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Jim0528 02-11-2013 10:27 PM

Exercise Induced - slurred speech/behavior
My girlfriend has been having this problem for well over a year now. Symptoms will appear after she's exercised and will only go away with sleep. There have been one or two occurences on days that she didn't exercise, but she was active on those days (such as cleaning the apartment). It's not guaranteed to happen if she exercises, but lately it probably happens 30-40% of the time that she exercises.
Her symptoms include:[LIST][*]Slurred Speech/Difficulty Speaking - She is usually a fast, smooth talker. When symptoms set in, her speech slows down considerably and she slurs some words.[*]Strange behavior - Her personality is different. She'll be mostly giddy. Cognitive abilities are diminished. She's a quick minded person, but not when these symptoms kick in.[*]Facial expression change - Noticeable change in facial expression. She looks tired. Eyes will look a little droopy.[*]Shakiness - She seems weak. She's not falling over, but she appears shaky and has a little tremble.[/LIST]
She has spoken to her general practioner and he basically diagnosed her as having hypogylcemia. Diabetes tests came back negative. So we bought a glucose meter to start testing her blood sugar levels. However, her blood sugar readings always come back fine when these symtoms have set in. This evening, for example, her blood sugar level was 94 mg/dL. Eating something sugary will make her blood sugar level rise, but her symptoms do not go away. The only thing that makes her symptoms go away is sleeping it off. She will remember the episode mostly, but some things may be a little fuzzy.

So basically, she has all the symptoms of exercise-induced hypoglycemia, except her blood sugar levels aren't low and eating a sugary food doesn't make the symptoms go away.

Any suggestions? Either on what it could be or what kind of doctor she should see. Her general practioner hasn't been any help.


Jim0528 02-11-2013 10:52 PM

Re: Exercise Induced - slurred speech/behavior
[QUOTE=samz123;5132005]Not sure what happened to my response just now. But i related the same experience 2 times, and both times turned out to be a mild stroke. She should see a senior neurologist asap. Good luck[/QUOTE]

This has probably happened to her maybe 30 times in the past year. Would that be too frequent to be a stroke?

Titchou 02-12-2013 09:22 AM

Re: Exercise Induced - slurred speech/behavior
Does she keep well hydrated? It could be dehydration.

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