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Rick4489 08-08-2012 09:39 PM

4 years of ringing ears, neck pain, and cloudy vision.
...and now my right shoulder has gone almost totally limp.

In the 10th grade (2007), I suffered a back spasm. For about three days I stretched my neck very hard trying to crack it, as that is what I felt like I needed to do. The spasm went away after a few more days, but from then on I had debilitating migraines about 3 or 4 times per month that were so painful I had to leave school every time. I also began to have a stiff neck in the mornings and felt the urge to crack my neck every hour or so.

After a few years, I just couldn't take it any more. So in the summer of 2010 I went to see a chiropractor. I saw him about 20 times. He did adjustments to my neck and back every time. It was expensive, but totally worth it as my migraines were almost entirely ended. I now have about one every 2 months.

In the fall of 2010, however, I began getting worse again. I went to college for the second year and was without a chiropractor. I was stressed and tense all the time. I began to have severe neck pains throughout the day and began to see floaters in my vision. This led to a breakdown in which I had to leave school for a week. The floaters confused me and I could never look past them. I went to the top retinal doctor in my city and he said there is absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes.

I tried to focus on looking past them and relaxing my neck more often. I stretched my neck more. I began holding my head off the edge of my bed to stretch it out (equivalent to looking up). Things got much better throughout 2011, though I still had stiffness all the time.

Then in the spring of 2012 I began to experience severe pain again. Floaters increased. Migraines came back hard. This time, I had to quit swimming and throwing, as my right shoulder always hurt too much doing those activities.

Then just a few weeks ago, I began to notice my right collar bone protruding. My right shoulder seemed to be getting smaller. And one day I woke up to see it was just limp...a good two inches lower than my other shoulder. This concerned me and I went straight to the chiropractor.

He said I have some nerve damage in my neck and need to get an MRI of my cervical vertebrae if my shoulder does not improve in the next few days. He did some tests that weren't supposed to hurt, but hurt me like crazy. Specifically...I felt like twisting my shoulder was going to pull my arm out of its socket and turning my head to the side was going to break my spine.

The problem is undoubtedly in my neck. And my hunch is that I have a bulging disc and have had it for a few years. That would explain the pinched nerve and why my shoulder seems to have been deteriorating for the past few months and why I have not been able to swim for the past 2 years. Would I be able to feel a bulging disc?

Needless to say, I am done. I am in pain almost every day now. I can't see straight. My night vision precludes me from driving at night (I think because of floaters). My ears are ringing constantly. And all of these symptoms get worse when my neck hurts more. On better days, I won't even notice the floaters. On bad days when my neck is especially stiff, I can barely see past them.

I don't enjoy life because of these symptoms. I'm always stressed, though I relax often, work from home, and spend a lot of time with friends, seeing movies, trying to exercise (mostly basketball), and am active in church. But now it's hard to read, to see a television screen, to throw, swim, and now to do basically anything that involves the use of my shoulders.

I'm now 21 years old, 5'8", 145 pounds. Otherwise totally healthy. Probably only taken about 20 pills in my entire life. Never had anything worse than a bad cold a few times. Drink very rarely (it sometimes makes my neck hurt worse), never done drugs, never had any sort of injury or accident except for the aforementioned spasm and partially tearing a tendon in my right hip (coincidentally this happened for almost no reason and only a few weeks after my spasm).

Someone else said they get these symptoms when they don't eat enough. Could this be part of my problem? I am pretty skinny and am definitely not a big eater.

Please help me if you can. Like I said, I'm going to see chiropractor again in two days. But for now all I can do is wonder what is going on and hope that my ears will stop ringing enough for me to actually get some sleep in the meantime.

Rick4489 08-08-2012 10:05 PM

Re: 4 years of ringing ears, neck pain, and cloudy vision.
It's also worth noting the chiropractor says he's treating me like I had an injury after he saw my x-ray. He said my neck was immobile and stiff and even curved the wrong way a little bit.

He also said today that my right shoulder muscle seems to have atrophied. Would this confirm the notion that nerve damage or bulging disc is to blame?

Rick4489 08-09-2012 09:40 AM

Re: 4 years of ringing ears, neck pain, and cloudy vision.
Today my hip feels very strange, like the joint is very weak. And my right leg is cold and a little numb. Putting a heating pad on my right shoulder makes my right leg tingle.

This makes sense, though. It was my right hip that I injured four years ago. I bet I had a pinched nerve at that point too and it made my entire right side a little weak. This would explain why it tore for no apparent reason (I barely kicked a soccer ball).

Rick4489 08-09-2012 09:43 AM

Re: 4 years of ringing ears, neck pain, and cloudy vision.
It's also worth noting that I quit running two years ago due to my hip feeling like it was going to be dislocated if I continued.

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