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blood test results, any advices?

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Old 06-14-2010, 04:06 AM   #1
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momtaz HB User
blood test results, any advices?

Hello friends

I provide some checked items with (abnormal) reference ranges, in order to get a some opinions,

---------------- - -
January 2008
----------------- - -
HDL-CHOL = (33) reference range is (35 - 100)
MCH = (31.7) reference range is (27.0 – 31.0)
Occult Blood = (+) reference range is (NEGATIVE)

---------------- - -
January 2010
----------------- - -
Hb A1C = (6.6) reference range is (4.8 – 6.0)
Glucose (NaF) = (134) reference range is (74 – 100)
Urice acid = (6.9) reference range is (2.4 – 7.0)
HDL-CHOL = (28) reference range is (35 - 100)
LDL-Cal = (63.4) reference range is (70 - 160)
MCH = (31.8) reference range is (27 – 31.0)
MCHC = (35.1) reference range is (31.0 – 35.0)
Acetone = (+) reference range is (NEGATIVE)
Occult Blood = (+) reference range is (NEGATIVE)

---------------- - -
March 2010
----------------- - -
Uric acid = (7.2) reference range is (2.4 – 7.0)

---------------- - -
June 2010
----------------- - -
Hb A1C = (6.3) reference range is (4.8 – 6.0)
Glucose (NaF) = (129) reference range is (74 – 100)
Uric acid = (7.5) reference range is (2.4 – 7.0)
HDL-CHOL = (32) reference range is (35 - 100)
Total Bilirubin = (1.3) reference range is (0.3 – 1.2)

MCH = (31.7) reference range is (27 – 31.0)
Wbc count = (12.80) reference range is (4.0 – 11.0)

Occult Blood = (+) reference range is (NEGATIVE)
Bacteria = (few) reference range is (NEGATIVE)

The above are the above or loss than the normal average range items that I need to take high concern about, in addition to the above, I am 37 old, do not drink or smoke at all, I do exercise almost daily since 3-4 months ago,

Any feedbacks will be highly appreciated

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pfe HB Userpfe HB Userpfe HB Userpfe HB Userpfe HB Userpfe HB User
Re: blood test results, any advices?

Hi, I'm not a health professional, but I notice you keep having positive occult blood tests. This is the test that looks for blood in your feces. Has your doctor followed up on this? There could be various causes, but sometimes they will want to do a colonoscopy to look for polyps, etc. I would not ignore this and would insist on finding out why you have blood in the stool.

Did you fast 12 hours for these tests? If you did, repeated glucose higher than the "fasting" reference range could be a sign of diabetes. The positive acetone and elevated Hgb-A1C make me think this, also. What says the doctor?

I wouldn't worry about a slightly high MCH, MCHC, or a few bacteria (I'm assuming that was a urine test) or total bilirubin of 1.3 (some people normally have a slightly high bilirubin.)

Elevated white blood count could mean some inflammation or infection somewhere in your body, but it's not that high. Any symptoms?

Not sure why your uric acid is elevated. Any diagnoses we should know about?

If your doctor has not done anything about the positive occult blood tests, and you don't know the cause, that would be the one of most concern to me, followed by discussion of possible diabetes...

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feelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB User
Re: blood test results, any advices?

a big ditto there on what the above poster mentioned? i am also wondering if your doc did like a full hepatic panel? while anyone can simply havce "their' own normal lab values for certain types of function testing which pretty much depends upon how very individual we just are when it comes to even anatomy and of course physiology. just even "having that higer bili at all would really just create that NEED to at the very LEAST check into the liver a bit more in depth? you just need to make certain that what some of the abnormal lab results are that also do simply become impacted in certain ways when there just IS something impacting the liver,arent actually stemming FROM that liver and something impacting the many different fuctions it simply does for us everyday.

just what actually prompted 'this' specfic type of bloodwrk to even be done on you? what real symptoms were/are you having right now or before these were done? the ONLY thing that i can even think of just totally off hand here having to do with the higher uric acid being there would be 'gout"? not too certain just what that all entails but i DO know that a higher than normal uric IS a symptom, the biggest i think, of gout. i would just do some research here on some of the labs and what they can simply indicate themselves? you can find out alot just searching certain labs and seeing what others may be also impacted when a particular one is out of range? just getting some possible differential Dxes of certain conditions and or disease processes may lead to something that this all means when put all together? but i would most definitely speak to your doc about the very real possibility of the diabetes, since you just DO have THOSE indicators? and DO have him do at least another lab draw here for the full hepatic panel just to check all of the livers main functions that would or at least could somewhat explain "some' other labs also being out of norm or simply 'there"?

so i am gathering here since it is NOT stated up there when they did that UA that there is NO actual protien in your urine then? if that were there i most definitely would be telling you to also have the kidney labs also evaluated too since protien in ones urine is actually one of the very FIRST actual indicators of a possible underlying kidney disease process? i just happen to have both a kidney and a liver disease so some of the lab stuff i am very familiar with but others not so much.

anytime someone is having symptoms of anything possibly going on and then gets bloodwork that is simply indicating that "something' is very much impacting certain functions, it just DOES usually take more in depth individual types of ongoing testing to simply narrow down things to what eventually leads to a possible Dx in anyone really. so just getting the more 'specific actual "organs' tested for 'their" overall functions just would be part of the coming up with a possible diagnosis. or even doing an ultrasound on the full abdominal and checking all flows within the vessels along with things like the individual organs by simply just 'looking' more closely and on the inside for a really much better overall picture of what just show up on a good US at all? it does see alot and can find alot too. they could actually 'see" if something may even be impacting that pancreas(checking the amylaise and lipase in the pancreas may show some possible changes since those would be the labs/enzymes connected to it) which "could" possibly explain what appears to be possible diabetic symptoms and that liver is attached to it thru the common blie duct as well and the gall bladder(thru bile ducts)? all the 'upper" GI stuff there(from about the stomach on up)? and then doing the very same thing with the lower GI which is everything beyond that stomach? or just getting an actual CT or MRI too? the one thing tho that cannot be seen on the last two scans would be actual realtime "flows" within vessels and ducts. they use the doppler in any ultrasound just for THAT purpose that is NOT possible with taking only 'still" scan pics?

once a year to just monitor my kidneys and my liver functions and 'see' whats going on with them on the inside is my labs done along with that important US being done too? labs will only give you a 'part" of the bigger picture with ANY organ really since it does take in some cases ALOT of actual underlying damage or impairment of functions from "something' to even actually cause number changes in our labs. so getting the look at the inside ALONG with labs does tend to see and find things in the much earlier stages 'before" real functions are even impaired in some cases depending upon just what is even 'impacting" any given organ? ya just need the labs and some type of 'inside looksee" at anything to really just 'know"? its just how this stuff usually works. in alot of cases, actually even "seeing' that specific organ, it will actually 'show something' thats not right with it wayyy before even any of the real function numbers have even started to change yet? this is how my kidney/liver disease is/was. my labs have always been midrange normal up til my very last set was done a few months ago? one would 'think" my kidneys and liver were just ducky in there ONLY based upon labs alone,but one look with that US done on them simply shows ALOT of really massive organs from a disease i have that creates HUGE globs of insane levels of cysts in and ON them everywhere? yet great labs? very insane how this labs vs US stuff can be.

are you currently or at the time these labs were actually done taking ANY Rx or OTC meds or any suppliments that also just can impact lab resaults? just one thing that CAN at times change certain labs or impact our bodys organ and system fuctions? but knowing what the exact symptoms you were/are having really would also help alot here too? was there ANY other stuff actually blood tested that you did not place here only becasue things appeared to be within all the norms?? just wondering mostly about the liver here. if there were actually ANY labs done that still were "within" what would be the 'normal range' but at the higher end of that normal? those ARE also more than likely being impacted in at least some way ONLY becasue they would be almost out of range and simply even "going' up at all? just something you should also be aware of with labs too.

but DO get the liver stuff checked out and DO see about at the very least right for now anyways, just getting that one ultrasound done to just even get that 'good look' inside? it just IS very important when you are having ANY lab changes. please do keep us posted hon, good luck with this, **
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HankL HB User
Re: blood test results, any advices?

It does appear that you consume sugar or canned or bottled fruits or fruit juices which has caused me lots of these same conditions. Also when my uric acid gets that high I have back pain and other joint pains.

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momtaz HB User
Re: blood test results, any advices?

Dear Friends..

Firstly, I would like to express my deep thanks for your replies,

Yes, I was diagnoed with diabetic 2 since Nov. 2009,
I am following a healthy diet, no eat any sugar, or canned fruits etc,
just mineral water, green tea, oolong tea, pure with no any sugar, just add up as little as hlf tea spoon of cinnammon, or some mint leaves, sometimes paper mints and such herbals,

Unfortunately, the Doctors whom I consulted with all the checks up, they didnt mention something, just little advises which is very general and not specific, so I am getting myself educated in health from health forums and corresponsding with some health centers,
some of the health centers sent to me a recommendation and I would like to share it here for more details before any practical step:

You have done the right thing by stopping everything to see where your body is at.
Now we have a platform to start with.
Firstly I need you to do your part and I really mean this.
1) Take 2 liters of good water a day please. This will help flush your kidneys and bladder as well as other things the body needs.
2) Himalayan salt is absolutely essential to your functioning as a diabetic. Only get the pink Himalayan salt as there is another one which is slightly black in color but is high in sulphur. You sole mix will smell like rotten eggs if you use this one.
3) I have consulted with our specialist here on your bloods and this backs up what I thought when I saw your results.
A) You have an underlying infection which is throwing out all your readings as you are only slipping over the thresholds of the maximum parameters of your test results.
B) In my first email to you I stressed the renal support. Your uric acid levels bear this out. Your kidneys are not able to cope.
C) Renaplex will really help with this and quickly.
D) You need bladder support as reading this report and the previous bloods there is an underlying infection and the bladder needs support.
E) Uroplex is fantastic for this. It clears up bladder dampness and any nasty pathogens in there. I use this on myself as occasionally I have had a nasty bladder infection.
F) Chromium is a must as your glucose levels are just a little high and this will help get the glucose into your blood cells where it belongs.
G) Adrena-Pan-C which will really help those blood sugar disorders.
H) A liver flush is a must. Donít cheat I have enclosed the sheet for you. This will help with the bilirin levels as the liver is under stress.

Liver /Gall Bladder Flush
Option 1 -standard flush
On the day of the liver/gall bladder flush DO NOT take any supplements.
Epsom Salts- 4 tablespoons
Pure Virgin Oil- half cup
Fresh Grapefruit (only) - squeeze enough fresh juice to fill ĺ of a cup
Large plastic straw- to help drink the olive oil/grapefruit mix
Tupperware container with a sealing lid

Choose a day like a Saturday to carry out the flush as you will be able to rest the next day.
Eat a no fat breakfast and lunch; such as cooked cereal with fruit, fruit juice, vegetables with salt only (no butter or milk), wheat free bread. This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure on the liver (higher pressure pushes out more stones).

2.00pm Do not eat or drink anything (other than this the protocol mixture) after 2pm. If you eat, you will vomit. Get the Epsom salts ready. Mix 4 tablespoons in 3 cups of water and pour this into a serving jug. This makes 4 servings of ĺ of a cup each.

6.00pm Drink ĺ of a cup of the Epsom salts mixture. You may also drink a few mouthfuls of water afterwards. Immediately chew 2 pieces of chewing gum as Epsom salts leaves a bitter after taste, which may give you an aversion to taking the next drink. Get the grapefruit and olive oil out to warm up.

8.00pm Stir the Epsom salts mixture, and then drink another ĺ of a cup of the Epsom salt mixture, followed by chewing 2 pieces of chewing gum for 30 seconds only. The timing of 2 hours between the two drinks is crucial for success. Donít be more than 10 minutes early or late.

9.45pm Pour Ĺ cup of olive oil into the Tupperware container, squeeze the grapefruit by hand into the measuring cup, removing pulp Ė you should have at least ĺ of a cup. Add this to the olive oil, close the Tupperware container, and seal the lid. Shake well for 2 to 3 minutes until mixture emulsifies.
Go to the bathroom, one more time to urinate and clear the bowel, if possible. Get ready for bed.

10.00pm shake the grapefruit/olive oil mix one more time. Drink this mixture through the large plastic straw. This helps it to go down easier as it transports the oil past the taste buds. Get it down within 5 minutes (15 minutes for very elderly or weak persons).

LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY. You may fail to get the stones out if you donít. The sooner you lie down, the more stones you will get out. Be ready for bed ahead of time, donít tidy up the kitchen. As soon as the drink is down, walk to your bed and lie down flat on your back, with your head high up on the pillow. Try to keep perfectly still for at least 20 minutes. You may feel a train of stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain as the bile duct valves are open, thanks to the Epsom salts. GO TO SLEEP.
Next morning, upon awakening at 6.00am (not before) take your third dose of Epsom salts. If you have indigestion or nausea, wait until it is gone before drinking the Epsom salts. Again chew 2 pieces of chewing gum for 30 seconds. Go straight back to bed. Two hours later at 8.00am, take your fourth and final dose of Epsom salts, followed by chewing 2 pieces of chewing gum for 30 seconds. Go back to bed for two hours. After this time you may eat. Start with an electrolyte drink like Sustagen (available from your chemist) fruit juice, and then Ĺ hour later eat fruit. One hour later you may eat regular food, but keep it light. By the evening you should feel recovered, and the next day you should feel fantastic.
Every time you go to the toilet, from when you have the first Epsom salts mixture, throughout the night and all of the next day, you need to check for little green gallstones floating on the surface of the water. They could be the size of your thumbnail, little fingernail, or tiny bits of shot. It would look like someone had picked up a handful of green garden peas and thrown them down the toilet. Take a rough count of how many you see, because if you had more than 100, you will need to do the flush again in 2 months time.
The Liver Flush should be carried out once a year as a spring clean, keeping you free from toxicity that your organs would normally have to constantly work hard at to remove from the body.
You may notice a 1-2 kilo weight loss after having done the Liver Flush.
NOTE: If you are on any medication contra indicated for grapefruit, substitute lemon for the grapefruit.

The cholesterol is actually fine and the body must have this. You healthy living is working for you but with out these very specific supports you could with the uric acid and infection go downhill fast.
Vitamin C is fine and a must and will definitely not compromise your diabetes.
It wonít take long to airmail the things you really will need.
I hope this helps you.
Kind regards,
One other thing which will be really helpful to help neutralize the uric acid is make sure you squeeze lemon into every glass of water you have. You may think lemon is an acid however once inside the body it becomes alkaline and helps the internal acid balance of the body. You uric acid needs to be neutralized.
Also first thing in the morning when you get up squeeze one lemon and drink the juice neat. Make sure you rinse the moth out straight away as lemon juice can be aggressive on enamel of teeth. What this achieves is a better quality bile production and with what is going on this will really help you.
Kind regards,


with high appreciation and high respect to the above recommendation, but I woul like to take more feedbacks,


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HankL HB User
Re: blood test results, any advices?

Losing weight, keeping off of sugar, alcohol, sugar alcohol (splenda & equal) tylenol plus taking SAM-e, Schisandra, picrorhiza, and Milk Thistle has made all my liver test return to normal plus improve my diabetic condition. Also when my uric acid goes high a lower my protein intake for a few days and drink more water and my uric acid level goes down. I did not notice any liver test results except for bilirubin what about alt and ast are those normal.

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HankL HB User
Re: blood test results, any advices?

Losing weight, keeping off of sugar, alcohol, sugar alcohol (splenda & equal) tylenol plus taking SAM-e, Schisandra, picrorhiza, and Milk Thistle has made all my liver test return to normal plus improve my diabetic condition.

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