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ianfitzy 01-03-2008 02:48 PM

Shoulder Injury
A few months ago while using the nautilus chest press, while on the decline part of the rep (not pushing out), something in my shoulder kinda popped and popped back in and it lost strength momentarily for a second. It became somewhat stiff for a minute or two after until I had to stretch it out again to gain full movement.

It has happened I think 2 other times since, once when I was playing football and someone ran into my shoulder and another when I was doing a lightweight bench press. I have full movement in it and it only hurts for a minute or two after it happens and then it is fine again.

The only other odd thing I have noticed is that the muscle over my shoulder blade, I believe deltoid sticks up more so than the non injured shoulder. Almost seems to be a little more space in the injured shoulder between the muscle and shoulder. I was wondering if I should be worried about the injury? Any ideas what it is?

cartner 01-03-2008 03:01 PM

Re: Shoulder Injury

I have a shoulder injury too, I dislocated my shoulder twice due to bad exercising. :( I think your situation is like me. Your shoulder got dislocated and got into place again. The same happend to me, I think you need to your a dr and he might ask you for an MRI and you might need a surgery to fix it.

Anyway, I will not have this surgery. It's very expenisve and I don't have health insurance. Instead I'm being very careful about how to move and workout, I do use dumbbells but I'm being very careful about it. My shoulder is getting stronger, the muscles, but the problem is the ligaments. The surgery fixes the ligaments.

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