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Sophie9 07-27-2020 10:26 PM

Left Abdominal Mystery

I'm a young 30s F and for the past 4 years I have been dealing with an ever increasing pain in my left abdominal. The area is fairly central with main pain in a crescent that starts below the left rib, curves toward central abdominal, then ends around left hip/ovary. The pain is aggravated by ANY extended exercise, including standing and walking for 10 or more minutes. The sensation has evolved from feeling like a gut punch to feeling like a stiff, inflared muscle. It is not increased by touching/poking. Some relief is gained from applying pressure. It is difficult to sleep except ON the left side on average due to a gravity pulling pain sensation. The duration has also increased from approximately 3 day intervals to now every day.

I'm a bit exhausted from trying to find out why. I will just make a list of things with results in the vain hope someone might have another path I can try.

▪went to Internal medicine at hospital
﹂originally began not long after digestive issues: blood in stool plus pain which was both central on left but
shifting on right
⇀CT scan #1 "showed muscle tension(?)" but otherwise normal
⇀blood, urine, stool tests normal
⇀colonoscopy #1 normal
↳after a month, no blood
↳began medicine for IBS which solved right-hand pain

▪IBS medicine changed approximately every 3 to 6 months as it would relieve for a time before left hand pain flared again, accompanied by runs or extreme constipation
⇀colonoscopy #2 normal
⇀stool sample normal
⇀blood tests taken with every visit: normal
﹂Hospitalized for a week due to intense pain-received saline drip only. Pain flare reduced as usual
⇀CT scan normal
⇀Colonoscopy #3 normal

▪Checked with OBGYN just in case as I DO have PCOS
﹂ultrasound normal {cysts greatly reduced due to slow and controlled weight loss from healthier eating habits}
﹂doctor poked around uterus (literally)⇀upon touching upper area closest to pain, pain increased at the contact but doctor could identify nothing abnormal

▪Requested MRI to be checked by both internal medicine doctor and hospital specialist in endometriosis
﹂MRI #1 normal

▪Ended fully all IBS medicine and tried a larger, recently updated hospital
﹂MRI #2, urine test, blood test normal
⇀was told if muscular to try an orthopaedic clinic

▪Orthopaedic doctor had x-ray done(normal)
↳has no idea but prescribed 50mg doses of Myonal per meal (on week 3 after another check in as the medicine has GREATLY reduced but not eliminated pain)

Please help me with any ideas on how or where to search's seriously affecting my ability to work.

Added note: At the same time this pain developed, a skin issue similar to eczema (and occasionally hives) developed. Pain levels and food intake do not dictate when higher flair ups occur (I keep record of both). Skin issue is continuous and mainly focused on left middle finger's middle knuckle, between left thumb and forefinger, and right on side from pinky base to just above wrist. Allergist/skin doctors have no insights either but will continuously prescribe steroid based cream to be applied on intense flair up days.

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