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Curious339 07-12-2012 06:37 AM

Many symptoms but no diagnosis yet...
I would like to consult abt a very vague thing happening with me details of which are below:

I am not able to walk much and do regular activity(NO, i am not a handicapped, I have been normal throughout my life). After my slip disc in Nov 2011, I can walk little then my foot, leg, joints and body pains, so couldn't walk & do daily acitivity much. I have to rest when it pains, then after resting i can walk or do activity for sometime. Its like i am collecting energy and allowing the pain to subside by resting then i can do or walk for sometime. Its been like this for almost 8 mnths now. Iinitially when i had minor slip disc i didnt take calcium for some days as it used to cause burning or gastro probs.., so the pain didn't go n i used to sleep for days like this. Then i started taking calcium tablets. But whenever i used to take calcium tblts, my head used to go heavy, severely Increased red veins in my eyes, burning n itiching eyes.. so i stopped taking it... after some days ,during this time, i also experienced muscle activity(given below). It ws like weird movement happening in my body like some twitches, crawling, Internal vibrations, and automatic body movement. After a lot of research, i learnt that these all are muscle activity- muscles getting over active n hyper. I do have all this muscles problem even now. My doc gave me a vit d dose of 60,000 IU. I took with water instead of milk. After some times my muscle activity which had stopped from some days, started again. After taking the vit d dose, i took milk 1 glass every day. After taking milk with vit d, the pain of my slipped disc got reduced very much n i could walk lil more N do lil activities. But i noticed that my eye probs- itching, red veins, head pains got more worse after taking milk. And i used to feel very very sleepy. So for some days i didnt take milk and the eye n head prob got lil better. But the pain of back, foot, muscle activities etc got worse.

For over active muscles, I took lot of Tablets for Anxiety, Sleep, Depression n more, which a neurologist could prescribe. But every time i took these pills, the muscle activity jst got worse n worse. so i stopped taking them n after few days the muscle activity got just lil btetter not much. I researched some more and found that magnesium could be the thing causing Muscle problem n pain prob. I took Magnesium Orotate of 500 mg, it got more worse(pain, twitches, ear prob, eye prob n more). So I tried transdermal Magnesium Sulphate after a few days. Took jst 2- tspn at different times throughout the day. All the symptoms got even worse. This made me thing that i might be having a Calcium Disorder, so i again started having Dairy Products ( Cheese, Milk etc)_... the symptoms got even worse with this.. Since i had already done a Calcium test n more(details given below) n many of them came back normal, the last test i wanted to try was Ionised calcium.. By now, i strongly believed that this could be some sort of Calcium related Prob, Because whenver i used to get hyper or excited, do physical activity(like walking for some more time at home), the symptoms used to get worse n so was the pain which used to restrict my physical activity. So i did Ionised Calcium Test from 2 different Labs. n both the results came different. the 1st test showed value slightly high value, at this time i was getting lil twitches, pain etc. in my body(test done after 8hrs fast at 11 am).. the 2 nd test showed normal value, this test was done afterwards at 12 pm n at this time i was NOT getting twitches, pain etc.. this makes me believe that there is some sort of problem related to calcium. I might have calcium deficiency which causes the back pain or slip disc n other pain. BUT May be the calcium is not going where its supposed to go n its depositig some where else in my body like the red veins in eyes, (may be cells) thats why I get head pain, over active muscle, pains etc. This is again my observations of 8 mnths, as most of my reports are normal showing no cause of pain in joints n all over body.In different body parts like back of neck, head etc, when touched, my hand can feel some mass or lump like. This makes me think that it could be some sort of prob with calcium.

During this 8 mnths, i have observed that shape of my fingers have changed a lot(both hands and legs). Some fingers are turned outward n some are turned inwards.
I have also noticed that my face n eyes are very swollen.(my eyes seems to be bulging out)
My scalp has become scaly, itchting, got small pimple like lump n flakes.
Ear ringing, itching going worse
Jaw problems
Clicking n Popping sounds from joints
Breast n Nipple Pain
Easily bruised
Pulsating in head and difft parts of Body(like Loud n fast heart beats)
Light n Noise Sensitivity
Teeth pain n Sensitivity
Sometimes chest or heart pains(when breathing)
Breathing problems
Electric feeling after numbness
Bone n Muscle Pain
Pin pricks then jerking
Skin problems
Speech Problem
Excessive stinking/smell from underarms
Pins n needles.
Confusion while talking
Sudden Nervousness, feeling scared On waking up.
Neck problem/stiffnessess
Recently i started (sometimes not always) Anal pain in pain my throat bear collar bone. Even if i touch there, i feel suffocated n breathing problem.
I get warm feeling like steamy/air in legs n mostly send face.

I read on online that:
High phosphorus creates prob of calcium absorption or something
Sodium intake reduces calcium from body

Twitches, Ear, eye prob, Pain and Other symptoms worsen with following:

Vitamin D
Vitamin B group( almost all )
Sleeping Pills
Anxiety Pills
Anti depressants.
Calcium Tablets n Sources
Sodium( Salt)
Yogurt,Cheese, Milk, etc as per my observation.

[U]Reports n Tests done so far:[/U]



ANTI CCP (lpG) 0.7 0-5 RU/ml




MCH 24.8 27-32pg

PLATELATE COUT 444000 150000 - 400000/cmm

ESR 18 2-12 mm at 1hr


BLOOD SUGAR RANDOM, 86.6 60-180 mg/dl

Urine Sugar (Random) - Absent

Urine Ketones (Random) - Absent


BLOOD UREA NITROGEN 6.9 6 - 20 mg/dL
(BUN), Serum

BLOOD UREA, Serum [Urease] 14.8 12.8 - 42.8 mg/dL

CREATININE, Serum 0.71 0.60 - 1.20 mg/dL

TOTAL PROTEINS, Serum 7.3 6.4 - 8.3 g/dL

ALBUMIN, Serum 4.5 3.5 - 5.2 g/dL

GLOBULIN 2.8 2.3 - 3.5 g/dL

A/G RATIO 1.6 1 - 2

URIC ACID, Serum (Uricase) 5.8 2.4 - 5.7 mg/dL

PHOSPHORUS, Serum [Molybdate
UV] 4.6 2.7 - 4.5 mg/dL

CALCIUM, Serum[o-CPC] 9.6 8.6 - 10.2 mg/dL

SODIUM, Serum [ISE-IP] 140 135 - 148 mmol/l

POTASSIUM, Serum [ISE-IP] 5.0 3.5 - 5.3 mmol/l

CHLORIDE, Serum [ISE-IP] 102 98 - 107 mmol/l

Serum [IFCC] 62.7 35-105 U/L

MAGNESIUM, Serum 2.2 1.8 - 2.4 mg/dl


Sensitive TSH, Serum 1.660 Eurtothyroid : 0.35 - 5.50 microIU/ml
Hyperthyroid: < 0.35microIU/ml
Hypothyroid : > 5.50 microIU/ml

VITAMIN B12 267.80 240 - 900 pg/ml


VITAMIN D 5.22 < 20 ng/ml (Deificiency)
21-30 ng/ml (Insufficiency)
>30 ng/ml ( Sufficient)

IONISED CALCIUM (LAB 1 ON SAME DAY, blood drawn at 11 a.m)

IONISED CALCIUM,Serum by ISE 1.35 1.12 to 1.32 mmol/L

IONISED CALCIUM (LAB 2 ON SAME DAY, blood drawn at 12 p.m)

IONISED CALCIUM, (without 1.280 Adult : 1.15 - 1.35 mmol/L
Tourniquet), Serum Neonates : 1.10 - 1.40 mmol/L


P.S. :

1) I have nt been able to do much acitivity after having slip disc. Initially, i used to only sleep as my back foot, knee , joints everything used to pain. I only walk n do lil activity. then the pain starts, so again sleep n rest for some time. then pain goes then do lil activity. then pain starts again. so rest.. so on...

2) Till now consulted:
& As many Famous n well experienced Physicians.

3) A Physician said i have Fibromyalgia n prescribed:
Serta 25 mg
But it made it more worse and the symptoms only goes worse with such kind of tablets.So am currenlty not taking any Tablets/ Medicines.

I have also read that physical activity freatly affects the levels of calcium n other blood tests. Since i have not been very much active and only resting then walking lil for so many mnths, i think that the calcium or other tests could have been affected. May be Thats why, the 2 lab reports came different and the symptoms worsen with intake of cheese, milk, salt.

When i was 3-4 yrs old, i had fit(seizures), took medicines for 8-9 years n never got it back.
Almost 8-10 yrs back, i started getting ulcers in mouth, because of which till now there are swollen gums mark in my mouth which doesn't go.
I had Small/Chicken Pox in my childhood, but few marks remained and the marks are growing since then.
Almost three years back, i started having 2 glasses of water on empty stomach, my hand fingers used to swell n pain. I reduced the quantity of water intake, it reduced. Every morning it used to swell. I showed to the speciliast, all reports were normal. Gradually it went i dont knw how. During this time only, I developed few tumor like on my neck, behind ears n couple of places. It has reduced in size n is not painful but its still there. The doctor said its benign.
After few months, I started having ear problems like pain ringing etc. ENT told me that I have Sinus. He put something in my nose n said that my left side nose is broken(Actually I don't remember what he said May b he meant d bone inside.) So I believe that the actual problem might have started many years back and its going worse since then.

After a few days i got slip disc, My mom n sis as well got the same prob.My Mom is also experiencing almost the same symptoms as mine. Today the dr. Said she has diabetes (269). I want to do her tests as well but am nt sure the medicines she is taking will affect her tests.she is currently taking:
Prugo 10( hydroxyzine hydrochloride),
Daonil(glibenclamide 5 mg),
Oflactec Z

Thank You...
Awaiting Your reply soon.
Good Day.

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