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Twisted Metal 04-17-2012 09:33 AM

What kind of doctor do i need?
hi i am hoping someone can help me. i really need help from a doctor i just don't know what kind of doctor or what kind of tests i need.

i am 24 years old. i have had a stressful traumatic life my whole life from childhood til today. i have never had a relaxing happy period in my life.

two years ago when i was 22 all of a sudden my wrists started to swell up. it didnt hurt it was just uncomfortable and swollen and only hurt when i tried to move it. soon after my fingers swelled, my knees, ankles, toes, jaw, elbows. everyday since it started one or more of my joints is swelled. my fingers swell every single day and its difficult to do everyday tasks like open a bottle of water or start my car. when my jaw swells it hurts to open my mouth. when my knee swells it hurts to bend it. the second worst after my fingers is when my toes swell because the bottom of my feet swell with it and it is awkward and painful to walk. it hurts to bend any joint that is swollen. the latest one to start is my elbow so it hurts to bend my arm. my pcp didnt know what to make of the swelling she suggested arthritis or that i injured myself. she referred me to a rheumatologist. the rheumatologist did xrays and blood tests and it wasnt arthritis. she didnt know what to make of it and prescribed me prednisone and NSAIDS. i didnt want to stay on those medicines forever and since she really couldnt help me i stopped seeing her.

the swelling never went away it has persisted everyday til today. a year after that started, when i was 23 suddenly one day i got really full from eating a few bites and would bloat very bad. constipation came along with it, awful constipation. i rely on laxatives and flax seed to go. everyday i feel as if i have over eaten. the small amounts of food i eat feel like cement in my stomach. everyday i am full bloated and constipated. my pcp suggested ibs and referred me to a gastroenterologist. they also didnt know what to make of it, after a series of tests evry test you can think of, they diagnosed me with some kind of gastroparesis. they didnt know what caused it. everyday has been the same.

here i am now 24 every day i am bloated, constipated, cant eat, with swollen fingers making it difficult to open a bottle of water or start my car, along with the other joints that swell everyday.

I have also been wetting my bed since i was 13 which i also assume is from stress. sometimes it's every single night for months, other times its once in awhile. it is very embarressing and has led me to withdrawl a lot from people. different people i have lived with over the years have discovered my wet bedsheets or night time depends and have made fun of me.

i have spent hours on hours researching what the heck is wrong with me and why it started and how to make it stop. at this point i beleive it is from stress. my swollen joints, delayed digestion+constipation, and bed-wetting must all be results of my traumatic depressing life. my life has been one traumatic experience after another and this must be the result.

what i need to know is what kind of doctor do i go to now? what kind of tests, if any, can they do to see if this is all caused by stress? maybe as a result of being in a constant fight-or-flight state. i have never had a relaxing happy period in my life. i have been stressed sad or mad every day since childhood. can anyone help me? i just want this to go away. i can live with the bed wetting and swollen joints, but the stomach issues are killing me. i'm tired of being overly full from a cup of yogurt and tired of not being able to go to the bathroom.

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