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Jarwulf 08-28-2012 08:46 PM

explosive leg cramp
I have these weird leg(calf) cramps that happen >90% in a very specific situations.

1. I'm in bed
2. I'm in the stage where I'm midway or think I'm midway between sleep and wakefulness.
3. I stretch. Since I'm not fully awake I don't remember to stop.

With these conditions fulfilled in certain cases. I suddenly have an explosion of excruciating pain in my calf muscle that will slam me out of bed to roll on the floor or hop around. The calf muscle will literally be rock hard to the touch. Outside of this this when the muscle cramps and when it its usually traceable to a specific cause. Weird isn't it? Anyone have a similar experience?

noevr 08-28-2012 09:13 PM

Re: explosive leg cramp
Hi Jar, that sounds terrible! OMG! I'm sure you've had your potassium levels checked? That will cause it. Drinking OJ eating a banana some other things will help. Have you been to the Dr. yet? if you do see if you can get a script for Voltaren Gel its like celebrex in a cream form and when you apply it it works w/i like 60 seconds or so. I'm sure that would help it out but talk to the doc. Hot compresses should help too. hope you feel better soon, cj

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