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MarioC 11-27-2012 04:26 AM

Fatigue, brain fog, lack of motivation, concentration after ingesting Carbohydrates

I'm completely new here around and since I'm not yet diagnosed I'll try my luck on this board to get any info.

Whenever I ingest carbohydrates I experience fatigue, brain fog, severe loss of concentration and mental sharpness.
The reaction comes in approx. half an hour if I eat sugar or honey or some cake or white bread. On the other hand, when I eat wholemeal bread or less sweet fruits (complex CH), it comes more slowly and gradually. Usually not before I eat too much CH.
Reaction remains for 5-8 hours after onset. I haven't figured out if there is anything I can do to make the reaction easier to bear promptly when it appears. Exercise do not help, neither any food. The best thing to get me back on track and functioning well is to stay away from CH strictly for a few days.

I have nearly ideal Body Mass Index, normal morning blood sugar levels, normal morning insulin level and C-Peptide.
Test for celiac disease was done also and was negative. Stereoscopic test of stomach was done and was normal. Skin allergy tests were done for most common allergen foods and substances were done too. Only hay allergy was detected. Ultra Sound scan of abdominal organs was normal.

My question is:
Which are possible (and most probable) health conditions or diseases which could cause my symptoms?

I'll be very grateful for any hint or idea what could be my problem.
My general practitioner has completely no idea what could be. I'm waiting for endocrinologist exam in may 2013. I'd like to have as much knowledge as possible and as little assumptions as possible, when meeting him.
Sorry if I was too long.

Ciao MArio

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