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TILLY19 12-28-2012 07:24 AM

should I go to therapy today? just got cleared to start for ankle help
I'm just over 5 weeks post op from Brostrom. They repaired the ATFL and peroneal tendon. Things were going great. The doc said to ween myself off crutches and I can go to the brace. He also told me to do some motion exercises, which I didn't really do too much last night. I wanted to wait until therapy. Last night I was able to walk with out crutches. I only walked between rooms and my house for a few minutes with out pain. This morning really bad pain woke me up and Ihad to ice and take some ibuprofen. When I got to work I had a few more bad pains that made me cry. Should I wait a few more days to start therapy or should I go tonight? Maybe they can do ultrasound or something?? I'm not sure what they do, but I'm afraid to even have them touch it now.

angelee43 12-28-2012 06:39 PM

Re: should I go to therapy today? just got cleared to start for ankle help
Hi Tilly
I think I may have responded to one of your other posts at some stage.
I am now 12 wks post Brostrom, PTT release, OCD and meniscoid lesion removal, synovectomy, bone spur removal and bone impingement cut off through incision for Brostrom. phew!
I was out of a cast at 3.5wks and told to progressively weight bear as tolerated and come off crutches over 1 to 2 wks.
I went to 1 crutch after 2 days and stayed with one crutch for another 5 days (and progressively used it less and less).
Remember, you haven't been weight bearing for a while, so if you do too much too soon, your ankle WILL hurt.
I decided to do 12 hrs of Christmas cooking after 9wks post op - little miss confident here could not walk for almost 24 hrs afterwards - I paid the price pain wise. Even now, if I do too much (too much standing or walking) my ankle lets me know.
It swells a lot still.
I have my 3mth post op apt with my OS this Thursday - haven't seen him since 10 days post op.
I have been going to physio (or PT as you call it) since week 4 post op - just gentle massage that first session and then back a week later and twice weekly for 6 weeks.
Have just gone to weekly now - have been given progressive exercises to do with my ankle. Am allowed on the bike at gym.
Start therapy if you can - yes, it may hurt more for 24 to 48 hrs after each session, but you will be so glad you went - you will definitely progress quicker.
Oh! I still have to elevate and ice as needed!!
Good luck :)

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