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froggie83 09-15-2019 05:27 PM

Physical therapy
I am in therapy for 2 different conditions. One is 3 lumbar disks are problematic, (protruded, extruded and one has an annular tear with mass effect)
The second reason I am in therapy is for a labral hip tear.
I have been to therapy and was given several stretches / exercises to do at home. and I am finding that my lower back is not as bad but my hip is worse. is it possible the therapist is only working on the back and not the hip issue? I have done a little research and know there are things to avoid with a hip tear but I don't know if what I have been told to do is making the hip worse or if I have to have more pain to get better.. ? Or if therapy is designed to fix the back and not the hip and I will need surgery anyway? The MRI indicates it is a mild tear. But the increase in pain says bull$#*%

Titchou 09-15-2019 07:24 PM

Re: Physical therapy
It will take some time before you have a break thru and get stabilized. If you don't know which exercises are for which issue, ask the PT!

froggie83 09-20-2019 04:47 PM

Re: Physical therapy
I have had a few sessions now. And my hip pain levels have only increased. The anti inflammatory pills do NOTHING for the pain. By dinner time I am a solid 7. Walking makes it an 8.
The actual therapy sessions don't hurt, I am in pain before I go, and it's the same after. I talked with the therapist for a minute about this today and she didn't have much of an answer.
I really hope something changes soon because it is getting hard to walk and function after 3 pm. Which is when I am my busiest. and with the least supportive people.

Titchou 09-20-2019 06:40 PM

Re: Physical therapy
Have they told you what you should and should not do? Mine gave me a list. I was even supposed to sleep a particular way. Are you doing your exercises in between your sessions? What anti inflammatory are you on?

froggie83 09-20-2019 07:17 PM

Re: Physical therapy
They have not said anything about what not to do. Have not offered any pain management suggestions.
I was given 4 stretches and 2 exercises to do 5-7 times a week. Which I have done daily as part of my morning routine.
I am on nabumetone 750 mg 2x a day. It worked at first but now it is as if I am taking nothing and I have not forgotten a dose because I keep hoping it will help.
I have not changed anything in my daily routine.

yayagirl 09-21-2019 03:46 AM

Re: Physical therapy
Dear froggie,

Maybe I am nuts, but to me physical therapy does not necessarily repair a 'tear'. I have had several different physical issues after a serious accident that caused weaknesses in the tissue, etc.

I hope you report the results to the doctor that prescribed PT for the tears, and do not hold back any of the details, explain the increased pain. Then do seek out other medical help.

There is a time for PT and a time for repair and healing. Not everything can be repaired. I live with that fact. But inappropriate PT can cause further damage, so I would get opinion outside of that medical group, simply because doctors in groups tend to support each others' opinions and that is not always to our benefit.

Titchou 09-21-2019 07:59 AM

Re: Physical therapy
Well, they have to prescribe PT first. It seems it's working for one of your two conditions. So that's good. I've never heard of that med so I researched it. Seems you are on a lower dosage than recommended. Even with that in mind, it won't impact the tear just the disc issues. So I think you need to look at these two things separately. And you seem to have a less than stellar PT. Is there one at your practice that seems to be more informed? Maybe the lead PT? I'd ask for an appt with him/her. And,btw, too much walking isn't helping the tear. You really need to take charge of this. Write out a list of questions for the PT. If he can't answer them, ask who can. Or ask around to your friends for the name of a good PT who helped them. I am lucky that a friend is the manager of a large practice. I waited 3 weeks for an appointment with her to set my plan. It was worth the wait.

froggie83 09-21-2019 08:03 AM

Re: Physical therapy
I do not think you are nuts, I was thinking the same thing. But the Dr wanted to try the therapy first to fix the lumbar disk issues and hopes the hip will get better too.. If the therapy does not help the hip I will end up withn another referral to see a different kind of specialist and probably end up with a surgery. My Insurance is crappy though and I am paying out of pocket for everything while the insurance company tells me which Drs I am allowed to see.. and keeps sending me hoops to jump thru so one day they might start helping me pay these bills.

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