 AM.

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123HoneyBee HB User
Re: Pregnant, HIPAA, and HARASSMENT

I understand it's there job to ask if I would like help from these services
but to go as far as giving out my phone number, my address, and medical history with out my permision doesn't seem legal.
I have been polite at every visit and have declined.
What would you do if a state worker called you and knew when your doctors appointments were? Or better yet how did they get your phone number?
I'm pretty sure thats a HIPAA violation, and since I've said NO THANKS to the nurse I feel that it's harassment that she keeps saying "PEOPLE LIKE YOU"

Also lets say I go along with it and go on this welfare to pay off the taxes on my home, That's not only a felony but it constitutes as fraud and embeslement. I would be taking your tax money to pay off my yearly taxes on my home and I could probably get away with it since the nurse has asumed how poor I am, I mean I didn't give my phone number out to the welfare people. So what exactly is she trying to do? Get me a lawsuit? I should not have to explain any of this to any one such as the nurse or the welfare lady. The welfare people should not have my info!

I feel very strongly about bringing someone into my next visit, that is a great idea!

Last edited by 123HoneyBee; 05-17-2010 at 11:47 AM.

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