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DTyse 12-08-2012 01:12 PM

runner/brostrom procedure
I am new to the board here and looking for some advice to the runners out there or anyone who has had the modified brostrom procedure done. I am scheduled to have this procedure done in mid January by a doctor at John Hopkins at Good Samaritan Hospital in MD.

Id like to share a little history about me first. For starters I am 39 years old and I like to run about 3-4 times a week. Well at least I used to until we started a family. lol I first rolled my left ankle playing high school football and have continuously rolled it ever since. Every single time ive been able to recover in a fairly normal timeframe and at a level Im comfortable with. I recently sprained my left ankle this past july stepping off off an uneven surface. This ankle sprain did not recover the same way as previous ankle sprains. In fact I ended up going to physical therapy for about 6 weeks to try and strengthen it. During this period running went from being painful forcing me to overcompensate so I had to shut it down. Fast forward to today and although Im able to run with no pain there really isnt support like I have in my right ankle. In other words at least in my right ankle I feel like I have something there compared to the left ankle. it seems as though I could roll it again and continue to do even more damage to it.

The doctor has said there is no terminal end point when he flexes my left ankle versus my right ankle. Ive gotten an X-ray which didnt show much other than a tiny bone chip. Ive gotten the MRI which revealed a partial ligament tear which has probably healed. Ive gotten 3 doctor's opinions. One said I could do PT and give that a try which I did and simply explained options. I went to the second doctor and he said I was fine and didnt need surgery. FInally, I went to the Johns Hopkins doctor and he said if it was him he'd get the procedure done while Im young. He mentioned he had his son go through it and he returned to playing sports.

I realize surgery is always considered a last resort. I sort of consider this a preventative type procedure because at this point if I sprain it again I could end up damaging cartilage and dealing with arthritis down the road. I mean there isnt any pain at this point when I run. Its just a matter of little to no support like I have in my right ankle.

Does anyone have any recommendations or advice they can give regarding the modified brostrom procedure? ive heard good things about it and its success rate is good. I know the recovery wont be easy but Im prepared to work.

Hollywood48 02-02-2013 02:28 AM

Re: runner / brostrom procedure
Hi! Have you had your surgery yet? I'm sorry I'm just now seeing this. I'm usually on the foot problems board and there are a ton of us on there that have had the Brostrom procedure. I've had it twice and my history is a lot like yours. I badly sprained my ankle playing backyard football and everything went down hill with my ankle after that leading to the first surgery. Like you, it didn't recover like my other sprains did. Anyway, if you've had your surgery how are you doing? Where are you in the recovery process? If you haven't had the surgery, what questions do you have? Hope you're doing well!

DTyse 02-22-2013 11:32 AM

Re: runner / brostrom procedure
Well I went through with the modified brostrom procedure on 1/24. The doctor said it was the loosest ankle he had seen in 22 years of practicing! It was basically shredded so it was kind of crazy that I actually debated the necessity of this surgery. lol As far as post op goes Im now into week #4 of NWB (fiberglass cast). Theres no pain. Its just frustrating getting around and being reliant on other folks to help me with certain things. I did rent one of those knee walker scooter things and its been an absolute life saver for me. My next post op appt is on 3/5 where I will transition into a walking boot. Im also scheduled to start PT the following day. Can anyone offer any insight as to what it will be like going into the walking boot following this type of surgery? Im guessing Ill be walking slowly at first. Will I be able to remove the walking boot when taking a shower or will I have to continue to cover it up? What about dealing with a 1 year old crawling (possibly walking) all over the place? lol

Hollywood48 02-23-2013 03:04 AM

Re: runner / brostrom procedure
Yeah for being on this side of surgery! Sounds like you're doing well! Don't feel bad about debating the surgery. As you said in your first post, you always want surgery to be your last resort. Most of us have not known exactly how bad our ankles were going into surgery. I knew I had 3 torn ligaments and what he was pretty sure was a torn tendon. He told my husband everything was torn and the tendon was "shredded"! So don't feel bad!

I'm glad you got a knee walker. I feel bad we didn't know your surgery ahead of time to get you all prepared! You should this board when we find out someone is about to have surgery! LOL! We get everyone fixed up !

As far as the boot. It will be a lot like the cast except you will be able to remove it to shower and do PT and you will be able to start bearing weight. Don't think you will be walking ASAP and don't feel pressured to do so. It took me a few days after the first surgery and it took 2 wks after this surgery cause more was done. Even my surgeon was like you can start bearing weight but I think you will find it will take a bit. PT will help with this well as with pain that may occur with weight bearing, swelling that WILL occur, etc. As far as with a 1yo, don't know. Don't have kids yet, but we have 3 very small dogs and it was easier for me when I reached this point to take care of them when my husband wasn't home because they couldn't understand wha my problem was! LOL!

If you have any other questions or need to vent, go for it! That's what we're here for!

Hollywood48 02-23-2013 03:06 AM

Re: runner / brostrom procedure
Oh I forgot which board I was on. I think if you try posting in foot problems, you will get way more answers/advice. That's the board we are all swarming on! LOL!

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