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  • Geez, _what_ is going on with me?

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    Arrow Geez, _what_ is going on with me?

    Hi everyone. I've been reading around on here a lot, and everyone seems really nice. Please excuse the wall of text - I don't want to leave anything vital out. A summary is at the bottom.

    I'm a nineteeen year old male. I don't smoke. I'm a vegetarian, though more the carby-pasta type than the salad-y type.

    Two months ago I fainted on the way out of one of my classes. I drove myself to the ER (was feeling fine ten minutes after). They did a brain CT, cbc, EKG, urinalysis, et cetera et cetera...everything came back normal. Fine. I attributed it to standing up too fast.

    The next day, I was rubbing my neck and found a BB sized bump on the side of the back of my neck. I googled swollen lymph nodes and had a gay old time terrifying myself with lymphoma, leukemia and cancers ad nauseum. I decided I'd let it ride unless I got any more symptoms.

    Three weeks later I felt another one, not too far from the first and about three times as big. I had a cow and went to the ER at three in the morning, convinced I was dying. The doctor laughed it off with me but did another CBC anyway (she said lymphoma would show up - I know now it won't, but I think she was trying to comfort me). Great.

    Two weeks later I found two swollen nodes in my groin, one about as big as the end of my thumb. I was reeling with anxiety and met with my regular doctor. He found two more on the other side of my neck, some big ones on both sides under my jaw and a very scary big one deep under my ear. He said they were all "pretty cheap" and, since I wasn't having night sweats or chills or a fever, told me to wait to see what they do. He saw how anxious I was, though, and ordered a chest X-Ray and an absolute smorgasbord of blood tests. Syphillis, HIV, Mono, Rubella, Toxoplasmosis, Dengue fever, cooties..._nothing_ came back positive. The chest X-Ray was clear. The blood tests also showed that I was not anemic and had healthy iron, B12 and folate stores.

    Everyone thought I should be relieved, but there's nothing scarier than having symptoms with no explanation.

    I took his advice and waited a couple more weeks. I realized that the back pain I'd had for a while might be a symptom, so I kept an eye on it. Then I found some weird red spots on my arms and chest. Petechiae? Further CBCs showed a normal platelet count, slightly low WBC, slightly low RBC and pretty high monocytes (14). The doctor said everything was fine. If only I could be that optimistic. She put me on some antibiotics (bactrim) for two weeks and said she'd refer me to a surgeon for a biopsy. Three weeks later, the surgeon felt my nodes and tittered a little, saying that they didn't feel pathological and "there are lots of delicate parts to your neck - if I were to biopsy any of these, I run the risk of damaging something...which is bad for both of us." He said he would order a CT to see what they looked like. I was worried about the radiation, so I asked for an MRI instead. He agreed.

    Before I left, he asked if I was having any strange bowel movements or stomach pain. I said I had been having some weird pinching and cramping pains throughout my abdomen, but my BMs were fine. Problem is, they aren't, and I didn't really notice this until after I left his office. I've got some really malodorous diarrhea and have been pretty gassy over the last few weeks.

    I've gone through weeks of worrying about hodgkin's, nonhodgkin's, leukemia, hairy cell leukemia, preleukemia, Celiac disease, Whipple's disease, metastasized cancers of varying types...Pffftt, I wish there was a blood test for hypochondria.

    19 year old male.
    • Persistent Adenopathy for two and a half months in neck and groin. Maybe 12 total nodes. Both sides. None of them hurt when I touch them, but they sometimes ache. They're all movable, and while some are very firm, I'm hesitant to say hard.
    • Back pain, stiff when standing and acute sharp pain when sitting in some positions.
    • Knee pain, but this has mostly subsided. I think it might have been a shoe issue. My joints also crackle and pop like crazy, something they've never done before.
    • Mild, pinching and cramping stomach pains that come and go but are definitely tangible.
    • Diarrhea and flatulence.

    Thanks for reading (and replying),

    - Nick

    First edit:
    Woops, forgot to mention that I have mild psoriasis on my forearms and above my left eye. Only my left eye.

    I also have what has been diagnosed as a lipoma on the back of my left thigh, and although it isn't rooted at the base, it is stuck to the skin. It's pretty squishy.

    I'm also having some weird instances where a muscle will twinge involuntarily or I'll feel like a shock at the tip of a finger or toe. These come without warning and aren't incredibly prevalent. I just want to make sure I put everything down.

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    Re: Geez, _what_ is going on with me?

    I'm sorry to hear you going through all of this!! I truly feel your pain. I on the other hand have the night sweats, all over body itching. So naturally i diagnosed my self as having lymphoma the Dr just refused to believe me! But Now I am currently seeing a oncologist that was refered from my gynocologist because I said I want answers!! Here is a break down of what they have done. They have checked all of my nodes from my neck to my groin ran bloodtest after bloodtest and even a tb test. So I am now awaiting my CT Scan. Because again Every single test has come back clean.

    What I can suggest to you is ask for a CT Scan. We all know blood test will not tell us if its lymphoma. At least with a CT Scan they will be able to know for sure what is going on. I also had a chest x-ray twice and those have been normal too. I have been battling with these doctors for over a year now. I just hope for me its not to late. Good luck to you and please stay on those Doctors!!

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    Re: Geez, _what_ is going on with me?

    Thanks for the sympathy; it's comforting to know there are other people in the same situation.

    I opted out of a CT scan because of fears of radiation. I did get an MRI, though...I'm just waiting for results.

    Itching and night sweats - I wonder why they aren't as worried as you are?

    In any case, if something _terrible_ were happening, I think you would know about it by now. I just keep reminding myself that I've had several different doctors tell me it's nothing to be concerned about, and they can't all be completely wrong.

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    Re: Geez, _what_ is going on with me?

    I figured it out..You NEED to start eating meat..A growing 19 year old boy needs meat..No wonder you feel like crap..Yes I'm sure your taking supplements, but B vitamins are extremely hard to absorb in the vitamin form..
    No matter what, being a vegetarian isn't helping your situation. I'm pretty sure you symptoms are from some nutritional deficiency. Don't feel bad about eating meat, God made some of your teeth sharp for a reason: so you can tear flesh..Think about it.

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    Re: Geez, _what_ is going on with me?

    I have had several people tell me that (both jokingly and seriously), but according to the multitude of blood tests, my vitamin reserves are in perfect shape. I don't think a deficiency could cause swollen lymphs anyhow.

    A disease from eating meat could, though.

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    Re: Geez, _what_ is going on with me?

    Hey Nick,

    I've been experiencing a very similar thing...Swollen nodes everywhere, fatigue, low grade fever, aches, the works!!....All persisting for a good few months with no clinical diagnosis so far. All of my bloods are totally fine.
    Have you had any progress in the diagnosis of your symptoms? The internet is an amazing resource but also a very dangerous one.

    I've somehow convinced myself I have some kind of terminal illness.

    Would love to hear how you're going!


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    Re: Geez, _what_ is going on with me?

    Well, I was going down to another state to go to school so I expressed concern at _least_ about the pain in my back. They did two xrays and found that I have some moderate degenerative arthritis and some of my discs are closer together than they should be. I also have some kind of congenital spine defect they never knew about before, apparently.

    No words on my nodes yet. Sometimes they get bigger and then shrink, sometimes they stay huge for a week. The first one I found (on the side/back of my neck) is now a quarter the size that it was before (it's actually hard to find now), so I guess that's good...I just hope it doesn't swell up again.

    My MRI came back; the "clinical indication" was lymphoma, but I don't know if that means that's why they ran the test or if that's what the evaluating doctor thought. On the bottom it says "continued surveillance is highly recommended". It's been almost five months now. I wish they'd just take one out. :\

    I haven't had the pain at the ends of my fingers and toes for a little while. I think it might have been a stress thing, but I don't want to say so so soon.

    I'm going to take a trip to my university's health center either today or tomorrow and let a nurse or MD know what's going on just so someone down here is familiar with my problem, too.

    I've convinced myself I've had at least four terminal illnesses, heh. It really is a scary feeling when you realize that medicine is often an inexact science. I'm alive right now, in any case, and haven't had night sweats or chills. I guess that's good news.

    You said you had a low grade fever - was this confirmed by a doctor?

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