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marcylynn78 08-30-2012 11:09 AM

Unexplained Upper Gum Discomfort/Pain & other symptoms
Hoping someone might have experienced this or have some ideas for me. This all started back in May. I had a tooth that was giving me problems on top of getting a very bad, one sided sore throat for over a week-this sore throat & tooth issue was on my right side. I got the tooth issue resolved but with the sore throat I went into the doctor & they said I did not have strep but put me on antibiotics anyways! I only took them for 7 days because I did not even know if I had an infection & they put me on them fore "precautionary" measures. So three days after I was done I developed side pain that would come and go & about a week later when I'd press on my upper gum after my last tooth on the left side it would hurt. I cannot chew on that side or it irritates the gum. I went to the dentist-no issue with my mouth it's in great shape. (he did say my sinuses go deep into the root of my gum) So now within the last week or two, I have developed ear pain that comes & goes & feels full, my throat feels like something's stuck under my jaw area, which I'm assuming is a swollen node-all on the left side, same as where the gum hurts when pressed on. My gum was very inflammed so I have been taking some medicated mouth wash, which has taken the swelling down a bit, but it has not helped with the pain in my ear & under my jaw/gland issue&gum issue. Went to get a second opinion at the dentist & they did as many tests to make sure no infection or anything else was going on-after that went to the doctor & she just said that after I do the mouth rinse that everything else will disappear? huh-well, anyways this has been almost a week & no improvement on my ear/gland & my gum still hurts when pressure is being put on it. I do not smoke & am usually a healthy person. I go in tomorrow for an ultra sound for my side issue that I developed but no one can explain what's going on with my gum/ear/gland. I thought maybe it was a blocked gland? Or something to do with my sinuses. Any ideas? I'm going to go insane soon if I can't find some answers. Thanks for any input!!

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