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rprice 08-28-2012 08:47 AM

Disposable Catheters
Hello All,
I just wanted to share some information with all of you. Fifteen years ago my father found out he had bladder cancer and had to have an Indiana Pouch put in. He began having to catheterize himself and like many adjust to this life. After meeting a friend in the catheter industry, I asked my dad if he used disposable catheters. He shockingly informed me that he only received 5 a month. I could not believe what he was saying. My father being a no computer, easy living, retired man, had no idea that disposable catheters existed. And no his doctor did not inform him either. I instantly put him in contact with my friend at DSS Medical and they took care of everything from calling his doctor to contacting medicare and getting him set up with 200 a month. By using disposable catheters he has cut down on infections and has truly changed his life. If any of you find yourself in this situation and would like the contact info for DSS, let me know. They have been amazing to him and truly care for their patients...anywhere in the US. I am making it a point to help other people out there like my dad. Robin-:angel:

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