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kathrynlauren 08-05-2011 08:45 PM

My shoulder pain kills.
I'm 15 and I've never really had shoulder pain before, besides just being sore... but that just lasts a little while. I'm a cheerleader and we have had stunting camp today and yesterday. Yesterday's camp was from 8AM-1PM and all we did was stunt. I am a base (the one who holds the girl in the air) and the girl who was in the air had never done it before. She definitely pushed on my shoulders ALOT and applied alot of pressure/weight to my shoulder. It was alot of lifting her up, sometimes above my head. Yesterday after camp, it hurt a little but nothing completely unbearable. But today my shoulder started hurting reallyyyy bad! When we went back for camp, we started stunting again and everytime touched my shoulder.. it was the worse pain I've ever felt. But as the day went on, it hurt worse and worse. It's not bruised, I feel a bump in it but it's nothing really big. It just hurts soooooooo bad! I have iced it alot today and even the slightest bit of pressure or the slightest bit of motion hurts. It feels like its torn or something but I don't know it cheer could've caused that. What could it be???

feelbad 08-06-2011 09:31 AM

Re: My shoulder pain kills.
just how heavy was this girl(overweight at all or pretty normal for your age? and was there anyone actually also standing on HER shoulders too or just her) and how many TIMES was someone at all actually standing ON your shoulders during that day? it 'could' just be a more soft tissue inflammation which ice IS good for,so ya did the right thing there. and also trying something like motrin if its okay with your parents would probably be good too. there just is muscle and other things like softer tissue and fatty areas and a main tendon that also runs directly beneath that area you described too, so everytime you would move that arm as well, that tendon, if inflammed would also move and potentially generate some pain for you as well. and also you WOULD have that 'general soreness' that you are describing too that is more "over' the impacted areas that is just 'there' but should go away soon. if youy look at that pain area, it may actually be somewhat reddish/pinkish over it from some level of 'abrasion'(the 'sliding around ON it) from everytime this girl was getting on and also off and sliding the clothing 'over' that area too.

it really does sound like you simply have an area that is in no way 'used to" having anything ON it that is sore from this other girls feet(were there shoes on this girls feet?) that "disrupted the "normal' way that area just is more used to,as in 'untouched' at least in THAT way? and that inflammation WILL settle down with more resting of that shoulder and NOT having anyone actually stand on it again til you get more 'slowly accustomed' to this with repeated cheers/builds' that just use your shoulders at all. that underlying area including muscles also just has to learn to somewhat 'build itself up" over time if this is going to be an ongoing thing during your school year too. eventually and over time, the muscles there WILL build up and help to accomodate that wieght for you, but it DOES take time for that area or areas to just get 'used to'. just try and go slow with this til things get much stronger, which they just should.

but anti inflammatories and ice IS the way to go for now. just make certain at least one of your parents always knows any meds you are taking hon(or ask them first since you could actually have some type of a problem with certain meds that THEY know about and you may not yet too). that is always very very important for them to know with their kids, trust me as a mom here, lol.

i would make certain to also tell your parents what it is you are feeling and dealing with here too and the person in charge of this camp or in charge of cheerleading, just so they KNOW to take it easy with your shoulder for awhile. if this does NOT get completely better like within a week, you may want to just see your family doc for a good evaluation of that shoulder to make certain no real damage was done to the tissue or bone in there. while the chances are pretty slim that that actually happened, it just CAN in certain cases, so you want to go on the safer side.

hopefully everything will get better and less painful soon. just make certain your parents ARE told what is going on hon,K? good luck and i hope your okay. **

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