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lad84 06-27-2012 05:27 PM

Pin removal in fingers
I had surgery last week to repair my ring & pinky fingers which were both fractured (proximal phalanx) and the ring finger was also displaced. I now have 4 pins in: one in each finger (exposed) and 2 that criss-cross in my ring finger that are not exposed...

The 2 unexposed pins are already beginnining to poke out the sides of my finger now that the swelling has begun to subside - they're still under the skin but I can feel them when I touch the area and they're painful to the touch... feels as though if I pushed on the skin with any kind of pressure that they would pop right on through.

At my first post-op I brought this up and the PA said that they could be removed if bothersome although the original intent was to leave them in place. They are obviously going to have to be removed -- is this common? Since they're under the skin will the removal of those 2 require additional surgery? Everything I've found online only references the removal of pins that are left exposed and that process seems simple enough, just wondering what to expect with these other 2.

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