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imlb2 08-13-2005 08:38 PM

you people are wonderful!
just wanted to shout out a thank you to all of you.. for giving your time to listen, to advise, and to be supportive.thank you! i hope all of you have wonderful results from the various meds, exercise progs, etc., that we've all embarked on. i've gotten more info from here, as well as support, than from my specialist. what a surprise.. [insert sarcasm icon!] thank you all.. so very much.

spinewhine 08-14-2005 07:49 AM

Re: you people are wonderful!
I'll second you on your salute to the boards. I found the boards just after starting Forteo, in somewhat of a panic about my bone density test results. These boards are really a great place to trade information and get support. There aren't any crazies, just intelligent people who do their homework and pass along what they learn. Not to mention, provide some laughs, which is also good medicine.

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