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alyssalunsford 03-23-2017 09:59 PM

Brostrom Brace
Today marks exactly 3 months post op from my brostrom repair and brace, ligament repair, and scar tissue cleanout on my right ankle from an injury 3 years ago. when i went to my ortho on monday, he cut off my cast, put me in an air cast, and told me i could start PT and walking in two weeks. he told me until PT, he wanted me to trace the alphabet with my ankle and do perineal stretches to help build muscles back up. My problem is that my foot will not move. i can move my toes but my ankle itself will not move and my calf will not flex at all. i can manually move my ankle with pain. does anyone know if this is normal? i don't want to be the patient that is worried about every little thing and call the office 3 times a week, but i also have no clue if this could be serious or not. Thanks in advance !

Mycats 03-29-2017 04:02 AM

Re: Brostrom Brace
You were in a cast for a long time, 3 months, i was in cast for 6 weeks after bromstrom. The ankle stiffens up from being immobile and scar tissue forms and the muscles atrophy and it hurts to get ankle moving again, unfortunately this is normal. Do the best you can to do what doctor wants you to do, but try not to force it. If you cant do alphabet, try just dorsiflexing and plantarflexing, even small movements help get ankle mobile again. Your physical therapist will give you more exercises and manually manipulate ankle to help regain movement when you start pt. You movement will come back it takes time, just do you home exercises and be patient it is a long recovery.

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