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  • Palm/Wrist Pain, enlarged vein??

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    Exclamation Getting worse, plz read Palm/Wrist Pain, enlarged vein??

    About 2 weeks ago I started feeling intermitent pains in the palm of my left hand. It then became painful continuously. There seemed to be a center to the pain right at the end of the "thumb pad" and there seemed to be an enlarged vein there. Now the pain is broadening in area it affects and it still seems like the vein is much more visible than in the other hand where it cant be seen at all. Now I can see this vein from about the center of my "life line" in the palm down to the base of my hand. I thought about carpal tunnel but not sure if thats where the pain would be. Sometimes I do feel like the pain is creeping up my arm. If I push on the palm the pain definately goes up into my wrist and forearm and feels like a bruise or something in my palm, extrememly tender. Now I also feel kind of like a numbness in my pinky too. If it matters, I am right handed and do not do any kind of repetitive work or sport. Im not overweight, only 39, no other health problems that I know of.

    ....edit/addition.....It feels like there is numbness going all the way up my arm today! There is a numbness feeling all the way up to my shoulder and even seems to affect my neck. Its getting worse faster than I expected.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Getting worse, plz read Palm/Wrist Pain, enlarged vein??

    UPDATE: It's been worsening by the hour it seems. Now even my ear on my left side feels funny. I have a feeling of like a warmth and numbness all the way up the outisde of my arm, my palm/thumb pad and wrist hurt as well as my left ear and left side of my neck. Is this some sort of infection or something???? I have no injuries or cuts of any kind on my hand to start this.

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    Re: Getting worse, plz read Palm/Wrist Pain, enlarged vein??


    I suggest if your symptoms are intensifying by the minute, than you should have someone immediately drive you to the nearest emergency room.

    Let me know how your are doing


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    Re: Getting worse, plz read Palm/Wrist Pain, enlarged vein??

    i would have to agree with the above poster. since this even IS continuing to worsen and not 'stabilizing' itself or even beginning to resolve itself by now, it just DOES need some types of more in depth testing mostly starting with like a doppler type of US done on the vessels at the place of the most impact on up thru the rest that run to the head area too? and also, after that, esp if nothing shows, getting a look at at least that c spine level with a good and most importantly here considering the vascular may just be a generator in this, using a contrasting agent with that MRI would hopefully reveal 'something' here that would/could actually generate both pain and numbness in the palmer area and that pinkie too? but it IS very much the time to get your doc involved here and just get referred to the right types of more in depth testing to find the lil culprit actually generating all this.

    when my mom actually had a blood clot in her subclavian way up kind of around that area between where the neck just comes down to meet the shoulder and to that end of that top of shoulder, its first initial symptoms just started at the end or periphery(her forefinger actually started to turn black right at that tip then eventually went down the finger more?) where if any type of bloodflow issue is simply blocking in any way, the more 'distal/ends" of fingers or hands actually suffer blood flow impairment first only because it NEEDS to even "flow' there to do that basic arterial to venous exchange and that overall pressure would simply be that much lower to even GET there esp when the flow is impaired in any real way?

    once that arterial to venous exchange even takes place thru the capillaries at the ends of your fingers, it IS the veins that carry that deoxygenated blood out of that hand and back up to that heart again to get more o2? and then that whole process starts all over again? if this just IS an actual blue vein bulge you are seeing at all, it IS that bloodflow that is stemming from within your hand trying to go back UP that arm to the heart that is probably more impacted than anything right now. and that would simply be the PLACE to really obtain/starting point of that doppler ultrasound to even begin with checked out first and then up that arm?

    but simply considering YOUR particular symptoms here, i DO feel that if there just IS any impact on the veins at all, it would just have to be within your hand based upon what veins and arteries simply do or carry? but also obtaining that looksee within your c spine that just IS what actually even innervates the hand with both sensory and fine motor functions would also just be a really good idea to simply 'see' what also could be possible c spine level issues too that just can also impact vascular stuff too? anything that just 'could' be impacting your sympathetic nervous system that has its junction right at the level of the c 8 nerves where it would also be innervating that pinkie just 'could be' a possible area of impact in some way since that SNS starts that symp chain right AT cv 8 level and your pinkie is also having issues too. our constriction and dilation of ALL of our vascular is simply heavily governed BY the symp nervous system itself. so that could also explain alot about YOUR specific symptoms too?

    i suffered severe c 8 nerve damage along with them also heavily damaging my symp nervous system right AT that very same level when they had to go into my actual cord and remove what was a glob of venous fed blood vessels i guess i was born with but never knew til i had the very first ever MRI done on my c spine when i also herniated a disc at c 6-7? trust me here when i say that no one actually just will know what in the heck is actually going on in ANY area of our own bodies intil it simply gets scanned by like an MRI, CT or even ultrasound? both myself and my youngest son have like a ton of rather freakish crap that has been found along the way ONLY becasue the areas were scanned at all?

    just DO try and get that doppler US and that contrasted c spine MRI done? those two tests would tell alot about the possible 'whys' of "your" particular ongoing and escalating type symptoms. i am willing to bet here just based upon your symptoms that at least 'something' would show itself between having those two tests simply even done on those specific areas at all? these would be the most really basic/'baseline' types of testing needed to at least rule things in or out for you and your doc? once they get done, and totally depending upon what shows up in the summary of findings, that will tell you how to proceed from there and what docs you also need to be referred to from there too?

    but unless you just get these tests done, you will really not 'know' anything about what just IS the underlying culprit in all this? you just NEVER ever want to get into a situatuation where ANY bloodflow to or from that heart is totally cut off from the blood supply. this just NEEDS to be found out well before that should even occur. that one doppler US will show you THAT much esp inthat hand level?

    i do wish you lots of luck with this and hope whatever this turns out to be is not too overly involved here. just DO seek out at least your primary right now for the referrals. please DO keep us posted on anything you find out, and make darn certain to ALWAYS request copies of any and all testing result reports from ANY types of testing you should EVER have done. trust me, this just IS very very helpful for sooo many different things/reasons.

    if any of your worsening symptoms just continue that way thru even part of this day, DO follow the above posters advice and just get thee to an ER asap for tests that can shed some light on what just IS going on right now (and before any types of really more permanent levels of symptoms just can set in) and creating this crap for you. just do NOT take any chances here MM, K? **
    3-22-01,herniated C-6-7
    11-20-01,placement of hardware for failed fusion
    9-22-03,removal of cavernous hemangioma that was inside spinal cord. Neuro damage to L hand L leg and R leg.

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