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staceylynn76 12-29-2012 05:02 PM

Abdominal Pain
I have been having some serious abdominal pain the past couple of weeks. Sometimes the pain gets so bad that it wakes me up or causes me to "lose my breath" it's so intense. First of all I am a 36 yo female about 30 lbs. overweight and I do smoke. I do not drink or use drugs (other than prescriptions). Abdominal surgeries I've had: complete hysterectomy, laproscopy, appendectomy all done in 2004 only a few months apart.
Medications currently taking: Prozac, Ambien, Elavil and Norco 10/325.
Health issues: 3 bulging disks in my lower back and chronic back pain.

Back in Sept. 2011 I went to the ER with abdominal pain, nausea and dizziness. Doctor said I was dehydrated and was then diagnosed with 2 small kidney stones. I was given fluids and pain meds and then sent home. This past October I went back in to the ER with the same exact symptoms that I had when I was diagnosed with kidney stones in Sept. 2011. The doctor dismissed kidney stones and basically told me he didn't know what was causing my pain and sent me home. Pain has been pretty constant since Oct. 2012. Pain gets worse then starts to go away and then comes back. It's a sharp burning pain just below my right rib cage and it goes into my groin area. Sharp pains occur in my kidney area on my back as well. Nausea has been very bad the past few days along with dizziness and abdominal pain in the areas mentioned. Today it's bad but I'm worried that if I go to the ER they are just going to tell me oh well deal with it.
Any ideas what it could be other than kidney stones?

Titchou 12-29-2012 09:43 PM

Re: Abdominal Pain
Below your right rib cage and nausea would indicate gallbladder issues. If the lap procedure removed your gb (you don't say what it was for) you could still have stone in the bile duct.

NJLinda 12-30-2012 06:57 AM

Re: Abdominal Pain
I agree with Titchou because that is what happened to me. About 1 year after gall bladder out I started with the same pain. Went to my gastro and he performed an ERCP which opened up the bile ducts and let all that junk filter out.
Kidney stones (yep had them too) will hurt when they move as they are trying to pass. I believe a cat scan or mri would benefit you. Both are very painful! Good luck

staceylynn76 12-30-2012 06:04 PM

Re: Abdominal Pain
I still have my Gallbladder. The laproscopy was done before my hysterectomy. It showed that I had severe Endometriosis and that was the reason for my hysterectomy. People have said that the pain could be scar tissue in my abdomen as well.

Titchou 12-30-2012 06:09 PM

Re: Abdominal Pain
I'd get an ultrasound for stones. If it is negative or inconclusive, have a HIDA Scan that will test for gb function. In the meantime, eat as lot fat as possible. The two tests should tell you what's going on.

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