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Any advice with this? please.

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Any advice with this? please.

I joined this site just now because I greatly need help. I hope this is in the correct thread.

First, my symptoms. I have mild to intense burning sensations on the back and sides of my head and areas on my back. Particularly between the shoulder blades. Sometimes, I will have these spots flare up on the sides on my head then when I touch them, even slightly, they hurt INTENSELY. There is also a loss of sensation (numbness) in these areas. It has even begun to spread under the skin in my face. I have all the symptoms of "burnout" including lethargy, lack of interest, fatigue and a total lack of mental focus. These symptoms have only gotten worse and worse.

When I get tense (from being angry, scared or stressed), I can barely stand it. The pain becomes unbearable. The same goes for doing any exercises that move the upper back or work the neck at all. Pull-ups are the worst in that area. Life is stressful and I can't avoid it.

I've been to a couple of doctors in the past complaining about this. One didn't tell me anything and the other told me that I was just depressed and sent me home with a prescription for anti-depressants without even checking me out. On guy, with a lot of pushing, finally took an MRI and said he found nothing. I was disappointed and relieved.

This all began when I was 17 and has only gotten worse and worse throughout the years. I'm almost 24 now. It's ruining my life. I need help!

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Re: Any advice with this? please.

judy is right up there about the biggest reason for what you are describing. it really does sound like something is definitely impacting nerves in some way. this just IS what angry or impacted nerves just 'do" when something is affecting them? muscle will also burn in that same way as well, but it is usually a direct connection TO the nerves as in a "response'?

one big thing here? did YOU yourself ever actually read thru that MRI report just to make certain that there indeed was "nothing" found?? the thing here is, if any rad reads films, he or she will only put down findings that they actually 'know about" thru mostly ongoing experience(not always everything that IS an actual real "finding")? and when it comes to the actual specialist who also does "their' own read of your films, that really IS usually the best way for YOU to really get a better idea of what may or may not have even been placed in any report(this is kind of the "second opinion on the films too)? but depending upon the doc you saw, was this 'just' like a primary who just 'told' you nothing was found or did you actually 'see' anyone like an neurosurgeon who would read your films? who you actually even see matters when it comes to this type of symptoms and the ongoing nature of what you are simply describing?

i agree with judy to at the very least here start out with a neurologist and just see where that takes you? did they use a contrasting agent with that MRI which i am assuming here WAS only your brain done? if not, esp within the brain, some things could easily have been missed up there, esp anything possibly impacting blood vessels, which can impact nerve and the surrounding muscles? and at the very LEAST, he can also help find the right types of meds that best treat this type of nerve related pain you are having too? they DO a really great job when it comes to any types of real headpain and tracking the pain back to the main generator, but thats what they really specialize in. for anything else BUT headpain, in my experience seeing both alot of neurologists and neurosurgeons, the NS for anything else like starting at that c spine and below would win hands down. but right now, that neurologist is just sooo needed for what you have going on that simply NEEDS a real Dx and treatment with the appropriate types of meds. i DO think you have suffered more than long enough here.

one other possible here depending upon just how far up the "sides" of your face/head the symptoms are, this very easily could also be an actual more impactful type of problem stemming from your upper C spine level too? so THAT really should also be checked out as well with an MRI. alot of people who have impacted areas within the c spine also start getting some pretty insane head/face symptoms or outright severe headpain as well. it just follows nerve and muscle that is being affected too. given just where this appears to actually be with the burning going down as far as it is, really just "would' point more towards a possible spinal issue much more than the brain being really truely involved? only because of the way the spinal innervates as opposed to the cranial innervation of the head/brain? but anything just IS indeed a possible when it comes to insane symptoms in the human body, definitely.

if i were you here i would first, get your own copy of that MRI and always always from here on out make certain to ask for your OWN copies of any types of testing or scans that just get done on you so YOU can read thru them and just 'have them" for your own medical file that you should always keep on yourself with any ongoing medical problem at home. this helps YOU in many ways here or i would not be telling you to do this at all. getting that MRI copy can be done right from the facility that did it on you and is alot quicker than trying to obtain one from the ordering doc would be in most cases.just pop in that place and tell them you need a copy of your MRI they did and all you have to do is simply sign a release and they will print it right off for you.

next, DO ask your regular doc to refer you to a good neurologist just for good solid treatment if nothing else, but tell him you simply HAVE TO find out just what the heck is creating this ongoing nightmare for you now. it should NOT be any problem for him to simply do for you considering. and once you start seeing the ologist, it will kind of dictate from doing at least a c spine MRI on you what any next possible steps you need to take from there. but here you DO at least have a plan in place with the type of doc who deals with headpain and treatment. if something should pop up on the previous FILMS which you should also obtain from that same facility or at least a CD of it, HE just may also really 'see' something in those too that the rad missed? ya never know with that one, trust me there. but make certain that the ologist does that C spine MRI too.

the one thing that you can actually kind of 'see' in just how the sensory innervation of how nerves run at the spinal is looking up the 'dermatomes' chart(do "dermatomes images")? this is like a person with alll the many different areas/levels of the spinal layed out with the areas that each seperate level of that spinal nerves actually innervate? by simply looking at esp the c spine level and how YOUR areas that are being impacted simply correlate to the dermatomes, in some cases, you can already tell just what areas of the spinal may have some type of impact by what YOU are feeling and exactly where? just something that may help you. but DO get the copy and a referral to that neurologist just to start and see where that leads, esp once that c spine just gets a really in depth look for possibles. angry nerves WILL create angry muscle.

hope this helped some. i wish ya luck with this hon, it simply sucks to have any types of pain, but not knowing the generator/whys of it all is even worse. please DO keep us posted on what you find out. **
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Re: Any advice with this? please.

I really appreciate your advice, Feelbad. My biggest problem with getting this looked at more thoroughly in the past was the cost since I have no insurance. I may have to just take the leap of faith anyway.

With your advice, I have a more solid plan towards getting this figured out. I'll do my best finding my past MRI's and a neurologist. I hope that sometime in the near future, this nightmare ends.

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