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Melissa212121 01-21-2013 04:43 AM

Neck swelling not showing on CT scan
Is this possible? I was seen in the Er and both sides of my neck are definitely swollen. No pain , no redness or anything. It's not circular, pea shaped or anything just like a straight line across, starts in the middle ends on side of my neck. The right side started first two months ago (doc did blood test said was infection of some sort gave me antibiotics) is a good inch long and now 2 months later the left did the same thing (I think I felt it swelling, felt kind of tingly and strange like someone was slightly pushing on my neck for 3-4 mins)

I was given a CT scan with the contrast. Doc said no swelling showed up on it at all and no lumps or bumps out of the ordinary. Blood test came back fine (CBC with differential and platelet count, chemistry 8 test panel and high sensitive C reactive protein).

I've had no other symptoms up until the day AFTER I left the ER. I got cold symptoms. Now 5 days later I'm feeling better but neck still swollen no change. Going to the doc again this week.

Thanks for any information or suggestions you may have I can bring up when I go to the doc especially regarding the CT scan.

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