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CrohnieToo 02-20-2005 12:27 PM

Criteria & Tests Prior to, During and After Forteo
What tests did your doctor script before starting you on Forteo once he determined you were a candidate for it?

What reasons did he/she give for scripting these tests beforehand?

What monitoring tests did he/she indicate would be scripted during the time you are taking Forteo?

What reasons did he/she give for wanting these monitoring tests to be done?

Will or has your doctor utilized the heel or wrist ultrasound, xray or scan prior to or during your Forteo treatment in addition to the baseline DEXA scan or DEXA scan that indicated you were osteoporotic and a candidate for Forteo?

When or how often did your doctor advise you that a DEXA scan of the hip and lumbar areas would be done to assess the efficacy of Forteo for you?

Has your doctor at any time prior to, during or after your Forteo treatment ever scripted a Parathyroid hormone intact w/ionized calcium, vitamin D 25 hydroxy and serum calcium blood draw?

What alterations, if any, were found in the above blood draw results during and after Forteo treatment?

How long has your doctor recommended you should undergo Forteo treatment?

If 2 years or less, what has your doctor proposed as a next step in treating your osteoporosis when you have finished your Forteo treatment?

taape 02-20-2005 01:01 PM

Re: Criteria & Tests Prior to, During and After Forteo
I was given the following tests before starting on the Forteo-UA, CBC with differential/platlet, comphrensive metabolic panel, Vit D 25-Hydroxy, Calcium, ionized, serum; PTH intact, TSH Thyroid Stim hormone, estadiol, testostreone serum, lipid panel, and blood level of calcium, and a urine analysis to find out whether the bone was breaking down and showing up in my urine. The doctor said that they needed to make sure that my thyroid was working ok, didn't have any other metabolic conditions, that I didn't have high calcium level in the blood, trying to identify if I was menopausal or perimenapause, and whether the bone was breaking down in urine-a bad sign, and general health. The doctor didn't tell me which tests would be repeated as I received treatment and I just had repeat blood tests on Friday. (metanephrine urine, albumin, alk phosphatase-fractionation, calcium level in the blood.

I don't believe that I will have xrays done just the DEXA. I have recent spine xrays because I was considering surgery and the osteo showed up on xray which means that it's quite severe, no fractures noted though. The repeat DEXA's are usually only done once a year because that's what insurance pays for, mine pays for more frequent ones so I'm lucky. Yes, the blood draws you mention are the ones I got in addition to the ones above. The FDA only allows Foreto use for 2 years unless something changes. My doctor says that I'll have to probably be on maintenance meds indefinitely but we have only discussed that I can't take oral meds because of stomach problems. I'm only at the beginning of the Forteo so hopefully new meds will be up coming.

CrohnieToo 02-24-2005 07:37 AM

Re: Criteria & Tests Prior to, During and After Forteo
Thank you. I see my Endo's PA next week so hopefully I'll get some answers to the questions that have popping into my beady little brain since my last visit.

Just out of curiosity I had a heel bone density test done earlier this month and just got the results back. Nothing to compare it to as I've not had that area done before. The result at the heel was -1.7 which is high risk for my age, etc. I'm just getting impatient w/the vitamin D therapy for osteomalacia and nothing seemingly being done for the osteoporosis.

taape 02-24-2005 06:01 PM

Re: Criteria & Tests Prior to, During and After Forteo
Let me know how your appointment goes? What is osteomalacia? Is it a Vit D deficiency that is preventing the doctor from starting you on Forteo? I know someone who is Vit D deficient and is also on Forteo. Just a thought.

CrohnieToo 02-24-2005 07:33 PM

Re: Criteria & Tests Prior to, During and After Forteo
I can only assume it is what she considers a vitamin D deficiency given the dosage she has me on. How is the person you know who is vitamin D deficient doing with the Forteo? Any side effects or problems? How long has he/she been on the Forteo? I hope to get more answers at this appointment and will share what I find out. Wish me luck.

taape 02-24-2005 09:49 PM

Re: Criteria & Tests Prior to, During and After Forteo
The individual I know is taking huge amounts of Vit D (50,000 Units daily) along with Calcium and the Forteo. Apprently the osteo was in a huge way either caused or accelerated by the Vit D deficiency. He is doing fine and has made improvements in his bone density after being on it about 9 months. I don't know whether being a male has anything to do with the Vit D deficiency or the treatment for forteo since it's listed for post menopausal women. I would ask if you can do both treatments together to gain bone density quicker. Hope this information helps.

CrohnieToo 02-25-2005 03:13 AM

Re: Criteria & Tests Prior to, During and After Forteo
My Endo has me on 100,000 IU of vitamin D once a week. I've been on that dose for a year now. I'm not on a calcium supplement (which is needed in addition to the Forteo, or pamidronate, or Fosamax, or Actonel, to do their job adequately) because even just 500 mg of calcium a day constipates me and I can't handle that with Crohn's disease. I'm just not willing to risk aggravating the Crohn's and causing a serious flare. I'm at the point where I want to know whether the osteoporosis has advanced, or at least stayed the same. I'm not expecting a miracle of an improvement (tho it would be nice).

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