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grday 01-30-2013 09:48 PM

Note sure what I disorder have
When I was younger, I was diagnosed as having minimal brain dysfunction. According to what I read on the web, ADHD is not that. However, the PBS tv program said that is what I have. I personally think I am more learning disabled then ADHD going by the web definition. Going by PBS tv program. (The one the comic hosted). I have ADHD. They claim ADHD is learning disabled, dyslexia, minimal brain dysfunction and some others.

I have a little bit of each if I go by PBS definition. Dyslexia (Hard to tell my right from my left, I get that backwards a lot) ADHD (when driving have to have almost full concentration-radio is not on). minimal brain dysfunction

I don't do letters backwards. My grammar & spelling is terrible. My writing/printing is horrible.

(Mod if incorrect forum please move).

I always thought ADHD & LD were the same things and both were not mental. It just we have a different way of thinking. We think outside the box.

I think LD, ADD, ADHD & similar needs to be called a Social disability that basically what it is. We have trouble getting along with people but we would never do bad stuff. That why we can't hold job very well-we don't liked to be bossed around. Those that are successful are usually self employed

Edit, I think I answered what I have which is minimal brain dysfunction and learning disabled that what I will tell my new doctor.

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